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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Chasys Draw IES

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Muutokset v4.52.01 - v4.53.01

Muutokset v4.51.01 - v4.52.01

Muutokset v4.50.01 - v4.51.01

Muutokset v4.49.01 - v4.50.01

Muutokset v4.48.01 - v4.49.01

Muutokset v4.47.01 - v4.48.01

Muutokset v4.46.01 - v4.47.01

Muutokset v4.44.01 - v4.45.01

Muutokset v4.42.05 - v4.44.01

Muutokset v4.38.04 - v4.41.02

Muutokset v4.37.02 - v4.38.04

Muutokset v4.36.01 - v4.37.02

Muutokset v4.35.02 - v4.36.01

Muutokset v4.34.01 - v4.35.02

Muutokset v4.33.01 - v4.34.01

Muutokset v4.32.01 - v4.33.01

Muutokset v4.31.02 - v4.32.01

Muutokset v4.30.01 - v4.31.02

Muutokset v4.29.01 - v4.30.01

  • Neater User Interface with improved functionality
  • Selectable intent for Soft-proofing
  • Improved font matching in TextArt
  • New Effect - Render Grid-lines
  • New Effect - Render Clouds
  • FastExternals 3,30 with improved performance
  • Updated "pi_BasicImage" plug-in interface
  • Brush Engine 3.9 with improved renderer
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] TextArt issues with fonts larger than 2000px
  • [bug fix] Crash while using some language files

Muutokset v4.28.05 - v4.29.01

  • New Effect - Add Noise
  • New stacking option - Combine moving objects
  • Support for PaintShop Pro image files
  • Support for PaintShop Pro brush files
  • Thumbnails and InfoTips on 64-bit Windows
  • Improved Smart-Resize algorithm
  • Improved uninstaller (you won't need it, though)
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Erroneous inconsistency warnings
  • [bug fix] Crash while saving GIF files
  • [bug fix] Delayed response to brush attribute changes

Muutokset v4.27.02 - v4.28.05

  • Major code-base cleanup
  • Brush Engine 3.8 with pressure fade and size
  • New effect - Local Contrast Enhancement
  • New stack alignment mode - Deviance
  • Highly improved Emboss effect
  • Improved Merge-to-HDR function
  • Improved Autosave function
  • Improved image size dialog
  • Improved gradient file handling
  • Improved palette editing and file handling
  • Some CD5 compressor optimizations
  • Support for large layers (200 MPix)
  • [bug fix] Saving gradient files not working

Muutokset v4.25.03 - v4.27.02

  • The following changes have been made to Chasys Draw IES with the latest release:
  • Alpha Unblend image stacking function
  • Improved Context-sensitive Help
  • CD5 v3,30 with new compression engines
  • Onion-skinning through F9 and Space-bar
  • Added Onion-skinning to Animation Tutorial
  • Improved Snap-to-Grid feature
  • Improved Layer management logic
  • Improved Photoshop Plug-in support
  • Improved support for Paint.NET's PDN files
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Some paths are not closed
  • [bug fix] Workspace may freeze on build 4.27.01

Muutokset v4.24.01 - v4.25.03

  • The following changes have been made to Chasys Draw IES with the latest release:
  • Text-to-Path function in TextArt
  • Path Tracing with custom brushes
  • New Transform - Subpixel Image Rendering
  • Triggered screen capture using num-lock key
  • Borderless full-screen mode for Viewer
  • Brush Engine 3.6 with improved accuracy
  • FastExternals 3,20 with pi_MetaMarkup
  • Improved, memory-efficient Undo engine
  • Improved PNG file support (updated code)
  • Improved PSD file support (text layers)
  • Improved WebP file support (animation and EXIF)
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Problems running some Photoshop 8BF plug-ins

Muutokset v4.22.01 - v4.24.01

  • Improved "New Image" dialog with more options
  • Walk-through guide for stacking images
  • Menu option for opening multiple images at once
  • Improved NetPBM support with PAM (type P7)
  • All selection tools combined into one Select tool
  • New Select tool option - Free-form
  • Zoom to and Limit Preview to Actual Size
  • Write support for GPS geo-tagging data
  • Single-key shortcuts in Viewer
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Invalid MARK attachments in raw-Photo
  • [bug fix] LightScribe failure on multi-layer images

Muutokset v4.15.02 - v4.20.01

  • Improved Photoshop Plug-in support
  • Improved Pen and Path Engine with PATHv3
  • Support for complex paths in PATHv3
  • Anti-aliasing options in Pen and Path
  • Anti-aliasing options for several tools
  • Synchronized recent items list
  • Improved UI for video capture
  • Faster graphics engine (JpDRAW2 Jan'14)
  • Metadata load from file and save to file
  • Blend-mode files for GIMP, Photoshop and Paint.NET
  • MRU list with preview in rawPhoto
  • Configurable UI Transparency in rawPhoto
  • [bug fix] Accuracy errors in cutting Pen and Path Data
  • [bug fix] TextArt gradients when cosmetics are off
  • [bug fix] EXIF dates missing in rawPhoto

Muutokset v4.15.01 - v4.15.02

Muutokset v4.14.01 - v4.15.01

Muutokset v4.12.05 - v4.14.01

  • New Hand Tool option: Pan Image
  • Page-browsing gadget for Viewer
  • Layer Transparency as a property
  • Support for Google's WebP file format
  • Improved PSD/XCF/PDN support (opacity calculation)
  • High-speed GraphAsm execution (up to 100x faster)
  • Improved text rendering engine (TextArt 1.6)
  • Updated graphics engine (JpDRAW2 Sep'13)
  • FastExternals 3,10 with global alpha
  • CD5 v3,26 with global alpha support
  • [bug fix] Artifacts at some scaling ratios
  • [bug fix] TextArt rectangle selection
  • [bug fix] TextArt wordwrap hanging for long text
  • [bug fix] Minor thread management bugs
  • [bug fix] 8BF plug-in loading loop

Muutokset v4.11.02 - v4.12.05

Muutokset v4.10.01 - v4.11.02

Muutokset v4.06.02 - v4.10.01

Muutokset v4.04.01 - v4.06.02

Muutokset v4.03.02 - v4.04.01

Muutokset v4.02.01 - v4.03.02

Muutokset v4.00.01 - v4.01.01

Muutokset v3.77.01 - v4.00.01

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