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Muutokset v7.5.0 (Build 2381) - v7.7 (Build 2404)

Muutokset v7.3 ( Build 2360 ) - v7.5.0 (Build 2381)

Muutokset v7.1.0 (Build 2347) - v7.3 ( Build 2360 )

Muutokset v7.0 (Build 2340) - v7.1.0 (Build 2347)

Muutokset v6.9.1 ( Build 2306 ) - v7.0 (Build 2340)

Muutokset v6.9.0 (Build 2303) - v6.9.1 ( Build 2306 )

Muutokset v6.4.8 (Build 2265) - v6.9.0 (Build 2303)

Muutokset v6.4.7 ( Build 2255 ) - v6.4.8 (Build 2265)

Muutokset v6.4.5 (Build 2242) - v6.4.6 (Build 2246)

Muutokset v6.4.3 ( Build 2232 ) - v6.4.5 (Build 2242)

Muutokset v6.4.2 (Build 2229) - v6.4.3 ( Build 2232 )

Muutokset v6.4.1 (Build 2225) - v6.4.2 (Build 2229)

Muutokset v6.4 (Build 2222) - v6.4.1 (Build 2225)

Muutokset v6.2 ( Build 2147) - v6.4 (Build 2222)

Muutokset v6.1 (Build 2125) - v6.2 ( Build 2147)

Muutokset v6.1 (Build 2124) - v6.1 (Build 2125)

Muutokset v6.0 ( Build 2118 ) - v6.1 (Build 2124)

Muutokset v5.9 (Build 2062) - v6.0 ( Build 2118 )

Muutokset v5.8.1 (Build 2042) - v5.9 (Build 2062)

Muutokset v5.8 (Build 2040) - v5.8.1 (Build 2042)

Muutokset v5.6.0 (Build 2001) - v5.8 (Build 2040)

Muutokset v5.5 (Build 1975) - v5.6 (Build 2000)

Muutokset v5.1.1 (Build 1926) - v5.5 (Build 1975)

Muutokset v5.1 (Build 1922) - v5.1.1 (Build 1926)

  • Minor fixes. 20+ Changes.
  • ADDED - Commandline field now support "#[devicelabel]" and it switch to the current path of that device. (Wildcard supported)
  • ADDED - View filter support filtering on size with ">SizeUnit" / "500M", "<30G" , "<500k"
  • FIXED - 7Zip error handing improved.
  • FIXED - Customize Keyboard window should work better in high DPI
  • FIXED - Page scrolling in thumbnail list mode now works better.
  • FIXED - Thumbnail detail mode did not always show the thumbnail.
  • FIXED - Issue with copy progress windows.
  • FIXED - 2 crash issues reported by Crash report system.

Muutokset v5.0 (Build 1888) - v5.1 (Build 1922)

  • Mostly fixes. 120+ Changes.
  • ADDED - ExplorerPanel panel now have an extra 1px padding for the lines (Size can be tweaked in settings)
  • ADDED - Installer now accept parameter /CONFIG= that contains a settings backup that will be installed.
  • ADDED - Color Rule name used for a file item can be shown as a column.
  • ADDED - When doing a forced refresh. File coloring will also be forced refreshed.
  • ADDED - Able to force a solid color for the focus row indicator.
  • ADDED - Configuration of gridlines colors
  • ADDED - SFV tool can now read .sfv/.md5 files in unicode.
  • ADDED - Can now move select name/ext part with Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End while doing inplace rename
  • ADDED - FolderTree now has settings for a filter of what devices should be listed in the tree view.
  • ADDED - CustomCommand MC.ShellPaste that will call Windows Shell Paste without the internal handling.
  • ADDED - Mouse wheel action is now always forwarded to window under mouse cursor, even if window is not in focus.
  • ADDED - MultiScript function LoadArray/SaveArray can now be called with GetLines/SaveLines
  • ADDED - MultiScript function "AutoCreateVar(0|1)" to turn the AutoCreateVar feature in script engine on/off
  • ADDED - MultiScript Script engine can now declare variables without "@var" in many situations.
  • ADDED - MultiScript function NetWGet(, ,) that will download from web and save to disk.
  • FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile now accept options as comma separated list
  • FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile failed sometimes when deleting zip files.
  • FIXED - MultiScript function DeleteFile now recpect the option "NOPROGRESS"
  • FIXED - Can now open some zip archive that have mismatched header data.
  • FIXED - Use font style from File coloring rules when drawing file item with Focus/Selected color
  • FIXED - Crash issue that could happen sometimes when testing archives.
  • CHANGE- FileType Default setup will open Windows associated editor for images files when doing edit on an image.
  • CHANGE- Changed how arrow key behaved in Inplace rename.
  • FIXED - Issue with date fields in Text Tool SortLines
  • FIXED - Issue with overwrite with Text Tool SortLines
  • FIXED - Problem with the response data when using the WM_COPYDATA API and Ascii
  • FIXED - Fixed issue with the Tray Icon poping up even if disabled
  • FIXED - FSRar had issue if rar file that was created on linux and contained a path starting with /
  • FIXED - 5 crash issues reported by Crash report system.
  • WEB - Lots of changes in the Online Documentation
  • WEB - Online documentation can now be downloaded as a PDF

Muutokset v4.6.2 (Build 1804) - v5.0 (Build 1888)

  • Many fixes and improvements. Over 220+ Changes
  • ADDED - New Text Tool - SortLines
  • ADDED - New Text Tool - FindAndReplace
  • ADDED - Picture Viewer can now show an overlay with photo info like FNum,Exposure,ISO (Press P in viewer)
  • ADDED - Better error message when user tries to copy a placeholder file
  • ADDED - Custom Command "MC.Utils.SortLines"
  • ADDED - Custom Command "MC.Utils.FindAndReplace"
  • ADDED - Custom Command "MC.ShowFavWindow" and "MC.ShowFavPopup"
  • ADDED - View Filter popup now also show previous view filters that was set manually
  • ADDED - Holding Shift when entering linked folder it will now follow link instead of resolving it
  • ADDED - 3de party programs can now interact with MC using WM_COPYDATA messages. (like Goto and GetCurrent... )
  • ADDED - Picture exif properties to be shown as columns (ISO,Exposure,FNum,ExpBias,Flash)
  • ADDED - Alternative short admin tag for application title bar is now used if commandline option -A is set
  • ADDED - Tooltip delay and timeout times can now be change under tweak settings (Explorer Panel)
  • ADDED - Browse timeout can now be tweaked. (Only useful if you get double item issue)
  • ADDED - Rar FileSystem extension is now using the UnRAR 5.2.3 source.
  • ADDED - Thumbnail overlay text can now be set to date or photoinfo
  • ADDED - Language Editor now remember selected language
  • ADDED - Language Editor can now filter list and only show text items that are NOT translated
  • FIXED - Thumbnail overlay text on thumbnails now works when using the internal thumbnail engine (WinXP)
  • FIXED - Loading startup ini is no longer sensitive for pre/post white spaces.
  • FIXED - When ExplorerStyle settings is used. Changed how color for focus item is set when panel is not in focus.
  • FIXED - Fixed issue where device got removed from MC when it was formatted
  • FIXED - File search sometimes failed to search file content if file was in use.
  • FIXED - Portable/WPD will now show blank date if date property is not valid
  • FIXED - Portable/WPD will use created date as default date to show instead of modified, if modifed is not valid
  • FIXED - 9 crash issues reported by Crash report system.

Muutokset v4.6.1 (Build 1802) - v4.6.2 (Build 1804)

  • 5 more fixes that need to be released.
  • Hopefully no more minor updates to 4.6 is needed
  • FIXED - 5 Crash issues reported by crash report system
  • also 150+ Changes since v4.5

Muutokset v4.6 (Build 1800) - v4.6.1 (Build 1802)

  • Only a couple of minor fixes that cause a pain for some users
  • 7 Changes
  • FIXED - 3 Crash issues reported by crash report system
  • UPDATE- Updated language packs.

Muutokset v4.5.1 ( Build 1769 ) - v4.6 (Build 1800)

  • Many fixes and improvements. Over 130+ Changes
  • ADDED - Support for Italian - Created by Aldo
  • ADDED - Picture Viewer can now adjust colors using gamma, brightness, gray scale, normalize and more.
  • ADDED - Picture Viewer can now Save picture in another format.
  • ADDED - Picture Viewer can now resize image.
  • ADDED - Picture Viewer support undo (Ctrl+Z) after doing color changes.
  • ADDED - Picture Tools can now batch resize images.
  • ADDED - CustomCommand "MC.PictureTools.Convert"
  • ADDED - CustomCommand "MC.PictureTools.Resize"
  • ADDED - Image dimensions can now be shown as an overlay text on the thumbnail.
  • ADDED - Button panel wizard will now add icon if the dropped file is a .exe
  • ADDED - Add/Remove Selection now support regular expressions. start match with ":"
  • ADDED - View filters now support regular expressions. Start filters with ":" (File size equal filter moved to "=" )
  • ADDED - QuickLaunchBar now support ${sourcepath} and ${targetpath} in parameter field
  • ADDED - New Option to enable so that parent context menu is shown if user click on the blank area of an item.
  • ADDED - MultiRename support moving item up/down from hotkey or popup menu when right clicking on item
  • ADDED - MultiRename will now add item to its list in the same order they are shown in the Explorer Panel.
  • FIXED - Save current column layout sometimes did not save the columns in the correct order.
  • FIXED - Thumbnail detailed view mode did not always show all columns.
  • FIXED - Will now retry getting .exe icon if default .exe is returned. (Can happen if AV/Other software has a lock on the file)
  • FIXED - Icon override if FileType Setup is no longer case sensitive
  • FIXED - Column resize issue if a column got < 0 is size.
  • FIXED - When viewing a file using external viewer the focused file will be used.
  • FIXED - Thumbnail background thread will now update the main ui better.
  • FIXED - 4 crash issues reported by Crash report system.

Muutokset v4.5.0 (Build 1768) - v4.5.1 ( Build 1769 )

  • The difference from 4.5 and 4.5.1 is only minor fix that corrects an issue with the installer.
  • Also this release also contains more updated language packs.

Muutokset v4.4.0 (Build 1725) - v4.5.0 (Build 1768)

  • Major new additions is the possiblity to browse favorites as a filesystem (FAV:)
  • Also Thumbnail list mode now support vertical scrolling.
  • Many fixed and improvments. Over 155+ Changes
  • Some of them are....
  • ADDED - FSFavorite Plugin that allows browsing of favorite as a virtual filesystem.
  • ADDED - Refresh device item to the Dropdown list of devices.
  • ADDED - Active tab that are not using custom colors are shown with a lighter color (eg. Log tab panel)
  • ADDED - Pack/Unpack window now has settings if it should use target as default location or not.
  • ADDED - MultiRename window can be closed by pressing ESCAPE key.
  • ADDED - Now possible to choose what extended device items should be shown in the device dropdown list.
  • ADDED - Explorer Panel has a new experimental view mode 'Thumbnail Detail'
  • ADDED - New Thumbnail engine option : "Crop to Square" (Only valid if thumbnail engine is "Windows" and OS is Win8+)
  • ADDED - Thumbnail List mode now support Vertical scrolling (Up-Down).
  • CHANGE- Thumbnail queue management will now prioritized item that are currently visible.
  • CHANGE- Changed how the tab is drawn. Is now more flat.
  • CHANGE- Removed some obsolete settings, Change some defaults.
  • FIXED - MultiRename - Tags with negative value was 0-based, Start value was 1-based, Now both are 1 based (eg [N-3]).
  • FIXED - MultiRename - Folder [F] tag rule now works like name tag [N] (Eg [F-4] works like [N-4]).
  • FIXED - Copy/Move progress window tries better to keep its since when queue is shown/hidden.
  • FIXED - Queue in Copy/Move progress window will try to show the alternative targetname if one is set.
  • FIXED - Key combo for Quick Search in Explorer Panel will no longer trigger if more keys then configured are pressed.
  • FIXED - Eject/Disconnect command in Explorer Panel can now be assigned to hotkey.
  • FIXED - Exporting the list of keyboard shortcuts will now be saved as Unicode (UTF16).
  • FIXED - Handles insert/removal of devices that are mounted under a folder better.
  • FIXED - Thread synchronization issue with thumbnail extraction that could sometimes cause a crash.
  • FIXED - Couple of issue with Change View mode and refresh issue with view modes changes.
  • FIXED - Minor Issues with installer
  • FIXED - Problem with deleting from zip archive.
  • FIXED - Quick Connect for FTP work again.
  • FIXED - 4 crash issues reported by Crash report system.

Muutokset v4.3.1 (Build 1702) - v4.4.0 (Build 1725)

  • Over 85+ changes since v4.3.1
  • This release contains mostly fixes but also some new features.
  • Major changes.
  • Browsing remote desktop shares like \\TSClient now works better
  • Quick Create folder option when right clicking on CreateFolder button on toolbar
  • Installer Reworked and can now do an upgrade
  • Better UTF8 support in FTP
  • Customizing of keys for Favorites,Back,Forward,History will now be saved between restarts
  • Scrollbar issues with the MultiDataViewer is now fixed
  • + A lot more

Muutokset v4.2.1 (build 1674) - v4.3.1 (Build 1702)

  • FIXED - FolderTree caused a crash on some drop operations.
  • Release v4.3 (Build 1700) (15-Jun-2014 )
  • Major change is the new virtual filesystem plugin : FSPortable
  • Over 160+ Changes with fixes and improvements and some of them are...
  • ADDED - New Virtual filesystem plugin that provides access to portable devices. (Smartphones/Tables)
  • ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F6 for replacing all illegal folder characters with spaces
  • ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F7 for removing all spaces
  • ADDED - Create Folder dialog now accept F9 for inserting todays date as name (ISO formatted)
  • ADDED - Create folder dialog now accept a complete path, This will override the current location.
  • ADDED - Folder tree now support that a folder might be drag from it or dropped in it.
  • ADDED - History popup that shows visited path is now global, Not only for current panel.
  • ADDED - Informative tooltip now shows all file dates.
  • ADDED - Drag and drop data of TYMED_ISTORAGE type now supported
  • ADDED - CustomCommand to force a refresh of the folder tree ( MC.Explorer.RefreshTree )
  • ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Explorer.Delete now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
  • ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Explorer.Copy now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
  • ADDED - MultiScript function CopyFile,MoveFile now support optional option "NEWQUEUE", "USEEXISTINGQUEUE"
  • ADDED - MultiScript function "Packfile" / "UnpackFile" / "MakeDir"
  • ADDED - Added size restriction to external files to 25MB
  • FIXED - Unpack dialog will now use the source location as default target path.
  • FIXED - Paths containing ~ sometimes got confused as a shorted 8.3 path
  • FIXED - Password protected zip archives now works. (Only standard zip password protection is supported)
  • FIXED - Password protected 7Zip archives now works better
  • FIXED - Folder tree now shows the correct folder name for folders that are mounted devices
  • FIXED - 6 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Muutokset v4.2.0 (build 1672) - v4.2.1 (build 1674)

  • 4.2.1 fixed some issue with the installer and contains updated language packs. No other changes.
  • So if you update using the auto updater there is no need to update from 4.2 to 4.2.1

Muutokset v4.2.0 (build 1671) - v4.2.0 (build 1672)

  • A lot better high DPI support
  • Better touch support for devices that support that
  • Color rules can now change font style
  • Some issues with the Zip support is fixed
  • Windows Context menu did not work in some places
  • Improved error handling
  • New MultiScript function for Relative path to/from Absolute path conversion
  • + A lot more

Muutokset v4.1.0 Build 1620 - v4.2.0 (build 1671)

  • ADDED - User Defined Commands can now be duplicated.
  • ADDED - Button panel changed so it can not be undocked. Then no close button is shown making it look better
  • ADDED - Buttons in the Button panel can now be drawn transparent.
  • ADDED - New column that shows the length of the name or fullpath.
  • ADDED - Option to enable/disable the refresh tab when application focus is returned to MultiCommander
  • ADDED - Command line field can now show hits/tips when not used. (Can be disabled in core settings)
  • ADDED - Command line command ":one" now also work for going to OneDrive/SkyDrive folder
  • ADDED - Option for "Expand folder hovering over during drag and drop in folder tree". (Was always enabled before, can now be disabled)
  • ADDED - Option if a new tab should be opened when browsing to new location in a locked tab.
  • ADDED - Rule Based file coloring can now be configured to also change font style like Bold,Italic,Underline,Strikeout
  • ADDED - New MultiScript functions PathMakeRelativeMC(...), PathMakeAbsoluteMC(...), PathTranslatePath(...), TranslateEnvString(...)
  • ADDED - Custom command MC.Explorer.NewBrowser now support TABCOLORS,TABNAME,TABLOCK paramters
  • ADDED - New Custom Command MC.FileSystem.Unpack
  • ADDED - New Custom command MC.Explorer.SetTabProp for setting tab properties like color, on existing tab
  • ADDED - Duplicating a Explorer Panel tab. or opening a folder from one tab into a new tab. New tab will get the same custom Tab Colors.
  • ADDED - Doing TapAndHold on touch devices will now be a right click. (Show context menu in most places)
  • ADDED - MultiFileViewer have experimental support for line filtering (grep)
  • FIXED - Command line fields dropdown history is now shown and saved correct.
  • FIXED - QuickLaunchBar now works better with relative and environments paths.
  • FIXED - Color rules are now refresh when files are renamed or attributes changed (From inside MC)
  • FIXED - Copying files to folder starting with ".." now works again. Eg "..Myfolder"
  • FIXED - FileTypeSetup will not clear extension field if external program is selected
  • FIXED - If sorting of columns that shown extended info (info fetched in background), view will now resort automatically when data is ready.
  • FIXED - Windows Shell context menu did not work in some locations.
  • FIXED - A couple of strange issues with context menu handling
  • FIXED - Issue with overwriting existing file inside a zip archive.
  • FIXED - Refresh issues when a zip is rebuilt.
  • FIXED - Lots of DPI scaling issues fixed. MC now look good in 150% DPI. Still some minor issue with 125%
  • FIXED - Improved error handling and error reporting of read/write errors.
  • FIXED - Improved error logging in a couple of places.
  • FIXED - A lot of minor fixes and changes to error handling
  • FIXED - Placeholder files is now being identified (Win8.1+ only)
  • FIXED - When unpacking rar it could happen it complained that disk was full even if disk was not full.
  • FIXED - Some icons was messed up if icon cached was cleared
  • FIXED - Context Menu key on keyboard now works for the ".." item
  • FIXED - The settings "Remember Selected files/folders when changing path" now works again. (can be turned off)
  • FIXED - 14 crash issues reported by Crash report system

Muutokset v4.0.0 Build 1611 - v4.1.0 Build 1620

  • ADDED - Updated language packs for JP,NL,ES,PT,FR,RU
  • ADDED - Can now Bind/Unbind key from command line field using ":bindkey (cmd) (key)" , ":unbindkey (cmd)"
  • ADDED - New Custom Command for bind/unbind keys MC.BindKey, MC.UnBindKey
  • ADDED - How the Explorer Panel read its settings are change, Tabs are created faster.
  • ADDED - Clicking on reset filter button will now toggle between *.* and previous filter.
  • ADDED - Better error handling when deleting to recycle bin.
  • FIXED - Color Rules did not remember if default profile was selected.
  • FIXED - Color Rules are now refreshed better when they are changed.
  • FIXED - Show hidden files did not always refresh views after option was changed.
  • FIXED - When color rules are change the views will now update it self better.
  • FIXED - Back/Forward button now show the popup menu on right click
  • FIXED - Rename toolbar icon shows a popup menu with some of the rename options when right clicked.
  • FIXED - Loading of custom time format now works again.
  • FIXED - The change file date/time dialog did not use text from MultiLanguage system in two places.
  • FIXED - Multi Commander will now be sent to front if it is already visible and user click on tray icon.
  • FIXED - A MultiMonitor issue when doing click and drag.
  • FIXED - 7 crash issues reported by Crash report system.

Muutokset v3.5.1 (Build 1530) - v4.0.0 Build 1611

  • New Splash screen - Provided by Patrick of Chasing Carrots (
  • Icons can be overriden in file type setup
  • Explorer panel now also support medium and extra large icons
  • Quick look and feel redesigned
  • Tab can be customize with colors and name
  • Progress bar colors can be customized
  • Browsing network is cached between restarts
  • New View Filter button for quicker view filter selections
  • Support for unpacking rar archives created by RAR 5.0
  • a lot more

Muutokset v3.5.1 (Build 1530) - v4.0.0 Beta (Build 1610)

Muutokset v3.9.9 BETA (Build 1595) - v3.9.9 RC (Build 1600)

Muutokset v3.5.1 (Build 1530) - v3.9.9 BETA (Build 1595)

Muutokset v3.5.0 Build 1500 - v3.5.1 (Build 1530)

  • New Language - Portuguese - Translated by Pedro Albuquerque
  • MultiCommander will not change to be a toplevel window if it is activated by starting to dragged a item.
  • Improved error logging for read/write errors
  • Windows Control Panels can be access from the Tools menu. (And Hotkey can be assigned to them )
  • Favorites Window now works again
  • Showing some of the special folder in the device toolbar now works again
  • 14 Rare Crash issues reported by Crash report system.

Muutokset v3.2.1 - v3.5.0 Build 1500

  • File Coloring Rules Editor
  • Inline rename can move to previous/next item with arrow keys
  • New Regular expression engine that is perl compatible.
  • Windows Control Panels can be access from the Tools menu. (And Hotkey can be assigned to them )
  • (Not supported on WinXP)
  • New delete progress window that shows more information.
  • File Search window will remember search filter.
  • Lots of minor issues fixed with FTP, MultiScript, MultiRename
  • 12 rare crashes reported by crash report system
  • Public Beta SDK release. (Go to online forum for more information)

Muutokset v3.2.0 - v3.2.1

Muutokset v3.1.0 (Build 1401) - v3.2.0

Muutokset v3.0.0 (Build 1360) - v3.1.0 (Build 1401)

Muutokset v2.8.2 (Build 1291) - v3.0.0 (Build 1360)

Muutokset v2.8.2 (Build 1291) - v3.0 Beta (Build 1337)

Muutokset v2.8.2 (Build 1291) - v3.0 alpha (Build 1330)

Muutokset v2.8.1 Build 1275 - v2.8.2 (Build 1291)

Muutokset v2.8.0 Build 1273 - v2.8.1 Build 1275

Muutokset v2.7.2 Build 1200 - v2.8.0 Build 1273

Muutokset v2.7.1 Build 1182 - v2.7.2 Build 1200

  • Can now connect User Defined Command to mouse buttons
  • Now possible to enable 'Auto select file/folder when hovering over it'
  • Various FTP Fixes
  • Rename action configured to other then left mouse buttons now works.
  • Added support for custom formating the Date property in the MultiRename tool
  • Fixed issue that some tabs sometimes reverted back to c:\ when USB/Removable device was removed.
  • 7 Crash problem that was reported by the CrashReport system
  • + a lot more

Muutokset v2.7.0 Build 1171 - v2.7.1 Build 1182

Muutokset v2.5.1 Build 1115 - v2.7.0 Build 1171

Muutokset v2.5.0 Build 1110 - v2.5.1 Build 1115

  • Explorer panel can now show files in list mode
  • Toolbar system updated, and reworked.
  • Quick launch bar for adding programs, folder and user command for easy access
  • File views has line numbers and wordwrap
  • Swap tabs with Ctrl+U
  • Many new MultiScript functions
  • Unpacking many small files from zip archive is now a lot faster
  • Portable mode will now remember open tabs between restart
  • + a lot more

Muutokset v2.1.2 Build 1045 - v2.5.0 Build 1110

  • Explorer panel can now show files in list mode
  • Toolbar system updated, and reworked.
  • Quick launch bar for adding programs, folder and user command for easy access
  • File views has line numbers and wordwrap
  • Swap tabs with Ctrl+U
  • Many new MultiScript functions
  • Unpacking many small files from zip archive is now a lot faster
  • Portable mode will now remember open tabs between restart
  • a lot more

Muutokset v2.1.1 Build 1038 - v2.1.2 Build 1045

  • Moving single file using Drag and drop and the file was placed in a folder with the same name as the file name.
  • Pressing the "..." button in a lot of places only worked once. Second time it was pressed nothing happened.
  • When opening search with a custom command it was always opened in the right panel. Now it will respect the PANEL= option.
  • Stack overflow problem when copying the path of thousands of files to the clipboard.
  • 2 very rare crash problem.

Muutokset v2.1.0 Build 1030 - v2.1.1 Build 1038

  • This is a minor release with just some minor fixes.
  • The fixes are for some crash issues that even though they happen very rarely I thought it was impotent enough to create a minor release with them now instead of waiting for the next major release.

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