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Sid Meier's Railroads! v1.01 Patch

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This v1.01 patch for Sid Meier's Railroads! includes a number of bug fixes, performance tweaks and interface improvements.

Patch details:


* AI - Added a negative value to investor level, to slow AI down if he's
ever actually winning.
* AI - AI no longer initiates an "Industry Auction" for an Industry the
Player just won in an "Auction".
* AI - Better AI train upgrades- only upgrade trains that have hit full
load capacity at least once after the first 3 years of service. Also only
upgrade when a comparison of max speeds, given the prior loadouts, proves the
upgrade is actually faster.
* AI - Edited timing differences in difficulty XML
* AI - Fix for AI failing to initiate industry auctions.
* AI - Fix for AI failing to set a route in first minute of game.
* AI - Fixed AI bug where all its internal values for each good were mixed
up, causing passengers to be valued at the price of automobiles, hence
passengers were almost exclusively delivered.
* AI - Increased maximum AI auction bidding limits.
* AI - Less idling on Tycoon difficulty.
* AI - Track/train costs constant for all difficulty levels
* AI - Train's consist from a bought out AI will no longer have more than 8
cars on the routing screen.
* AI - Refresh mission status after each train added (ensures early
delivery missions get added)
* Art - Correcting naming convention for Class 40 Diesel.
* Art - Fix for missing build-up animations.
* Art - Fixed rotating truck problem on ES1 and Crocodile locomotives.
* Art - fixed sorting transparency issue with Goods Car v1.
* Art - Fixes for the Iron Duke and Consolidation.
* Crash - Deleting both routes to a train will no longer crash the game
when the train comes back.
* Crash - Deleting the section of track right before the train will no
longer crash the game.
* Crash - Double left-clicking on an "Industry Buy" button no longer causes
the game to crash to desktop.
* Crash - Fix crash when trying to hide auction that hasn't been created
yet when going into routing screen.
* Crash - Fixed restart crash.
* Crash - If user changes the route to a depot the train is just passing
the game will no longer crash.
* Crash - Laying a rapid amount of track will no longer cause the game to
crash when trying to quit.
* Crash - Long track is broken up into smaller tracks to address the "long
track crash".
* Crash - Overlapping a track junction no longer causes a crash to desktop
upon quitting to main menu or laying a parallel track off a piece of track.
* Crash - stopped a problem with improper links.
* Crash - The game no longer crashes after deleting a certain segment of
track from the attached save game.
* Crash - The game no longer crashes when the user builds track from the
Southeast tip of the map to the Southwest tip of the map.
* Crash - The game will no longer crash if the player blocks AI's train
track at the beginning of the game.
* Crash - The liquidate and merge overlay is no longer transferable to
other parts of the game.
* Crash - User can no longer crash game by holding down the
increase/decrease elevation keys.
* Crash - When bought out, don't try to update the main game interface if
the main game interface does not exist.
* Crash - When deleting a track, there is no reason to reroute a train that
is using that track if the train has already passed that track and will not
cross it in the future.
* Crash - When Host or Client is bought out when on the "Train Upgrade"
screen they'll no longer crash.
* Crash - When two trains are on one track, a double track is laid and
connected to original track, and original track is deleted, the game no longer
* Design - Mail price tweak.
* Design - Rebalanced starting cash, stock, and difficulty of difficulty
* Functionality - Added new difficulty level ("Robber Baron")
* Functionality - Fix for rerouting issue. If you change your route by
adding a new stop while you're loading at the first stop and the way to the
second stop is blocked by another train, your train will no longer stop loading
at the first stop and start moving towards the second stop (where it wouldn't
unload it's cars.)
* Functionality - Fix for why sometimes both parallel tracks aren't added
to a depot when dropped down.
* Functionality - Fixed tutorial progression stoppers.
* Functionality - If the user retires with an auction onscreen and chooses
to 'keep playing' the current auction and all future auctions will now retain
their functionality.
* Functionality - Making parallel tracks within looped track will choose
the shortest path along the loop to build the track.
* Functionality - Opening the Trains screen (F4), clicking the Money sort
button, and then deleting a train will no longer cause the sorting order to
become randomized again.
* Functionality - Remove victory conditions that involve competitor stock
when playing with no AI.
* Functionality - Stock buy/sell exploit fix.
* Functionality - The player who owns the industry now gets the bonus
money, rather than the person who delivered the goods.
* Functionality - Updated patents to match descriptions, and fixed broken
* Functionality - User is no longer able to place depot in the water in
london on the GB scenario, leaving it inaccessible.
* Functionality - When player buys out another player, and they inherit the
stock of the remaining player, the remaining player will now be shown as "bought
out" if the player now owns all shares of that player.
* Graphics - cleared city and industry temporary track grid every time it
* Graphics - Deleting track no longer causes the train cars to separate and
change direction.
* Graphics - Half the alert screen no longer disappears until space is
* Graphics - improved UpdateLeaders performance.
* Graphics - Minimizing then maximizing the game no longer causes the
Minimap and Train Graph, on Roundhouse screen, to become corrupted
* Graphics - Updated Nvidia settings
* Graphics - While dragging a track and you loose focus of the railroads
window in fullscreen and when you come back the ground texture will no longer
go black.
* Interface - Added option to not show the era intro screen.
* Interface - Clicking on mission objectives takes you to the locatoin
instead of re-opening the newspaper.
* Interface - Closing load dialog resets focus to load button.
* Interface - Closing options dialog resets focus to options button.
* Interface - Customize train screen now remembers apply all states.
Setting apply all buttons, sets color and/or decal as default for new trains.
* Interface - "Event Log" box no longer comes forward when Player tries to
"close" out the "Finance" screen.
* Interface - First auction bid is now the proposed value rather than being
k+ than the proposed value.
* Interface - Fixed position of popup menu on lobby member list when list
is scrolled.
* Interface - Game Alert Log can now be properly closed if a newspaper
alert appears above it.
* Interface - In the button config option, the "Print Screen" key no longer
appears as the "System Request" key.
* Interface - Interface can no longer get stuck on the screen if user
presses escape and then an F-key.
* Interface - Left mouse clicks on the city info box no longer cause
unwanted screen movement.
* Interface - Newspapers are no longer modal.
* Interface - Now show trade-in value when you're upgrading a train.
* Interface - Optimization to keep the frame rate from dropping
dramatically when objects are mouse-over or selected.
* Interface - Preventing the new train and the newspaper screen from
appearing at the same time
* Interface - Removed the "show all player's floating text" option.
* Interface - The world now drops the initial depot before the era popup is
* Interface - Selecting a city and having a "New Train Alert" pop up will
no longer cause the selected city's resource icons on the mini-map to
* Interface - The in-game Pause prompt now updates after assigning a new
letter to the Pause action.
* Interface - Update player name for game when changed on options screen
from main menu.
* Interface - User can no longer assign arrow buttons as hotkeys.
* Interface - User can no longer enter over 20 characters of text for the
Buyout Taunt Headline or Subhead in the Options menu.
* Interface - User's stocks can no longer show a sell price of negative
* Interface - When rotating view, letting go of the center mouse button
while over a large city icon now releases the "rotating camera".
* Interface - Zoom in and out keymap keys added.
* Multiplayer - Code fixes to address MP AI OOS.
* Multiplayer - Don't allow the game to access the internet if we're not
playing an internet game.
* Multiplayer - Enabled AI players in MP.
* Multiplayer - Network and sync timing now floats - attempting to resolve
the time error accumulation in slower machines.
* Multiplayer - Stuttery train fix: turn off vblanksynch in MP.
* Performance - Fixed small AI memory leak when a route is valid but the AI
can't afford it.
* Performance - Improved city and industry placement performance.
* Performance - Improved mow field performance.
* Performance - Improved track overlap finding performance.
* Performance - Improving city and stockpile track cutting, which improves
track dragging by ~25%.
* Performance - Increased performance of reflection and shadow generation.
* Performance - Roundhouse and feature screen no longer load animations
(only affects non-precached option).
* Performance - Simplified track validation to improve performance.

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