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Quake 4 v1.1 Beta Patch

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This is a official v1.1 beta patch for Quake 4 which adds voice chat into multiplayer games and fixes a number of bugs.

Patch details:

This is the BETA of our broad QUAKE 4 update. It fixes issues and adds gameplay
elements throughout both single and multiplayer—including voice chat in
multiplayer, a forecemodel option, a one-minute warning for tournament matches,
fixed pure server autodownloading, Hyper-Threading Technology support, smooth
stairjumping and a ton of multiplayer specific fixes which have been requested
by the community and discovered during our own gameplay. In short, multiplayer
is fixed. ;) For a complete list of new features, fixes, and changes, please
see the ReadMe file.

This update will bring any previous version of the game completely up to date,
however it will affect pure server and protocol consistency. Therefore, players
who update to 1.1 BETA will only be able to play multiplayer against other 1.1
BETA users, and save games created on previous versions of the game will not be
compatible with the 1.1 BETA update. Please use the form at to report any issues you find with the 1.1 BETA

Once we are satisfied the 1.1 BETA is completely solid, we will release the
FINAL 1.1 update. This will be a required update and will be available through
the “Update” option in the game. With that release, we’ll also be including 4
all-new multiplayer maps in addition to the QUAKEMAS map pack (3 maps) that was
released in December.

We are currently working with the mod team community to deliver the 1.1 SDK and
bring their mods current as soon as possible. Lastly, stay tuned in the coming
months for additional free game content including new maps and gametypes.

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