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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Spell Compendium v2.0 Mod

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A mod which adds over 50 new spells to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Mod details:

PJ's Spell Compendium v2.0


VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you have version 1.1 or earlier and you want to keep the
spells already purchased with those versions you MUST rename the esp to "PJs
Spell Compendium 1.0.esp" or "PJs Spells 1.0 Cheap Spells.esp" depending on
which one you were using and overwrite the original mod in your data folder. I
needed to rename the file to avoid confusion but unfortunately the game will
think its a new mod and delete your original.

Place the three esp files, mesh folders, and textures folder into the data
folder. When opening Oblivion click data and select the ESP of your choice.
Cheap spells makes all spell extremely cheap and with no requirements, your
character WILL be overpowered using this version. The other two mods use the
same magicka for the spells but "PJ's Spell Compendium - No Requirements" makes
all spells listed as novice while "PJ's Spell Compendium - Spell Requirements"
gives school level requirements to each spell. DO NOT SELECT MORE THAN ONE AT
THE SAME TIME! Also, make sure you uncheck and/or delete any previous versions
of my mod.

Adds over 50 spells to the game of Oblivion, to purchase visit Phineus Jameson
in the Market District, usually in front of the Mystic Emporium.

- MANY spells and variations to old spells have been added to the collection
- New version that has spell requirements added
- Push should now work much better against non playable characters
- Lifetap has been fixed again, NOW it should work
- Toggles added to many spells to allow players to choose how they want to act
- Increase of power for several spells including Acid Rain and Starfire
- Quicksand and Swamp changed to Grasping Earth 1 and 2 due to issues some
video cards had with the previous versions
- Spells that change the weather should now work properly when cast in the
plane of Oblivion
- Particle effect for Static Shield has been dropped to help out with FPS
issues when using the spell
- Stunning Beauty changed to Flirt
- Bottlerocket, Fireworks, and Telvanni Lift now can't be cast indoors


- New spell added, Pull!
- Bug where you lose health permanently has been fixed. This was most
noticable with the Lifetap spells. If your health has been affected, purchase
the amulet of health fix from Phineus, equip it, exit all menus, and wait for
your health to reach maximum before unequiping.
- Many area of effect spells now do not affect friendlies. These include
Static Shield, Earthquake, Time Stop, Blizzard, Hurricane. Acid Rain, Push
Circle, and Rapid Fire however do affect friendlies so be careful.
- Bounty bug should now be fixed, you should only gain a bounty if you directly
attack a civilian
- Phineus should now not chase you for thinking you are in his shop after
- Push Circle now moved to Mysticism, icon has changed
- Jet Pack has been renamed to Telvanni Lift to fit better with Oblivion Lore.
Graphics changed as well
- A bug where Corpse Explosion could be cast multiple times on the same corpse
has been corrected
- A few instances where activators were not disabling properly have been fixed,
hopefully this will cut down on any odd spell effects when casting many many
spells in the same cell
- Small bug with Stunning Beauty has been fixed, it should work properly
- Conflict with Calindil should now be resolved


-Many many new spells added
-Push now uses Havoc physics, no more being pushed through walls!
-Some holding spells now dispel if the target is hit again
-Most issues with spells not properly being reported as crimes have been fixed
-Clone bug fixed
-Minor tweaking to some existing spells to make them not so overpowering
-New NPC created that sells the spells
-Icons added to all spells, no more having all spells look like weights!
-Outdoor only spells can now be cast in the arena, let me know if there are any
other areas that are obviously outdoors but that Oblivion registers as indoors
-Amulets can be bought from Phineus that allows you to forget these spells
-All spells are now listed as novice, if you can afford the magicka, you can
cast the spell. This was done to skirt the issue of using different icons
without drastically changing the obvious magic class the spell should be in


-Meteor Atronachs ****NEW****
Summon a powerful atronach from they sky to fight for you. There is a chance
he will not be happy that he was summoned and will treat the caster as a target
as well. The higher your conjuration the greater the chance you will have
complete domination of it. Low versions of this spell summon small atronachs
while the master level summons a giant. Due to the powerful nature of these
spells the caster must wait at least 30 seconds before casting it again

-Hand of God ****NEW****
A ball of fire falls from the night sky dealing massive damage. Slow to hit
and aim but extremely powerful, the player is recommended to get out of the
way. Cannot be cast indoors. Due to the powerful nature of these spells the
caster must wait at least 10 seconds before casting it again

-Magic Missiles ****NEW****
Conjure up to three magical missiles that seek out targets around you to
attack. Not even walls or objects can keep threm from reaching their targets.
Cause large explosion on impact. The higher the players conjuration level the
more missiles he can conjure with the spell

-Electrocute ****NEW****
Powerful spell that immobilizes the target in a ball of electrical energy,
causing them to spasm and fly about randomly. Comes in three version, version
1 shuts off if the target receives damage, version 2 does not, and version 3
actually deals minor damage.

-Cone of Cole ****NEW****
Summon a powerful cone of cold air slowly freezes targes in front of you.
Targets remeain frozen for 15 seconds and cannot be attacked.

-Dragon Breath ****NEW****
Blast of Dragons Breath that burns those poor unfortunately souls in front of
you. High damage but forces the player to stand still for 3 seconds making him
slightly vulnerable. Comes in three version each more powerful than the last

-Black Hole ****NEW****
Creates a miniature black hole in front of the player, slowly sucking in your
opponants. Those who get completely sucked in fall from an exit hole in the
sky taking falling damage. Cannot be cast indoors. Due to the extreme
difficulty in summoning something so powerful, the caster must wait at least a
minute before casting another.

-Meteor ****NEW****
Summon a meteor from the sky, striking the target causing damage and knockback.
Higher levels of the spell cause higher damage. Cannot be cast indoors.

-Meteor Storm ****NEW****
Summon a storm of meteors to wreck havoc amongst your enemies. Cannot be cast

-Ghostly Visage ****NEW****
The caster takes on the visage of a ghost, all those attacking you will flee in
terror if they get too close for the duration of the spell.

-Consume Soul ****NEW****
An evil spell that allows you to consume the soul of the target to replenish
your magicka. Only works if the target is below 15% of his base health and
success is dependant on the casters destruction and mysticism levels. Due to
the powerful nature the caster is stuck in place unable to act for 3 seconds.

-Rapid Fire ****MAJOR UPDATE****
Casts fireballs in rapid succession like a machine gun. Great for pelting
groups of people or concentrating fire on a single target. Fireballs now have
a chance to stagger the enemy. Rapid Fire 2 and 3 have three fireballs at once
with Rapid Fire 3 being extremely powerful. Fireballs are much stronger and the
spell no longer shuts off if the player casts a spell or attacks but spell the
duration has been cut in half.

-Summon Arrows of Power ****NEW****
Summons 15 arrows, these arrows cause large knockback to foes hit with them

-Summon Warhammer of Power ****NEW****
Summons a powerful warhammer that causes extreme knockback to all enemies hit
with it.

-Time Stop
Stop time for all those around you for 5 seconds. Great for when you get in a
bind. Affected characters cannot be attacked.

Creates a strong wind in the direction the player is pointing for 25 seconds.
All those caught have a chance every second of being blown backwards falling
head over heals.

-Acid Rain **** UPDATE ****
Summons acid rain that fall randomly around the player for 20 seconds that hurt
everyone it touches. Cannot be summoned inside. Comes in three versions, with
the acid being more powerful for the stronger spells. Minor chance of player
losing health to the acid. The acid rain spell damage has been greatly
increased from previous versions.

Summons a blizzard that slows everyone that gets caught in it. Minor damage is
done as well. Cannot be summoned inside. The slowing effect has now been
increased dramatically and affects everyone in range. Multiple versions with
the stronger versions lasting longer.

Spell causes an earthquake centered on the player. All those caught in the
beginning of the earthquake have a chance of falling down every second until
the earthquake ends. Player has small chance of being knocked down

-Force Push **** MAJOR UPDATE ****
Push those bad guys back, hurling over their feet. Now with physics! Those
that resist only fall down. This spell has been greatly improved for when you
are attacking non playable races such as undead, creatures or daedra. They
should fall backwards far more often than being shot up into the sky,
unfortunately it now works a little worse for short creatures such as mudcrabs
or rats but the player shouldn't need this spell for them anyways ;)

-Force Push Circle (used to be called Battle Scream)
Same as push but as a point blank spell that affects everyone around you. Great
for when you are surrounded.

-Pull ****UPDATE****
Pulls the target towards you. Has a maximum distance of only 1000 feet. Great
for getting those archers and mages closer! Should now work for those who were
having issues before.

-Forceful Pull ****NEW****
Same as the Pull spell only with physics. Not as accurate but incapacitates
the target for a couple of seconds giving the player some free shots, possibly
even as the target is flying by!

-Set Force Trap ****NEW****
Drops a trap on the ground that pushes enemies backwards when they come near.
Great for blocking off a doorway or narrow corridor!

-Charge ****NEW****
Allows the caster to charge quickly at the enemy causing stagger. If timed
correctly, can be used with a power attack as well. Has a maximum distance

-Set Fire/Frost/Paralysis Trap
Set a trap on the ground that can be triggered anybody who comes close. Fire
causes a big explosion, frost causes slowing in the area, and paralysis
paralyzes the first person who comes into contact for 10 seconds. Spells are
on a 30 second timer so you can't place multiple traps in a row.

-Grasping Earth **** NAME CHANGE ****
Manipulate the ground to reach up and grasp the targets feet, holding them in
place. If the target is attacked or loses health the effect will break.
Grasping Earth 2 is an area of effect spell hitting multiple targets around the
player. Used to be called Quicksand and Swamp but needed to be changed since
some video cards couldn't handle the clipping with the ground very well.

-Immolate ****NEW****
The caster catches on fire from within, all those who stay too close to the
player for too long catch on fire receiving massive damage. Comes in two
versions, one stronger than the other

-Static Shield ****SLIGHT CHANGE****
Creates a shield of static around the caster that discharges against everyone
that comes close to you. The stronger the version the more often the static
discharge. Now slightly stronger and without the particle effect, this should
now not affect FPS so much.

-Call Lightning
Calls lightning from the sky that repeatedly strikes the target. Can't be cast
indoors. Multiple variations, with each hitting harder than the last.

-Star Fire **** MAJOR UPDATE ****
Stars fall from the sky hitting the target in quick succession. Not very
accurate but can really build up the damage if the target is slowed or
immobilized. Damage has been increased and a new version has been introduced.
Also changes the sky to night for the duration of the spell.

All those hit by the area of effect spell will be slowed for the duration of
the spell, althouth weapon speed is not affected.

I was dissapointed that there were no poison spells to cast so I added one.
Does more damage than similar desctruction spells of the same skill level but
takes 30 seconds to fully affect. Starts off slow and builds up damage.
Multiple variations with each dealing more damage.

-Corpe Explosion
Causes all corpses in the area of the spell to explode violently causing damage
to all those caught in the blast. Cannot be cast multiple times on the same
corpse. Stronger variations of the spell cause more damage.

-Decoy ****NEW****
Creates a duplicate of the caster that tricks most enemies into attacking. The
decoy explodes into a fireball damaging all those close upon expiring. Only
works on those who consider the caster their main target, and also due to the
nature of the spell the caster must wait 15 seconds before casting it again

Swaps places with the target. See someone on the otherside of the chasm? Swap
places with them!

Player runs faster for 15 seconds

-LifeTap ****UPDATE****
Convert health to magicka, the higher the version the more magicka created at
the cost of more health. This spell should now work properly and should not be
affected by magic resistances

Pass off your bounty to a poor helpless bystander. Guards will think he
committed the crime(s) instead of you! Must be in sneak, undetected, and must
have illusion and sneak above 50. The higher the characters responsibility the
harder it is to pull off. Be warned, the character will almost certainly be
killed, so make sure its not someone you care about ;)

-Spell Backfire ****UPDATE****
All enemies affected will receive damage everytime they cast a spell for the
duration of the backfire spell. Stronger versions of the spell cause higher
damage. This spell was a bit powerful before so the area of effect was greatly

-Unequip Chest
Forces the target to unequip their chest armor for the duration of the spell.
Only works on the more common equipment

-Flirt **** NAME CHANGE ****
Makes everyone of the opposite sex stare at you no matter where you go. Truly
for the most narcisstic! You also get a decent disposition boost. The staring
does not affect those in conversation however. Used to be called Stunning
Beauty. Also not treated as a hostile spell against the player now.

-Clone1,2,3 ****UPDATE****
Creates 1, 2 or 3 exact clones of the target, only pint sized These clones
will fight the target until either the spells wears off of they or the target
are killed. Slight duration increase

Forces all those caught in the blast to dance for the duration of the spell.
Not very useful but a lot of fun to watch!

-Telvanni Lift
Lifts the player high into the air for a short period of time. Shoots you
straight up in the air but you can still press the directional buttons to move
in the x and y planes. Great for getting to rooftops, towers, etc

-Bottle Rocket
Shoots the target up in the sky for 10 seconds before having them plummet to
the earth. Great holding spell. Does not hurt the target, and will be
dispelled if they receive damage so no more giving them poison then shooting
them up into the air ;)

Same as Bottle Rocket but as area of effect. Great for when you are surrounded
as it'll give you a quick breather.


There are several toggles you can set in the game to make the spells more how
you envisioned them. If you have ideas for more let me know.

To use, in the game type the '~' key, then enter in the line listed below
without the quotes. Make sure to save your game afterwards. For the letter x
type in either 1 or 0 depending on how you want to set it

"set PJSpellData.ConeOfColdEffects to x"
(1 keeps the cold fog effect on, 0 turns it off. Default is 1)

"set PJSpellData.GraspingEarthEffects to x"
(1 keeps the Grasping Earth shader effect on, 0 turns it off. Default is 1)

"set PJSpellData.StaticShieldSlowdown to x"
(1 sets the static shield to discharge half as fast but cause twice the damage,
this will help if you are getting low fps with this spell, 0 turns it off.
Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.TimeStopAffectFriendly to x"
(1 causes Time Stop to affect friendlies, 0 turns it off. Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.TimeStopHostile to x"
(1 causes time stop to be a crime if it affects a friendly, 0 turns it off.
Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.StaticShieldAffectFriendly to x"
(1 causes Static Shield to affect friendlies, 0 turns it off. Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.StaticShieldHostile to x"
(1 causes static shield to be a crime if it affects a friendly, 0 turns it off.
Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.EarthquakeAffectFriendly to x"
(1 causes Earthquake to affect friendlies, 0 turns it off. Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.EarthquakeHostile to x"
(1 causes Earthquake to be a crime if it affects a friendly, 0 turns it off.
Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.HurricaneAffectFriendly to x"
(1 causes Hurricane to affect friendlies, 0 turns it off. Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.HurricaneHostile to x"
(1 causes Hurricane to be a crime if it affects a friendly, 0 turns it off.
Default is 0)

"set PJSpellData.VisagePersonalityToggle to x"
(1 Sets it so Ghostly Visage failure is dependant on the casters personality,
the higher the personality the less chance of failure but you have a chance of
getting this to 100%. Since most people don't mess with personality I didn't
want to gimp anyone so this is set to off which is default 70% success for


Q: Why do the spells have more than one affect? Thats really annoying!
A: The only way to change the icons for the spells is to give them an extra
effect. These effects don't do anything and all have a magnitude of
practically nothing. So what is more annoying, having to look at those new
effects or having 50 spells that all have the same stupid weight icon? ;)

Q: Why do civilians just sit there when I attack them with some of the spell?
A: Because of the stupid Oblivion logic that won't let me have the targets
attack you without themselves suddenly turning into the criminals. This only
applies to spells where activators are technically casting the spells that are
hitting the target, not the player. Their disposition does fall to zero though
and the guards will come rushing.

Q: Some of these spells dont seem to work if I cast them multiple times
A: Some spells are on timers and the player needs to wait a little bit before
recasting. This includes Black Hole, the Meteor Atronachs, and others. Some
were done to prevent abuse (Black Hole) and others were done to avoid problems
Oblivion has with creating objects (Decoy).

Q: My meteor atronach attacked me!
A: Yes, depending on how high your conjuration level is he might just do that.

Q: Can you add quests to gain some of these spells or make them part of the
mages guild?
A: Yes, eventually. That was supposed to happen with this release but the
amount of time it took to perfect the spells just took too long, and rather
than pushing back the release a couple more weeks to add quests I decided to
release now. Thats #1 priority for the next release though so be on the
lookout for it.

Q: My magic missiles seem to attack randomly, why don't they always go for the
closest obvious target?
A: Magic is a fickle beast, usually they go for the closest opponant but
sometimes they see a more enticing target.

Q: Can you make Ghostly Visage affect everyone, not just enemies?
A: I wish I could but Oblivion is preventing me from doing it. The only way to
make someone flee from you is to put them in combat, but if you put a friendly
in combat with the player then they become an outlaw. If this fleeing
character happens to run by a guard, well then you have a dead civilian. Best
way to circumvent this is to simply attack the civilian you want to flee, then
cast the spell.

Q: Consume soul doesn't do anything!
A: Make sure the target is below 15% health. The spell also has a chance of
failure if your desctruction and mysticism are low.

Q: When I use push type spells the target fly really high in the air or just
fall backwards never flying at all
A: This is a problem if you use my mod in conjunction with a realistic force
mod. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about this since our mods
directly change the exact same settings. Try using a load manager and make
sure my mod is loaded last, that might help.

Q: Spell X is way too powerful, or spell combination X then Y wins every fight
for me too easily, etc
A: PLEASE PLEASE tell me about situations like this. I very much want this to
be a balanced mod that doesn't overpower the character. I'll be updating the
mod periodically to account for things like this. Same if spells are
underpowerful for the magicka use.

Q: Doesn't Phineus do anything but stand there?
A: No, unfortunately I just don't have the time to create a more energetic NPC
and still get the mod out on time. This can be expected in future releases

Q: I have a spell idea!
A: Let me know!


Only possible conflict are those mods that modify the setting
fmagicexplosionbasemult stat which is needed for my push spell. This includes
those mods that attempt to make magic and attacking physics more realistic.
Also, any mod that changes the Mehunes Spell effect, although I haven't heard
of any other mods doing this so you should be fine. Should work fine with
Mighty Magic, Guido's Telvanni Codex, and Cids Multitude of Magic. Any
conflicts will be minimal and only comsemetic and shouldn't impact your game


Use at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage caused to your saved
games, make extra sure to have saved games from before this mod is installed.
This mod is heavily reliant on scripts that need to be processed every frame
and such there is a small chance of weird things happening if you have a low
frame rate due to slow processor, high traffic area, or have many spells going
on at the same time. This will not affect 90% or more of the people using this
mod, just be aware that it could happen. Let me know of all anomolies and I'll
see if theres a way to prevent them for future releases.


-Special thanks to my version 2.0 beta testers including bastage, Enidehalas,
jackmix69 and Mandor950 and Necron28290 who all helped out tremendously by
either pointing bugs or helping come up with ideas to fix certain issues
-Thanks also to all those who helped think of spells for v2.0, too numerous to
count but thanks guys!
-Oblivion of course for making a game that allows me to create the spell
scripts I couldn't do in Morrowind
-All those in the forums who helped me out tremendously, too numerous to count.
Special thanks though to MrFlippy who answered many of my questions and whos
fire storm spell helped in the thought process for many of my spells. Also
special thanks to ol' scruggys the ferret who helped out a lot recently.
-Also thanks to Rythuria for testing the original beta, also to people like
RodrigoVinholo, bob markinson, and DragonOmega who helped think of new spells
to add.
-And of course a big thanks to all of those poor souls in the Market District
who were blown up, set on fire, frozen, scared to death, electrocuted, and more
all in the name of spell research. Thanks guys!!

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