Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Soulseek for Mac OS X

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Muutokset v2016-1-24 - v2016-4-24

Muutokset 2015-3-2 - 2015-6-12

Muutokset 2014-12-19 - 2015-02-21

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the client from saving its data periodically.
  • Fixed a crash related to incompatible data schemas going between different client versions.

Muutokset v2014-8-31 - 2014-11-30

  • Safer handling of non-messaging peer sockets to avoid a possible crash.
  • Chat and search tab labels should now show in full, and allow scrolling if there's more of them than the window can contain.

Muutokset 2014.7.20 - v2014-8-31

  • [Windows] Built against new Qt 5.3.1.
  • Fixed UI freeze trying to share a folder when the client is first started.

Muutokset 2014.06.15 - 2014.7.20

  • [OSX] Built against new Qt 5.3.1 so as to run on OSX Yosemite.

Muutokset v2014.2.14 - 2014.06.15

  • Built against new Qt 5.3.0.
  • Folders can now be queued in paused state from both search results and browsed shares.
  • [OSX] Much nicer application icon courtesy of pbb.

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