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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bartholm v2.1 Mod

Pisteet: 3.50
Tiedostotyyppi: Modit

This mod adds a town with 7 quests as well as NPCs and buildings.

Mod details:

Ruled by Count Serverus Victrix, Bartholm is a small town consisting of a
Castle, Inn, General Store, Chapel, Stables, Mages' Guild & 8 houses.

You can:
-Uncover a plot against the Count for Primo Victrix
-Igor offers Dark Brotherhood member's a contract
-Resolve Ayne Drehl's unwanted house guest issue.
-Help Grok gro-Hammer solve Bartholm's skooma problem.
-Find a bottle of Rockville Rum for Loranil
-Rent a room at the Lodge
-Purchase a house in town from the Count and furnish it.
-Cause havok around town and get arrested or killed by the guards.

The town contains:
30+ NPC's
15 Buildings
275+ voice files
7 quests

Version Changes
Update esp file. Removing extra items causing conflicts with several mods.
Removed horse purchase quest to prevent conflicts with Horse Armor mods.

Modified several npc faces

Resolved Cheydinhal House Purchase Quest issue. (It works again. I had
inadvertantly removed the door.)

Moved several bushes near the chapel. (They were cutting thru the walls)
Filthy Fargus now sells Meat during the day

Anton Chance is now the town fence and lives across from the Manor

Updated Monkshood placement in town

Updated Zorba's Goods, Bartholm Chapel, Mages Guild, Bartholm Great hall,
Stables, Jones Lodge, Interior cells

Added signs for Zorbas, Jones Lodge, & Bartholm Stables

Added Shield and Cuiras texs and meshes with Bartholm colors and logo

Added Banners & rugs with Bartholm colors and logo

Loranil now gives the Rockville Rum quest

Grok gro-Hammer now gives the Skooma Scheme quest

Added bartholm icon to all bartholm quests

Added flowers and barrels and various clutter to the town for a more lived in

Igor now offers Dark Brotherhood members the Victrix Retirement Plan quest.

Customized all Necromancer NPC's to make them all look different from one

Edited all wavs to clean them and even the volume

Primo's quest now offers a levelled enchanted shield as a reward.
Added Eranyon (Weapon recharge) and Serena (Alchemy Vendor) to the Bartholm
Mages' Guild and modified the ai in the guild to allow for Mages' guild members
to feel at home.

Fixed bug that had Narcissa attacking the player in the Victrix Retirement Plan

Lisätty 14.12.2006
Latauksia 3 458 
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