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Half-Life 2 Empires V1.02 Beta Mod

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This Empires modification adds real-time strategy elemets to first-person shooter Half-Life 2.

Mod details:

First of all, thanks for all the positive feedback. This weekend has been very
overwhelming with all the mixed emotions and sudden reaction to the mod. Our
two most important concerns now are to finish a Linux server and to optimize
vehicles to reduce the lag. This is a beta so we all want to remind you that
we're continually working to improve the mod and to thank all of those who have
sent in bug reports.

If you're running a server, there are some things you can do to improve
your performance and work around some issues. First of all, rename the
'maplist.txt' that comes with the server to 'mapcycle.txt'. This tells the
server to run through all of the available maps. Some servers are only running
one map because of this. For performance tweaks, read this post on the forum.
All Empires related server cvars are listed in the 'server.cfg' file located in
the 'Empires/cfg/' directory. These include ways to limit the number of vehicles
able to be created in game.

If you are not aware yet by reading the forums, if you crash at all while
playing Empires, it will create a memory dump file corresponding to the crash.
This file has a '.mdmp' extension and is located in the same location as your
'hl2.exe'. Find the corresponding file that matches the time and date that you
crashed, and e-mail it, along with a brief description of what was going on to The more memory dumps we receive, the more crashes we can

I'd also like to remind everyone to study the gameplay manual if you have
not done so already. It explains many questions that new players have. If you
have any other questions, please visit the forums. There you can talk to the
developers and give feedback on the mod. Thanks again.

Empires is a revolutionary mod currently in development for Half-Life 2. It'll
be combining the genres of first-person shooter and real-time strategy. Two key
players will be present in each game, one player per team will be the commander,
playing the game from a top down perspective with the ability to construct bases
and give orders to his team, and all remaining players will be soldiers, playing
the game from a first person perspective either on foot or in an aircraft or
vehicle. The commander can choose to control his team with an iron fist,
restrict his team's purchasing ability for buying upgrades and vehicles, and
punish anyone who disobeys, or he can be completely nonchalant and allow his
team to do what they like with no fear of reprimand. Ultimately, it is up to
the commander to determine his team's strategy which will inevitably determine
whether his team is victorious. There will be many forms of help when taking on
the seemingly monumental task of being the commander. In-game help and NPC
characters will offer advice and keep the commander aware of events on the
As a normal player, it is up to you to follow your commander's orders and
do the grunt work of piloting tanks and bombers in order to destroy the enemy
team. If, however, the commander is not acting in the team's best interest, he
can be voted out just as easily as he was voted into the position in the first
place. It is wise to follow the commander and perform tasks that furthers your
team's mission, or you might be the one receiving punishment in the form of
guard duty.

As the game progresses, upgrades will be available in many forms to
players. Normal players can be promoted in rank and given command of a squad of
infantry (consisting of either human players or bots or a combination of both),
given custom abilities such as the scout's ability to hide almost completely
from enemy sight, and given upgraded attributes such as improved weapon
handling. Upgrades will also become available to vehicles and aircraft in the
form of improved weapons, ammo, armor, and engines.

Maps will consist of large roaming areas like those common in Battlefield
1942 with plenty of room for aircraft to maneuver and smaller maps which mainly
focus on infantry combat. Maps can either be played individually or strung
together in the form of a campaign which will progress the storyline and
culminate in a sweeter victory or even more bitter defeat.

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