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FlatOut 2 v1.1 Beta EU Patch

Pisteet: 4.00
Tiedostotyyppi: Päivitykset

This v1.1 beta patch for European versions of FlatOut 2 adds a voice and text chat, bandwidth and cheat detection, and widescreen support as well as makes a number of bug fixes.

Patch details:


- Voice chat added

- Text chat added for the European version

- Bandwidth detection, and adjustments to the network send bandwidth

- Players are not disconnected if a race starts when they are not ready,
instead they can wait in the lobby until the next race

- Improved prediction of remote cars in multiplayer games

- Simple cheat detection added for modified data and known hacks

- The list of multiplayer games extended to show 100 games instead of 25

- Only one kick vote can be initiated per race for the same player

- Return to the list of multiplayer games when you exit the lobby and have
previously been searching for a game

- The draw distance for dynamic objects increased

- Aspect ratio option added, widescreen support

- Manual gearbox option added

- Userdata added to network objects that can be used when making game

- New command line options added (see below, in COMMAND LINE OPTIONS)


- Fix for joining behind NAT devices

- Fix for crash when refreshing the list of games

- Fix for joining games that are just about to start

- Fix for derby hang, when all other players disconnect before the derby

- Fix for a hang when exiting the session at the same time as someone else is

- Fix for the sorting of the list of multiplayer games. Now it sorts games in
the lobby, with the games with least amount of players first

- Fix for packet relaying between machines that cannot connect directly, now it
uses bandwidth and latency for that

- Fix for disconnects or crashes in stunt modes with low bandwidth

- Fix for crash at the game start, just after the race has loaded

- Fix for crash in races or derbies when more than one player gets disconnected
at almost the same time

- Fix for crash when searching for multiplayer games, and there's too many
games in the list

- Fix for a cheat where you are able to wreck the same player multiple times in

- Fix for time synchronization bug, when the PC clocks are running at different
speed, caused the "No other players in the game" message to appear at the start
of races

- Longer timeout for joining, it was failing before due to timeouts in certain

- Fix for the last character not appearing in the text chat for the North
American version

- Fix for text chat when the player names contains number for the North
American version

- Fixed a crash in the loading screen

- Force feedback improved a bit

- Fix for disappearing car in the desert town track

- Fix for tournaments skipping races

- Player details cannot be selected for players that are not fully connected

- Fix for kicked players being able to join the same game again

- Hardcoded 10% deadzone removed for steering wheels


- Black/White screen at the start of races. It's unsure if this is fixed or
not, as an effect of some of the other fixes.

- Sound issues with Creative sound cards. Use the WaveOut option in the game
configuration to work around this problem.

- Engine sound too low in some cases. WaveOut might fix this problem too.

- Game freezes in mini-games with AMD dual core processors.

Install the fix from the AMD website

Lisätty 7.9.2006
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Tiedoston koko 15,13 MB
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