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Muutokset v19.1 - v19.2

Muutokset v19 - v19.1

Muutokset v18.4 - v19

Muutokset v18.3 - v18.4

Muutokset v18.2 - v18.3

Muutokset v18.1 - v18.2

Muutokset v18 - v18.1

Muutokset v17 - v18

Muutokset v16.2 - v17

Muutokset v16.1 - v16.2

Muutokset v16 - v16.1

Muutokset v15.4 - v16

Muutokset v15.3.4 - v15.4

Muutokset v15.3.2 - v15.3.4

Muutokset v15.2 - v15.3

Muutokset v15.1 - v15.2

Muutokset v15 - v15.1

Muutokset v14.1 - v15

Muutokset v14.0.5 - v14.1

Muutokset v14 - v14.0.5

Muutokset v13.10 - v14

Muutokset v13.9 - v13.10

Muutokset v13.8 - v13.9

Muutokset v13.7 - v13.8

Muutokset v13.6 - v13.7

Muutokset v13.5 - v13.6

Muutokset v13.4 - v13.5

Muutokset v12.7 - v13

Muutokset v12.6.4 - v12.7

  • News and Updates
  • Supports 3-digit hex colors too (#ABC meaning #AABBC)
  • Developers: Added setWhenAdded to jAlbum's AlbumObject API
  • Native Mac file chooser now also supports filtering on file types
  • Added a "Thread dump" button to jAlbum's system console window to ease debugging
  • Developers: Made layoutHints property available via Config API
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Base and Fully
  • Updated German and Dutch translations. Thank you translators!
  • Refactored out old code
  • Bug fixes
  • Updating some skins on Windows (Turtle for instance) caused file locked warnings
  • Newly added videos couldn't be edited (clip start/stop and representing thumbnail)
  • Fixed bug causing remote directory to be set to another project's remote directory setting when switching projects while upload window is still open
  • Moving between images in edit mode was slow due to non functioning image cacheing
  • Fixed bug causing nullpointer exception on some image tools
  • "Save copy as" could generate images with inconsistent orientation information thereby causing images to be presented sideways

Muutokset v12.6 - v12.6.4

  • News and Updates
  • Remembers last used folder for adding pictures instead of always starting at "My Pictures"
  • New "Server mode tool" that also uploads album after album has been made
  • Windows and Mac versions bundled with latest Java (1.8.0_45)
  • Developers: Variables can now be added programatically to the generated json files on album make time
  • Windows version packaged with updated installer builder
  • Bug fixes
  • RSS feed generation could break with certain date formats

Muutokset v12.5 - v12.6

  • News and Updates
  • Free update for all jAlbum 12 license holders
  • Significantly faster image tools (Levels, Gamma, AutoCorrect and Arty)
  • Text and Logo image effects now supports tiling. This addition makes it easier to apply subtile watermarks across your whole images in order to protect them from being copied
  • Improved keyword management. Easier to add keywords to multiple images.
  • Minimal skin updated. Now supports keyboard navigation
  • Bug fixes
  • Red Eye filter didn't work (still doesn't work in Explore view, but works in final albums and in edit mode)

Muutokset v12.4 - v12.5

  • ◾Free update for all jAlbum 12 license holders
  • ◾Supports upcoming licenses with 12 months support & update plan
  • ◾Performance improvements to ftp uploader (less verbose communication)
  • ◾Deleting albums from ftp servers (not ours) is now faster due to use of multiple connections.
  • ◾Uploads to external ftp servers now kicks off faster. The initial delay when the UI was frozen has now been replaced by an instant dialogue with progress spinners and the ability to cancel.
  • ◾Built-in watchdog that triggers the generation of a "thread-dump.txt" file and attempts to unlock the UI if the UI ever hangs for more than 20 sec. (Disabled by default. Enable under Preferences->Advanced)
  • ◾Some improvements to the ftp4j ftp client library
  • ◾"Print selected" plugin improved to support multi line captions and also print videos and folders
  • ◾Developers: API change: AlbumObject.loadImage() now also loads images for videos (the representing image)
  • ◾Several languages updated. Thank you dear translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • ◾Fix for the long standing issue with excluded files reappearing again
  • ◾Fix to allow https based web root URLs
  • ◾The thumbnail image for folders having portrait oriented representing images could sometimes get an incorrect aspect ratio
  • ◾If "Include photographic data in generated images" was checked, some images taken with portrait orientation would be presented sideways on some browsers (iPad's browser for instance)

Muutokset v12.3.5 - v12.4

  • News and Updates
  • Consumes far less RAM memory when making large albums
  • Font size for jAlbum's user interface now configurable under Preferences
  • Added order by file type (category)
  • Improved error logging
  • Facebook uploader tool now remembers last used window size
  • Reordered album tags and album description and removed warning for using more than 4 album tags
  • Updated Turtle and Minimal skins
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed failing to launch on Windows XP when RAM memory is scarce.
  • Fix to image exclusion failing for newly created and edited sub folders
  • Auto completion didn't work properly when entering keywords
  • Filter by keywords didn't work for non image file types (videos for instance)
  • Fixed unnecessary creation of .info files when browsing images in edit view (caused unnecessary reprocessing and uploading of images)
  • Fixed upload progress bar bug for huge albums (>2 GB)
  • Fixed "Headless exception" problem creating Turtle skin based albums from command line on Linux
  • Developers: Fixed broken "Prepare for online and console use" developer tool

Muutokset v12.3 - v12.3.5

  • News and Updates
  • Embedded web browser updated. Support of Mac OS X 10.10 and Debian 7.7 32-bit and 64-bit has been added apart from engine enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Selecting "Embed" from a project context menu will again display the embed code in a separate window
  • Upload window: Clicking on another server folder will cancel (instead of commit) any ongoing rename or folder creation operation. Hit Enter or Upload to commit such operations.
  • French translation updated.
  • Bug fixes
  • The Make album button became grayed out after displaying embed code (displaying the share panel for instance)
  • Fixed rare bug causing deletion of wrong album folder from server when deleting album project (only triggered by a rare sequence of circumstances)
  • Wasn't starting up on Java 7
  • Fixed concurrency issue when logging to system console
  • Bug fixes to Facebook importer

Muutokset v12.2.4 - v12.3

  • News and Updates
  • 30 more trial days for those of you who've tried earlier releases but still not have a v12 license
  • All windows and panels now feature context sensitive help (F1 or clicking "?" button)
  • New Facebook importer, see "Add" button
  • Uploads are now more robust than ever. Uploader routines and libraries updated
  • Skin developers: JavaScript as scripting language added to album engine. You can now script skins in either BeanShell (interpreted Java) or JavaScript.
  • Enables individual images to be excluded from image effects
  • Updated image crop tool. Now for instance remembers last used aspect ratio
  • Prevents users from accidentally overwriting web files when uploading albums
  • Size of recent project menu is now configurable
  • Updated Share panel with embed code embedded into panel
  • Bundled with updated Turtle and Base skins
  • Bug fixes
  • jAlbum couldn't handle images fed directly from a drive root ("F:\" for instance)
  • Videos having non squary pixels weren't presented with the correct aspect ratio

Muutokset v12.2 - v12.2.4

  • News and Updates
  • Defaults to opening final album in external web browser after publishing album
  • Increased font size on caption editor of edit view
  • About window now contains information on Java version and number of bits (32 vs 64)
  • Updated internal web browser (jxBrowser 4.6)
  • Updated embedded Java engine (1.8.0_25)
  • Mac version is now bundled with Java 1.8 by default instead of relying on Apple's old Java 6
  • Bug fixes
  • Renaming recently created folders would sometimes make the folder non-openable
  • Toggling file exclusion didn't always take
  • Certain URLs (those containing spaces for instance) couldn't be opened in external browser

Muutokset v12.1.9 - v12.2

  • News and Updates
  • New full screen slide show, simplifying the process of approving images
  • Zoom support added to edit panel
  • Sub directories can now be chained, simplifying sequential navigation through large album trees (see Advanced->General). This feature defaults to off
  • Improved reading of TIFF and JPEG 2000 files
  • Displays time info when dragging clip and thumbnail sliders for videos
  • Windows version bundled with latest Java 8 engine (1.8.0_20)
  • More solid parsing of various video formats
  • Performance enhancement: Better cacheing of image size calculations
  • Developers: Updated JSON API now including image specific metadata. Developing Javscript based skins now easier than before
  • The whenAddedDate now corresponds to when an album object has been added to an album, and not to an album project. This also gives less eager creation of albumfiles.txt files.
  • The address bar of the internal browser now has a context menu
  • Bundled skin Minimal now uses HTML5 instead of tables. Thanks jGromit for this one.
  • Various minor improvements
  • Added experimental JavaScript support to console window
  • Updated bundled Turtle skin to v5.1.3
  • Bug fixes
  • Several bug fixes, for instance to uploader (more robust reconnects)
  • Full HD video resolution resulted in 720p instead of 1080p
  • Fixed ugly rendering of style selector for styles with long names
  • Fixed problem previewing network mounted albums in external browser
  • Reopening an alreadty running jAlbum on Mac by clicking the dock icon would restore maximized window to normal state

Muutokset v12.1.8 - v12.1.9

  • News and Updates
  • The new "Crop focus" plugin is now bundled, allowing easy positioning of auto-cropped areas
  • If a tool or plugin exists both as bundled and manually installed, jAlbum will always use the latest version (the one having the most recent last modified date)
  • Added warning icons when using excessive image- and video quality settings
  • Updated "ftp4j" ftp library to version 1.7.1
  • Improved error diagnostics
  • Bundled updated Turtle 5.1.1 skin
  • Updated French and Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Bug fixes
  • Internal browser updated to v4.4, now with a host of improvements
  • Re-editing text using the Text effect under edit mode didn't work
  • The buttons of the Download user interface were missing text and icons

Muutokset v12.1 - v12.1.8

  • News and Updates
  • Skin info window now also displays physical location on hard disk
  • Developers: The AlbumImage.applyFilter API now passes variables bound to the corresponding album object if the AlbumImage was created with an AlbumObject as parameter
  • Developers: The CropFilter and FixedShapeFilter can now accept custom per-image crop regions (passed via user variables)
  • Updated bundled skins "Turtle" and "Fully"
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug causing image corruption on certain images when editing recently edited captions (Since 11.6)
  • "Make changes" is now respected again (i.e. images are only reprocessed if they are missing in the output directory or if individual images have been updated)
  • Left, then right clicking an album object quickly on Mac would accidentally open it for editing
  • Fixed occasional error about "not being in pause state" during album upload
  • Embedded browser preview now works with password protected pages too

Muutokset v12.0 - v12.1

  • News and Updates
  • This update is free for all jAlbum 12 license holders
  • Improved printing support for printing multi-image contact sheets. (Right click thumbnail images and select "Print selected...")
  • Easier to locate lost projects: Offers to open existing project when name of new project collides with existing project
  • Mac version now supports retina displays. (Thank you for your help Jan Meyer-Hübner)
  • Supports symbolic links
  • Disables "Preview" view mode if internal browser is switched off
  • jAlbum can now auto-update without requiring to run as Administrator
  • Embedded browser now allows local file access (other file types than html and images)
  • Updated underlying ftp and sftp libraries
  • Language files for several languages updated. Thank you translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Embedded Chromium-based browser now updated to v4.3.1 containing several bug fixes to crash bugs and improved compatibility. Now also supports 64 bit RedHat Linux
  • Image coordinate offset error in edit panel fixed (affected moving control handles)
  • Fixed rotation error when moving between crop and straighten image tools
  • Fix to old bug parsing old-style variables in templates (variables were sometime not expanded)
  • Fixed ClassCastException error when using Synth look and feel
  • jAlbum remade newly made albums one extra time when first flipping to the preview view mode
  • Dropping a project folder onto an already open project would open the dropped project instead of adding the dropped folder to the already opened project (since v10.x)
  • Fixed label type button painting issue
  • Skin info for skins containing spaces in the file name didn't work
  • Skin likes notification kept popping up although dismissed
  • Fix to button texts on trial expired notice

Muutokset v11.6.14 - v12.0

  • News and Updates
  • Redesigned user interface, more targeted at professionals and cleaned-up. Read blog post
  • Embedded browser preview (Google Chromium) streamlining the work flow. (Can be switched off under preferences)
  • Auto updates the album preview when playing around with settings when viewing the "Preview" panel. Invites exploration of jAlbum's capabilitites
  • Faster: Avoids reprocessing of already processed images and videos when resuming interrupted album builds
  • Faster: Better file attribute cacheing, minimizing file IO during operation of the user interface and album making
  • More snappy thumbnail painting in user interface, especially over slow network drives
  • New "Effects" settings tab allowing easy and detailed control of album-wide image effects like watermarks/texts, logos, grayscale, auto-correct and arty filters via an easy to use interface. (Effects applies to all images unlike their "Image tools" counterparts). (Advanced users: The chosen effects are synched with the user variables panel)
  • New "Share" panel to simplify sharing albums via different social networks. jAlbum's sharing is now opt-in, i.e. you have to click the frog to share an album with jAlbum followers and in the section
  • jAlbum now checks and informs about incorrectly configured ftp account profiles, ensuring that jAlbum can properly generate links to the published albums.
  • Skin information like feature set and support links now available in new skin information window
  • New Notification Center that remembers and presents notifications in a less obtrusive way
  • Now deletes unused slide and original images from album folder, thereby cleaning up albums when playing around with various skins
  • Added "Use as folder thumbnail" toolbar button
  • Added "New page" toolbar button
  • Album object information is now available when hovering the mouse over the new info "i" status icons
  • Speed-up to deleting directories over SAMBA mounted network drives
  • Folders and web pages now follow the same label type view+editing as images instead of being locked to file names. (Hint: Alt-click the name section to rename object)
  • Prints license state on splash screen
  • Skins Mr.Burn5 and Fully now bundled
  • Implemented logging levels
  • Updated texts. Thank you all translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Rewritten change detection. No more spurious "Do you wish to save changes" warnings
  • Fix for broken "Repair all links"
  • Fixed bug causing lost reference to image directories when storing the project file outside of the image directory
  • Null pointer fix to deepLastModified API call
  • Fixed painting bug on some look and feels
  • Fixed bug that prevented switching back to explorer when clicking a folder of the project
  • Various bug fixes

Muutokset v11.6.4 - v11.6.14

  • News and Updates
  • Added "Order by camera date" as an album-level image ordering option
  • Reverted caption editor behavior to accept enter for newlines. Now draws focus rectangle to indicate focus
  • Added warning if image and output directory are the same
  • Non JPEG files (videos for instance) now delivers last modified date instead of 0 when asked for Camera date
  • Speed up to loading of jAlbum objects.
  • More user friendly reporting of circular folder reference problems
  • Better naming of internal threads
  • Updates to translations. Thank you translators!
  • Minor code improvements
  • Updated bundled Turtle skin to v5
  • Bug fixes
  • Didn't handle externally modified xmp metadata (like face tags for instance)
  • Repairing broken links would only render the first repaired object correctly. Now all repaired objects are refreshed properly
  • Nullpointer fix for loading old skin settings onto new UI containing new UI components
  • Fix for respecting current directory on Mac File chooser
  • Occasional paining error fixed
  • Didn't understand old $variable syntax for subclasses of dates and files
  • Uses jAlbum ordering instead of custom ordering if visiting a folder containing an albumfiles.txt file but no file
  • Error dialogue didn't properly display a scroller for long stack traces
  • Using a folder to represent another folder didn't render the representing album object icon
  • Nullpointer fix for Mac file chooser
  • Fixed painting issue when using icon instead of text for JLinkLabel component

Muutokset v11.5 - v11.6

Muutokset v11.4 - v11.4.1

Muutokset v11.3 - v11.4

Muutokset v11.2.5 - v11.3

  • News and Updates
  • Now preloads the recent album projects list with a sample album project that demonstrates making a full portfolio site using jAlbum including sub folders and custom contact and about pages
  • Skins can now provide user interfaces for custom web pages like "About.htt" and "Contact.htt"! This enables end users to customize such pages graphically from within jAlbum's edit mode = no need to display html source code to end users. Give it a try by opening the sample portfolio project and double click "About.htt" or "Contact.htt". (The source code can still be edited by right clicking template pages and selecting "Edit" from the context menu). These user interfaces are declared within elements of the template pages so the skin developer both declares and uses his variables in one convenient location.
  • Added ability to order album objects by title and caption
  • Added ability to view and edit Titles as well as file names and captions from the thumbnail view (See View->"Label type")
  • Label type for thumbnail view (file name, title, caption) now visible and changeable in status bar
  • Creates web-safe file names if non-safe file names are being used without URL-encoding being active. This should ensure less viewing problems for files using characters like %, #, ? and &
  • Minor user interface tweaks
  • Minor code improvements (better naming of CPU threads)
  • More robust reading of camera metadata
  • Recent project list now max 50 instead of 25 files
  • Bundled with updated Turtle 4.3.0 skin
  • Languages updated. Thank you dear translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Better memory management: Better at releasing unused data in situations where memory is low. jAlbum should now be far better at processing huge albums without running into out of memory conditions.
  • Fixed deadlock bug in Widget panel causing the user interface to hang
  • Some Windows systems would experience slow or hanging start up due to misconfigured printer drivers
  • Album projects can now again be opened by simply dropping their folders onto jAlbum
  • Prevents copying a file to itself (thereby rendering the file zero bytes in length)
  • The state of custom UIs wasn't saved when making the album
  • Handles broken manifest.jmf files on upload = more robust uploads on shaky network connections

Muutokset v11.2.4 - v11.2.5

Muutokset v11.1.5 - v11.2

  • News and Updates
  • Added "Project ordering" drop menu. Projects can now be ordered by name or last used
  • Videos can now be selected to have their processing bypassed (check "Include original")
  • Added play button onto videos in the user interface to better indicate them
  • Extended tool-tip display time from 4 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Updated bundled skin Turtle to v4.1
  • Armenian translation added. Thank you Hrant Ohanyan!
  • Bug fixes
  • The preview image was not updated while the video clip sliders were dragged
  • The video clip slider was not visible for videos having their own custom thumbnail file (.thm file)
  • Editing titles and ratings of objects in a sub folder wouldn't trigger reprocessing of that sub folder if "Process only updated sub folders" was selected
  • Fix to disabling of undo/redo for read-only text components
  • Respects portrait oriented embedded thumbnails instead of creating separate thumbnails
  • Style hints was applied twice and caused deadlock if opening a project while loading a skin
  • Fixed character encoding issue for EXIF and IPTC metadata
  • The videoWidth and videoHeight variables weren't calculated correctly if a custom thumbnail file were present having other dimensions than the video
  • The underlying metadata-extractor library was sometimes wrongly returning metadata for an embedded thumbnail instead of metadata for the main image
  • The demo filter "SimpleFilter" was broken

Muutokset v10.10.8 - v11

  • News and Updates
  • Converts over 160 video formats suitable for the web (mp4)
  • Auto detects and adjusts video orientation
  • Allows videos to be rotated
  • Videos can have their start and end trimmed
  • Generates preview images for videos
  • Supported video formats are configurable under preferences. There is also a master switch to enable/disable video support under Preferences
  • Now smart enough to pick the latest skin version from disk, be it either a bundled skin or an installed skin (Previously just picked an installed skin, if present)
  • If skin related error occurs, a friendly error dialogue is now displayed helping users to update skin and report errors. (Switch on debug mode to get the classic error dialogue)
  • New license info panel under "About jAlbum" window
  • Bundled the Arty ("Instagram" like effects) and AutoCorrection image tools
  • Support for rotating all images, not just images coming straight from digital cameras (having EXIF data)
  • Tags published albums containing processed videos with a "video" tag
  • If unexpected internal errors occur (stuff printed to System.err), will display a small warning icon in the lower right corner. Clicking it will bring up the error message in the System console.
  • Remembers divider location, if "Remember window position and size" set
  • New pro looking program icons
  • New 128x128 web icon set
  • Minor user interface adjustments
  • Includes updates to Turtle, Base, Mr.Burns and Lumen skins
  • Clicking the thumbnail icon for the current album project will leave edit mode and return you to the thumbnail view (and root folder)
  • Developers: Now sets closeupPath for supported videos to slide page to enable embedded videos
  • Developers: New API for unzipping and downloading
  • Developers: Added the skin variables "videoWidth" and "videoHeight", that will give you the dimensions of the processed/final video (only present if video support is switched on)
  • Developers: Added file category support (fileCategory variable)
  • Developers: Blur filter now accepts different radius/strength
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug causing editing of moved objects to break
  • Fix for nullpointer exception bug when painting thumbnails
  • Fix for custom image size error (custom maxImageWidth etc ignored when generating variables)
  • Fix to error linking to non existent slide pages
  • Fixed bug causing style hints to sometimes not being applied
  • Fixed "Invalid code" error when activating license
  • Fixed folder ordering bug for folders ending in a space
  • Fixed bug where folder thumbnails did not always have the movie thumbnail painted right
  • Handles cases where Apache Sanselan can't include xmp metadata in generated hi-res images during upload
  • Fixed bug causing infinite loop when enlarging images
  • Various minor fixes

Muutokset v10.10.7 - v10.10.8

Muutokset v10.9.2 - v10.10

  • News and Updates
  • Faster album making (roughly 30% faster image processing)
  • Faster loading of large album projects (album objects are initialized by multiple threads)
  • New "Make an album like that" feature: Ability to import album settings from existing published albums, so you can copy the look of an album you like. See File->Import
  • Ability to reset an album project to default settings. Practical if you've lost your way in settings. See File->Import
  • Easier and faster skin updating: Skins can now be downloaded and installed from within jAlbum. No need to involve the web browser.
  • Better, user configurable credit links, helping making jAlbum known. See Album settings->Pages
  • New Minimal skin (v2.0). Updated to today's web standards, but keeping the minimalistic feel.
  • Updated Base and Turtle skins
  • For skin developers: New alpha (transparency) aware color selector (JAlphaColorSelector)
  • Somewhat more performant file writes
  • Now verifies validity of web root URLs, making it less likely to have a 404 error when viewing final album
  • Widget support always on for unlicensed users
  • Various minor code improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Users could sometimes get a "No such user" error message after uploading albums
  • Album projects containing folders with representing thumbnails referenced via broken links wouldn't open
  • The output (album) directory was created as soon as skins were loaded instead of at album build time

Muutokset v10.8.1 - v10.9.1

Muutokset v10.8.1 - v10.9

Muutokset v10.7.2 - v10.8

  • News and Updates
  • Albums may now be tagged to increase visibility in search engines etc (see Album settings->General)
  • jAlbum now saves xmp formatted metadata with generated closeups and hi-res images. This for instance ensures that photographer copyright information and keywords are preserved (Setting is on by default. Can be controlled under Album settings->Advanced->Metadata).
  • jAlbum now provides a native way to add a link to your homepage from the albums (See Album settings->Pages). This was previously a setting each skin had to provide (in various ways). jAlbum also imports existing homepage links from skins like Turtle, Galleria, Photobox, MatrixSlide and Matrix. Skin developers: Please use the new homepageAddress and homepageLinkText variables to support homepage linking!
  • Updated bundled Turtle skin: Now supports facebook commenting among a list of other improvements
  • Updated several bundled skins to support new homepage linking
  • New and faster loading splash screen
  • Removed obsolete 3:rd party code
  • Various internal improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug causing album objects to go out of order when converting links to copies

Muutokset v10.7 - v10.7.2

  • News and Updates
  • Again reverted to reading TIFF images using the Sanselan library as it is far faster. (Fixed issue where some images read via Sanselan didn't show up)
  • Removes camera maker copyright notes from the "IPTC Caption" field too
  • Increased font size on camera metadata listing and made font size adjustable (+/- keys)
  • Bundled with updated versions of Turtle, Mr.Burns and Lumen skins
  • Bug fixes
  • Grayscale filter on Mac version didn't handle transparency
  • Fixed nullpointer exception bug in histogram

Muutokset v10.5.2 - v10.6

  • News and Updates
  • You can now be signed out and still have your license active
  • The Mac version of jAlbum now has a native file chooser for adding images and image folders. Thanks goes to TeamDev jniwrapper for the support for this.
  • Added alternative way of activating/attaching license based on a code (See Help->Activate license)
  • New sub context menu for picking page templates from currently loaded skin when building web sites
  • More robust reading of certain JPEG images.
  • Bundled with updated Turtle 3.1.2 skin version
  • Added "ImageListener" callback interface to "EditPanel" so plugins can easily implement histograms for instance
  • Added language info to published albums
  • Added a JAlbum.dumpThreads() debug method for developers
  • Added a "version too low" error message if users try to run jAlbum's internal text editor on Java 1.5.
  • Translations updated for Brazilian Portuguese, German, English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Finnish, Slovak, Polish, Slovenian, Romanian and Korean. Thank you dear translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Passing a -projectFile as argument to running jAlbum in console mode generated a nullpointer exception
  • Image size specific variables were sometimes lacking when processing "ja:fileiterator nodirs" elements
  • Broken images could cause a nullpointer exception
  • Uploading folders with missing project files would generate and error when writing the file
  • png files named PNG wouldn't be processed.
  • The "Server mode" tool wasn't working in UI mode
  • media.rss injection and Microsoft MarkOfTheWeb injection wasn't working for skins using headers and footers

Muutokset v10.5 - v10.5.2

  • News and Updates
  • Updated bundled Turtle skin to 3.0.5
  • Updated external tool "Import comments from rss file". Now repairs albums with sub folders too
  • Bug fixes
  • Album builds could sometimes break with a nullpointer exception on multi core CPUs (since 10.4)
  • Bug fix to reading CMYK encoded JPEG images

Muutokset v10.3.1 - v10.4

  • News and Updates
  • Support for making whole web sites and not just albums. Currently supported by "Turtle", "Galleria", "Minimal" and "Base" skins (now bundled). More skins to follow.
  • About 40% faster page processing due to better use of multi-core CPUs
  • Bundled updated Turtle 3.0 and Base 2.0 skins. See skin pages for a full list of enhancements.
  • Support for transparent images and PNG writing. GIF and PNG files are now written as PNG files
  • Images can now be individually scaled to different sizes (by overriding the max* image size variables for specific images.
  • Album projects missing a "directory" entry will now pick the image directory path from the project file location. This will soon help to making album projects truly portable
  • Alt-clicking preview will bring up final published album (only valid for albums uploaded using jAlbum 10.4 and up)
  • Removed "Generate Search engine friendly file names" feature for now. It wasn't ready for prime time (caused too many side effects)
  • Images can now be oriented in any direction
  • Supports dragging and dropping .ico files too
  • Camera copyright messages are now filtered from the EXIF "Image desc." field
  • jAlbum now keeps track of dates and locations for made and uploaded albums (will be put to use in future versions)
  • Added "Activate license" button to about window
  • Introducing "licenceManager", "currentObject" and "currentFolder" and "rootFolder" variables to compiled code
  • Added a pageType variable (values are "index", "slide" or "page")
  • Puts a unique ID in the widget loader for anonymous / not signed in albums. This will make it considerably easier to later get rid of ads for such albums. (Will remove the need for rebuilding and reuploading albums after purchasing a license)
  • Made the objects "rootFolder", "currentFolder" and "selectedObjects" available via the system console as a convenience to developers
  • Bug fixes
  • jAlbum wasn't actually using the recently added "FTPES", "FTPS" and "FTP (ftp4j)" transfer protocols.
  • Xmp captions would be deleted from images that were linked into jAlbum when such images were deleted from jAlbum
  • jAlbum's notification system failed to work on OS X Lion (spitting out loads of error reports on the system console)
  • Fixed minor rounding error for scaling images (could get one pixel too small)
  • Images could show up incorrectly oriented if "Include photographic data in images" was checked
  • Rewrote progress dialog window. Now improved performance and fixed bug causing the progress dialog to spontaneously reopen after having been automatically closed after a successful album build
  • Unrelated files could be accidentally deleted from a server folder the second time an album was uploaded to a server folder where other files are already present
  • Moving images didn't also move the corresponding generated files
  • Some albums were made without thumbnails if a previously used skin switched off thumbnail generation
  • Replaced files (when adding files to jAlbum) are first removed, then added again. This removes stale cached thumbnails and stale generated slide images
  • jAlbum's settings window could become larger than the screen with certain skins and settings
  • AlbumObject.getLastModified() is now correct for folders too (senses structural changes to children)
  • The "onload.bsh" script file now has access to "rootFolder" and "rootImageDirectory" variables
  • Images taken upside down weren't oriented right

Muutokset v10.1 - v10.1.2

Muutokset v10.0.1 - v10.1

  • News and Updates
  • Updated filter bar: You can now filter on keywords too. Use comma and plus separated keywords to narrow the number of images to match your liking
  • Fast and convenient keyword tagging: jAlbum learns your keywords and autocompletes them as you type
  • jAlbum now offers you to "like" the currently used skin after a successful album upload.
  • Reset filter bar button added to filter bar
  • Filter bar can be closed with escape key
  • jAlbum's xmp property editor now imports metadata like Author, Keywords and Copyright from the older IPTC fields if an image lacks xmp fields but has IPTC fields
  • The filter bar now applies a logical "AND" between the ratings, flags and keywords categories, so it's now easier to for instance filter for all "5-star nature images"
  • Bundled Turtle skin updated to v2.1.2
  • New LicenseManager API replacing SignInManager for handling licenses
  • Minor user interface polishing
  • jAlbum's PluginContext API now has a getCurrentFolder() call too.
  • Windows version bundled with latest official Java version (1.6.0_27)
  • Defaults to using Java's more modern "Desktop" API for launching browsers and opening file system folders in Explorer and Finder
  • Bug fixes
  • jAlbum 10 introduced incompatibility with some skins (triggered scripting errors due to missing API call). Now fixed.
  • The external tool "Apply ordering to subfolders" was broken.
  • Some albums could get a broken parent link from the top level instead of no parent link (${parentIndexPage} was incorrectly null instead of missing)
  • When moving to a parent folder in a final album, you were incorrectly taken to the first index page instead of the index page linking to the current folder.
  • More robust against broken image data structures when figuring out image orientation

Muutokset v10 - v10.0.1

  • Bug fixes
  • Wouldn't start on computers only having Java 1.5 installed (applied to early versions of v10)
  • Java 1.6.0_26 had a bug that prevented the file chooser from showing up when clicking "Add photos" on Windows, Windows version therefore again bundled with a bug fixed Java version (Java 7)
  • Several bug fixes to bundled Turtle skin
  • Some skins would incorrectly produce dead parent level links from the root album level (${parentIndexPage} was incorrectly declared for root level).
  • Some skins (Turtle, Lumen, Mr.Burns) wouldn't build albums from command line.

Muutokset v9.6 - v10

  • News and Updates
  • New license model: jAlbum is now free for non commercial use only. For commercial use of the application you need to purchase a Pro license. The Pro license also lets you remove ads and white label your albums, and will give you access to our priority e-mail support.
  • Full xmp metadata support. Read and write metadata like caption, title, rating, keywords, author and copyright directly to your images and exchange data with other xmp aware applications like Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom
  • Now also supporting the image formats TIFF, PSD (some aspects), PNM, PGM, PBM, and PPM. For details see the Sanselan library
  • Albums can now be easily embedded in web sites and blogs by using the new "Embed album" feature. Skin developers can use the new "embed.htt" template file to customize how their skins are embedded.
  • You can now move album objects (images, folders) between album projects (within the same application)
  • The filter bar now lets you filter by flag/color (xmp Label) too, and the slide show allows you to quickly flag images by color using keys 6-9. (Use keys 0-5 to rate images)
  • Faster album making: We were able to avoid duplication of metadata reading
  • Upload button now defaults to the advanced upload window for externally hosted albums (ALT key toogles between quick and advanced view)
  • New XmpManager API for those skin and plugin developers who wish to manage the hundreds of other XMP properties there are.
  • Skins Lumen, Mr.Burns and Galleria updated
  • New "Copy file metadata to xmp" external tool that injects xmp metadata into the images of old album projects
  • Turtle skin now v2.0, a major rewrite packed with improvements and new expressions.
  • Translations updated. Thank you all translators for your continuous help!
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix to reading Unicode encoded EXIF User comments.
  • Fixed error causing "Convert link to copy" from two folder levels down to seemingly not work (the visual appearance wasn't updated)
  • Operations were applied to album objects that were selected but filtered-out by a filter
  • Some images got negative GPS coordinates

Muutokset v9.5 - v9.6

  • News and Updates
  • The thumbnail view can now be filtered on image rating (and in the future on keywords etc). Press CTRL+F to activate the filtering (CMD+F on Mac). See blog post for more details.
  • Images can be easily rated using keys 0-5 in both thumbnail view mode, edit mode and full screen slide show mode. The rating also shows in full screen slide show mode (can be toggled with the "R" key)
  • The full screen slide show can be played and paused using the space bar key
  • When adding files that already exists, allows the user to skip or replace on a per-file basis
  • New dialog explaining different drag and drop behaviors
  • If errors occur, the error dialog now has a "Copy" button to copy the error message to the clipboard (simplify error reporting to us)
  • Added skin API for commercial / licensed skins
  • Hovering the mouse over the "Filters applied" status icon of a thumbnail now lists the image filters applied
  • Embedded IPTC titles are now respected by the UI and ${title} variable
  • Flash videos are now also considered "media files" and gets a superimposed film icon
  • File type icons now changed from GIF to PNG type
  • New bundled Flash based skin: "Lumen"
  • New bundled Flash based skin: "Mr.Burns"
  • Skin "Simplicity" no longer bundled. Available from
  • Bug fixes
  • Embedded EXIF captions on some images couldn't be properly read
  • Embedded GPS coordinates on some images couldn't be properly read
  • Switching between languages would reset the "After publishing" behavior to "Open publish successful page"

Muutokset v9.4.1 - v9.5

  • News and Updates
  • Avoids copying files already copied from camera memory cards by storing a small database on each card. (Behavior can be controlled under jAlbum Preferences)
  • jAlbum is now better at accepting files dropped from iPhoto and Photoshop Elements (got worse since v9). Such images can now be either copied or linked to jAlbum
  • jAlbum now detects camera memory cards inserted into the computer (Bundled CameraImporter extension).
  • Asks 1:st time users if they already have a jAlbum account when uploading
  • Clicking the account status bar in the lower right now takes you to your profile page signed in
  • Bug fixes
  • Windows version now bundled with Java 1.6.0_25 as a bug introduced in 1.6.0_26 (the current release) has broken the "Add photos" button. Those who wish can download jAlbum without embedded Java here.
  • Files containing illegal web characters could accidentally be moved or deleted by jAlbum (since 9.3)
  • jAlbum failed to start on other systems than Windows, Mac and Linux (since 9.4)
  • Renaming a file extension between upper and lower case didn't work
  • The "Convert upper case to lower case" tool didn't work
  • Creating project names or renaming projects to invalid names now properly errors
  • Removed debug prints

Muutokset v9.4 - v9.4.1

  • News and Updates
  • Mac version now uses the Mac native file chooser whenever possible for a better Mac-ish feeling
  • The Linux installers (Ubuntu-Debian and RedHat-RPM) now associate jalbum project files, skins and extensions with jAlbum with proper icons. Thank you Cody for assistance on this!
  • French and Slovenian translations updated. Thank you translators!
  • Galleria and Happenings bundled skins updated
  • Embedded skin text editor now updated to include new v9.4 variables "currentObject", "currentFolder" and "rootFolder"
  • Bug fixes
  • Album generation could halt with an "ArrayStoreException" if minor errors were encountered in the processed images (since 9.4)
  • The Linux Debian installer no longer complains about invalid binaries during installation
  • Skin developers: Calling getVars() on AlbumObjects now never returns null (registers those variables on demand)
  • Skin developers: Entering an empty string in a custom UI field and later clearing it won't leave that field overriding a skin settings UI field with the same name.

Muutokset v9.3 - v9.4

Muutokset v9.1.3 - v9.2

Muutokset v9.1.2 - v9.1.3

  • Bug fixes
  • Version 9.1.2 introduced a bug where the album was always generated on the C: drive on Windows no matter the output directory setting
  • Mac and Linux users couldn't previously use filesystem soft links referencing the image directory and output directory

Muutokset v9.1 - v9.1.2

  • News and Updates
  • Turkish translation updated
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixes bug that was introduced in v9 that caused some skins to break: JSP-style comments in included code snippets caused album build to fail
  • Fixes bug that was introduced in v9 that caused the removal of unnecessary newlines in the generated html code to not work for included code snippets

Muutokset v9 - v9.1

  • News and Updates
  • New tool to convert links to copies (right click album objects to access it from the context menu)
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug that caused the recent album project list to sometimes be cleared (has been around for years)
  • Keyboard navigation focus was lost when moving into subfolders and to the parent folder
  • On some occations, the donate reminder dialog could show even for users who had donated or paid for a Premium or Power account

Muutokset v8.12.2 - v8.13

  • aims at improving Jalbum as a backup and restore service for your images. As you face the upload confirmation dialog, there is now a new checkbox that lets you include high resolution images with your album.

Muutokset v8.10 - v8.11

  • Displays the file name in grey below album objects that lack a description (when View->Label type is set to "Caption")
  • Includes a new Tool to simplify translating Jalbum and Jalbum skins to different languages (see Tools->Translator)
  • French, Korean and Hungarian languages updated. Thank you translators!
  • Bundled Turtle skin updated to v1.3.4

Muutokset v8.9.3 - v8.10

  • Image captions can be edited in thumbnail view as well as in edit view. This speeds up your album creation considerably and improves overview.
  • Donors can now disable credit links back to
  • You can now use tab and shift-tab to navigate between objects of an album project
  • Removed the dreaded "Output to image directory" setting
  • Faster loading of large album projects
  • Bundled Turtle skin now loads far faster (compiled UI code) and updated with new features
  • Made the "Directory" and "Output directory" fields more visible so Jalbum's model isn't too hidden
  • One can now right click the "Directory" and "Output directory" fields and select "Open in file system"
  • Skin installer now defaults to checking "install" checkbox for already installed skins making updating skins more convenient
  • Updated English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Slovak, German, French, Portugues and Spanish translations. Thank you dear translators for your valuable help!
  • Defaults to showing your final web album in the browser after publishing to your own site (when not being signed in)
  • New "xmp" variable available for skin developers containing raw xmp properties
  • Skins may now disable the superimposing of a film icon on movies by setting the "superimposeFilmIcon" skin property to false
  • The embedded skin editor now remembers last window size and position
  • Added detection of "datetime original" and "datetime digitized" xmp properties
  • Various minor code adjustments
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix to relativePath when referring across devices
  • GPS coordinates written by recent Nikon software was being misinterpreted

Muutokset v8.9.2 - v8.9.3

  • News and UpdatesWhen repairing broken links in album projects, Jalbum now also automatically repairs broken links in subfolders
  • The embedded skin text editor now launches faster when opening multiple documents (CTRL+SHIFT+E)
  • Image specific and folder specific variables now have higher precedence than global user variables. This change makes user variables behave as expected and opens up for more flexible use for advanced users
  • Uses faster API for file copy operations (Java NIO)
  • Updated bundled Turtle skin to v1.3, now with improved Google maps integration, bug fixes and sharing abilities with social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Updated Finnish, Polish and Romanian translations. Thank you translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Repairing broken links in album projects when moving between PC and Mac was tedious. Should now work far better.
  • Fix to image size calculation. Could sometimes differ one pixel between physical size (correct) and size reported in generated pages

Muutokset v8.9.1 - v8.9.2

  • News and Updates
  • The embedded text editor updated. Among the changes is a new tabbed UI, anti-aliased text and multi document search & replace
  • Installer updated to AdvancedInstaller 7.7. Several bug fixes
  • Context sensitive help added
  • Skins can now supply their own media.rss template file
  • User installed skins are indicated in bold in the skin list
  • Right clicking between thumbnails allows you to edit properties for the current folder. (Enables you to edit custom properties for the album itself)
  • On user request: Reverted to storing bundled skins under the installation folder again (but made them removable)
  • New external tool to reset Jalbum to factory default settings
  • Skin developers: You now have access to the embedded text editor via new "TextEditor" API.
  • Installed skins now get the last modified date set in the skin package
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Simplicity and Galleria. Thank you skin developers!
  • Updated Notification API
  • European portugues translation added
  • Updated translations. Thank you all translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Running Jalbum in command line broken for some skins since 8.9
  • Dismissed notifications sometimes popped up again. Could take a couple of dismissals until they finally went away.
  • The collapsible panels now respect the color of the selected look and feel
  • The detection of circular folder references in the album engine wasn't working, resulting in out of memory condition
  • Version number comparator couldn't handle going from x.9 to x.10.

Muutokset v8.9 - v8.9.1

  • News and Updates
  • Notification API (introduced in Jalbum 8.9) enhanced and rewritten
  • Bug fixes
  • Korean translation for Simplicity skin was broken

Muutokset v8.8 - v8.9

  • News and Updates
  • Prepared for Jalbum's future photo book service
  • New notification panel for non-intrusive, information messages
  • Linux version should now run on Open Java as well as Sun's Java
  • Better detection of circular folder references. Throws descriptive error instead of wasting all available RAM during album build
  • Developers: New SkinModel and SlideModel classes for skins that wish to decide on the data type mapping of variables and set defaults
  • Developers: JCustomPanel now prevents calls to saveUI when loading the UI. This makes it safe to use plain event listeners or Jalbum's new StateMonitor to synchronize component state and then call saveUI from there.
  • Developers: LinkFile objects print themselves more clearly
  • Developers: Jalbum's internal HttpConnection class can now upload files
  • Developers: Jalbum's SignInManager can now throw PropertyChangeEvents when signing in/out
  • Developers: Jalbum's FileFilters utility class can now generate JPEGs to RAM memory
  • Eight languages updated. Thank you dear translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Opening the file chooser on Windows while running Jalbum on Java 1.5 would fail
  • Fixes bug in relativePath calculation. The bug caused incorrect paths between folders with similar names ("res" and "restaurant" for instance)
  • Jalbum sometimes scaled images one pixel too small. Having a 2000x2000 bound could make Jalbum scale to 1999xsomething (rounding error). This one has been around since Jalbum 1.0 probably
  • Fixed bug in Jalbum's edit panel. The image being edited was left even when moving to the explore view or switching album project. Now the currently edited image is cleared when editing is done (We do a setAlbumObject(null), therefore check any image specific UI plugins that they can handle null as argument to setAlbumObject!
  • JAlbum's PropertySettingFilterWrapper class now compatible with Jalbum's XML serialization
  • Fixed bug in Jalbum's AlbumImage class when using files that haven't had their variables initialized
  • Fixed bug in reading text resources over a network (we were assuming local file system access)
  • Jalbum's classic Blur and Sharpen filters wouldn't handle images having other color models than RGB

Muutokset v8.7.2 - v8.8

  • News and Updates
  • Windows users now get the native Windows file chooser when adding images to Jalbum
  • Ability to sign in using either email or username (even for first time sign in)
  • More forgiving when reading corrupted images (will load using old API if new API fails)
  • Image bounds selector modified so it is more obvious that one can set any image bounds, not just the presets
  • New splash screen and sign in window (with the close button to the right this time)
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Chameleon, Galleria and Simplicity. Thanks all skin developers!
  • On Windows, bundled skins are now installed in the same location as installed skins (under AppData\Jalbum\skins)
  • New variable "contentPath". contentPath works like imagePath, but links to the content of movie files instead of to an icon
  • New variable "mimeType" available. mimeType reads from system/filetypes.xml. (Currently only a few file types have MIME type defined)
  • Image specific skin defined variables now have automatic data type mapping too (were previously all considered Strings)
  • Bug fixes
  • Media RSS file wasn't linking properly to movie files

Muutokset v8.7.1 - v8.7.2

  • News and Updates
  • Skin developers now have a handy skin property editor located under Tools->Skin developer. Thank you Tom for this addition!
  • Bug fixes
  • Some skins were not installed correctly - were missing files. Since v8.5
  • Previewing albums or opening file system folders from within Jalbum was broken for some users (Suspected bug in new Java 1.6 java.awt.Desktop API). Since 8.7
  • Bundled skin Chameleon had a bug which corrupts the album generation with pictures holding no metadata

Muutokset v8.6 - v8.7

  • News and Updates
  • New spectacular skin as default: Turtle
  • Credit links can now easily be removed with a checkbox tick (Premium accounts only)
  • Warns if skins require an updated Jalbum
  • Figures out location of "My Pictures" dynamically using registry lookup on Windows
  • Better behavior on Linux: Repackaged specifically for Ubuntu. Skins are installed under user home. Better browser and file system integration.
  • Various API improvements for skin developers. See
  • Several languages updated. Thanks goes to all translators and specifically to Miguel Herrero Baena for updating the Spanish translation for Jalbum and all bundled skins!
  • Bug fixes
  • Skin hints were sometimes not applied when starting Jalbum

Muutokset v8.5.3 - v8.6

  • News and Updates
  • Skins may now have style specific hints too. By putting style hints files in the styles folder of a skin, these hints are applied when loading a skin or picking a style. A style specific hint has the format
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