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Half-Life 2 Troy: Divine Playground Mod

Pisteet: 2.50
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This mod lets you enter the Trojan war and play as the messenger of gods.

Mod details:

********************************** TROY: DIVINE PLAYGROUND
The game
Troy : Divine Playground is a multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) putting
the emphasis on cooperative gameplay. It is a total conversion of the famous
Half-Life 2 game. The mod is the final project of seven students in software
engineering at the University of Sherbrooke. Most of the core members of the
team have real experience in different game companies.

T:DP allows you to participate in the Great Trojan War as a powerful being: a
god messenger. Use weapons from ancient times, each enhanced by your divine
powers. Choose between three classes with 3 different skills each to either
help the Greeks breaking the wall of Troy, or reinforce the defense of the

Visit us at

How to install the T:DP Client
1 - Exit Steam (right-click the Steam icon in your taskbar)
2 - Extract the folder /troydp to your "\SteamApps\SourceMods"
folder, typically
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\troydp
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\troydp
3 - Run Steam.
4 - In "My Games", double-click on "Troy: Divine Playground"

How to install the T:DP Linux Server
Before installing:
1 - Install HLDS Update Tool and srcds. Tutorial:
2 - Make sure you have the HL2MP content installed: ./steam -command update
-game "hl2mp" -dir

1 - Download the and unzip it into /srcds_l/troydp
2 - ./srcds_run -console -game troydp +map troy -maxplayers 16

How to play
A manual is provided to understand the principles behind the game:

For information on weapons or skills, go in the mod info section

The team
The mod has been developed by many individuals, but the core team was composed
of students from the university of Sherbrooke:

We would like to thank the university for allowing us to develop a game in a
faculty that had nothing to do with the entertainment industry!

What's next?
The game still needs polishing, which means that it still has known bugs. The
reason we are releasing T:DP now is because the main staff cannot continue
forward with the project. We all got started on real jobs in the game industry,
and we cannot continue to work on it. This means that we will not release
further versions of the mod. The only way the mod is going to improve and get
support is if a team with previous mod experience offers to take over the

Let us know if you are interested at kiroke [at] gmail [dot] com
- Kiroke

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