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Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. It uses the very popular and efficient dual-panel layout. It has all the standard features like a file manager has like copy, move, rename, view. But Multi Commanders big strength is the special features that allow you to do advanced task with ease. Like Auto-unpacking , Auto-sorting , Browse inside archives, Workspace support, Scripting, Searching and a lot more. And it allows you to do everything from the keyboard.

Features include:

Tabs allowing you to have multiple folders open.
Caching that enable fast file browsing.
Background work for all tasks that takes time to finish, allowing you to continue working without interruptions.
Customize the layout and colors to fit your styling needs.
Extensions and plugins that will increase the functionality of Multi Commander.
FTP, Registry , Zip, 7-Zip, Rar , Tar , GZ , Bz2 , Jar Support
View and Change file permissions, Take ownership of files.
Picture tools like Convert / Rotate Pictures, View/Remove EXIF tags, Adjust EXIF Date of pictures.
Audio tools like View Audio file properties, View/Edit MP3 Tags.
Open API for developers to create extensions and plugins.
Remember selections when you get back from another location when browsing the filesystem.
Use mouse and drag and drop or use quick keyboard command for all the task.
FileOperations plugins that can automatically sort / unpack files when they are moved or copied.
File viewer that lets you view files of any size, as ASCII/Unicode/UTF8/Binary and Hex.
Both 32bit and 64bit versions available.
Can be installed onto a USB memory device.
Handle folders with many thousands of files with easy, And use power full filters to limit what you want to view.
Compare folders and select the files and folders that are different, that are the same and many other options.
Power full script engine allowing you to create script that automate tasks.
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Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v4.1.0 Build 1620Tiedoston koko: 7,34 MB


Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.1.0 Build 1030 Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.1.0 Build 1030 Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.1.0 Build 1030
Lisenssi Ilmainen ohjelma / Freeware1
Valmistajan kotisivu Siirry ohjelman kotisivulle
Lisätty 1.2.2014
Latauksia 139
Tiedoston koko 7,34 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
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Käyttöjärjestelmä(t) Vista / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1Lisenssi- ja käyttöjärjestelmä(t)-kohtien tiedot koskevat ohjelman uusinta versiota.

Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v4.1.0 Build 1620(Viimeisin vakaa versio) 1.2.2014
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v4.0.0 Build 1611 12.1.2014
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v4.0.0 Beta (Build 1610) 12.1.2014
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.9.9 RC (Build 1600) 22.12.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.9.9 BETA (Build 1595) 17.12.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.5.1 (Build 1530) 3.10.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.5.0 Build 1500 4.9.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.2.1 20.6.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.2.0 19.6.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.1.0 (Build 1401) 27.4.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.0.0 (Build 1360) 1.3.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.0 Beta (Build 1337) 9.2.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v3.0 alpha (Build 1330) 28.1.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.8.2 (Build 1291) 25.1.2013
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.8.1 Build 1275 26.12.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.8.0 Build 1273 23.12.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.7.2 Build 1200 5.10.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.7.1 Build 1182 4.9.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.7.0 Build 1171 19.8.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.5.1 Build 1115 20.7.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.5.0 Build 1110 17.6.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.1.2 Build 1045 6.5.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.1.1 Build 1038 23.4.2012
Multi Commander (64-bit Portable) v2.1.0 Build 1030 10.4.2012
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