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Titan Quest v1.15 to v1.30 Patch

Pisteet: 2.50
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This patch upgrades Titan Quest from v1.15 to v1.30 fixing a number of bugs, crash issues, and UI settings, as well as balancing the game.

Patch details:

Patch Notes v1.30r2


- Fixed a bug where screen shake would occur across all players in a
multiplayer game when it was caused by one player
- Fixed a bug where Merchants dialog would not play in some localized
- Fixed vitality damage resist so it shows properly in the UI
- Fixed a bug where disabling the day/night cycle did not work in a multiplayer
- Fixed a crash bug where projectiles would travel outside the rendered
gameplay space
- Fixed a crash bug where the physics engine could attempt to access objects
after they had been removed from the world
- Fixed a crash bug where the game could possibly attempt to update the
location of a character that had already died
- Fixed a crash bug affecting defective monster patrol points
- Fixed a crash bug involving target leading with projectiles
- Made code adjustments in preparation for Titan Quest Immortal Throne
expansion including version compatibility and MOD compatibility
- Fixed virtual memory test to allow for machines with more than 4 gigs of
virtual memory


- Increased the unique item drop rate on boss chests on both first encounters
and subsequent playthroughs
- Increased the unique item drop rate on Epic and Legendary "exclusive"
- Reduced the difficulty on Typhon on normal difficulty level
- Fixed several pieces of common equipment with extreme armor values
- Fixed an issue with the Ancestral Warrior skill where it was not improving as
skill points were invested at higher levels
- Adjusted the Study Prey skill

Patch Notes v1.20


- Fixed Ensnare to work while wielding a staff
- Several skill descriptions updated for clarity
- Fixed particle effect artifacts remaining on the ground when fighting
- Fixed Ormenos so that he is no longer invincible if a player does not enter
the combat area and engage him immediately
- Fixed characters freezing when using an item that grants the charge ability
and dual wielding
- Fixed pets occasionally causing boss chests not to open
- Implemented the ability to turn the day/night cycle on and off. Day/night
cycles are currently on by default.

To turn day/night cycle off, go to the My GamesTitan QuestSettings directory
and open the options.txt file after changing any option in game. Find the
setting called "dayNightCycle" and change its value to false. If the setting
does not exist, add the line "dayNightCycle = false" to the end of the
options.txt file.


- Heart of Oak life bonus reduced
- Regrowth benefits start lower and end higher
- Increased Call of the Wild life, damage scaling and Maul bleed damage
- Increased rate of Sylvan Nymph energy regeneration and maximum hitpoints
- Refresh now subtracts duration from the remaining cooldown time of skills
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for the following: Survival Instinct,
Sylvan Nymph, Sanctuary, Call of the Wild, and Briar Ward

- Increased speed bonus conferred by Wood Lore
- Increased effectiveness of Gouge Skill
- Decreased pierce resistance reduction of Study Prey
- Added bleed damage to Art of the Hunt
- Removed active energy cost from Trail Blazing and added energy reserve
- Increased damage of Marksmanship and Scatter Shot Arrow
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for the following: Art of the Hunt and
Exploit Weakness

- Converted Ternion to a fixed spread attack and increased elemental damage
- Decreased radius of Arcane Lore
- Increased vitality damage on Death Nova
- Lowered elemental bonus of Unearthly Power
- Changed total speed to run speed on Dark Covenant
- Increased Liche King energy regeneration and physical and pierce resists
- Increased Outsider energy regeneration, cooldown timer and damage but
decreased his duration
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for the following: Outsider, Summon Liche
King, Cascade

- Increased physical damage caused by Shield Charge
- Increased protection conferred by Battle Awareness
- Increased effectiveness of Rally
- Changed Pulverize and Disable damage bonus from percent to absolute
- Changed Shield Smash to use defensive reduction instead of physical damage
- Fixed Disable skill to require a shield be equipped instead of a melee
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for the following: Adrenaline, Focus,
Battle Awareness, and Recovery

- Added DEX bonus to Earth Mastery skill
- Increased effectiveness of Brimstone
- Increased effectiveness of Stone Skin
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for Core Dweller skill

- Increased effectiveness of Freezing Blast
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for Summon Wisp skill

- Increased Disarm Trap damage vs. traps
- Increased bleeding damage on Lucky Hit
- Increased damage scaling of Envenom Weapon
- Increased the damage, range, and fumble of Poison Gas Bomb
- Increased the pierce and bleeding damage of Shrapnel
- Increased pierce damage of Throwing Knives
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for the following: Shrapnel, Disarm Trap,
and Throwing Knives

- Increased the radius of Triumph
- Added bleeding damage to Crosscut and Tumult
- Decreased cooldown on War Wind and Battle Rage
- Increased damage for Crushing Blow and Counter Attack
- Decreased the damage absorption and +Offensive Ability of Battle Standard and
removed spawn delay
- Increased energy cost of Ancestral Horn
- Adjusted War Wind damage, allowed use of Onslaught, and added charge ability
- Changed max and/or ultimate levels for the following: Ancestral Warrior,
Battle Standard, and War Horn

- Raised the difficulty of monsters on the path to Olympus Summit
- Increased monster innate armor
- Increased life and damage of various monsters
- Adjusted AI controllers for various monsters
- Fixed or added skills for the following monsters: Olympus Limos, Olympus
Cyclops, Zombie Captains, Jungle Creep, Neanderthals, Djinn, and Orient Widow

- Added projectile leading ability to various monsters to more effectively hit
moving players

Epic and Legendary Monsters
- Increased Global physical damage modifier
- Increased Global hitpoints modifier
- Increased elemental and secondary damage types modifiers
- Increased unarmed damage skill and added it to several monsters
- Decreased resistances, attribute bonuses and absolute offensive and defensive

Boss Monsters
- Changed Typhon encounter and difficulty. Typhon now actively uses all of his
powers. He no longer requires interaction with the statues. The statues are no
longer attackable.

- Increased Yaoguai skill use
- Increased hitpoints on the Prince of Blade and Prince of Bow
- Increased Minotaur skill usage and speed and added fire damage
- Adjusted Talos skill usage frequency and damage
- Reduced Yeti hitpoints and increased frequency to use skills
- Increased power of Xiao and extended pursuit range
- Increased Nessus hitpoints
- Increased the frequency of Hydra breath attacks and lowered hitpoints
- Increased Cyclops speed and damage in Epic and Legendary

- Adjusted all of Typhon's shrines for the new encounter
- Battle shrines now give bonus to all damage types
- Increased damage of Epic and Legendary Shrines of Thorns and Frostbite

- Player resistance penalties for disruption, stun, life leech, mana leech, and
bleed for Epic and Legendary removed
- Adjusted life and energy attribute bonuses conferred by skills


- Fixed the Caravan in Trouble quest failing to trigger in Epic and Legendary
- Fixed Limos Epic and Legendary quest rewards
- Fixed several Legendary jewelry quest rewards


- Added level requirements to Epic and Legendary gear
- Increased armor cap in Epic and Legendary
- Adjusted base stats for armor, weapons and shields
- Fixed Bracers of Atlas to grant a skill
- Fixed Energy Shield on Prostasia ring
- Fixed Armor of the Burning Blade not appearing on the female characters
- Fixed Pagos sword missing texture
- Changed and/or updated stats and completion bonuses for all relics and
- Updated art for Epic and Legendary charms
- Relic drops are no longer exclusively region specific and some can now be
found in other acts
- Cooldown reduction removed from unique rings and several relics and charms
- Added Epic and Legendary only rare affixes: Mammoth, Kingly, of the Siren, of
the Betrayer
- Club attack speed adjusted on all common and unique clubs
- Increased drop rates of the higher level potions in Epic and Legendary
- Increased unique item drop rates on non-boss monsters
- Decreased chance for unique drops off of chests
- Increased healing from health potions in Epic and Legendary

- Fixed clients failing to gain experience when joining a game that has a
character with a much higher level

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