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World of Warcraft MonkeyQuest v1.5.1 Mod

Pisteet: 2.50
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This mod for World of Warcraft helps you track quests and display them.

Mod details:

Patch Notes

- Party members show up in the quest overview tooltip. If they have that quest
they'll be displayed in the 100% objective colour.
- Raid quests should have an 'r' in the quest level.
- Raid and Dungeon Quests now paste with the 'd' or 'r' into the chat box.

- Fixed the hide title button option.

- Updated .toc file.
- Up to date translations except for a translation of 'Dungeon' as it appears
for new dungeon quests.
- Dungeon Quests now show a 'd' with the level of the quest.

- Better quest objective detection in the tooltip.
- Needs localization for the 'slain' that appears at the end of mob killing

- Hopefully fixes the vendor script error some users were getting.

- Fixed a nil script error with the new tooltip feature.
- German translation is now up to date. (thanks Maischter)

- Quest Items now show up in tooltips! Check out the new screens! Mousing over
targets you need for quests will show 'Quest Item XX/YY' in the tooltip. Same
for items you need for quests. (probably a little buggy on other language
clients, I need translations for 'Quest Item' as it shows up in WoW)
- Option to turn off right-click to open MonkeyBuddy.
- Option to hide the title buttons.
- Translations are getting out of date.

- Cleaned up the width setting so it no longer needs a reloadui when changed.
- Added an option to change the font size.

v1.3.1.1 FR
- Added the French translation I forgot in v1.3.1.1

- May help with freezing bug.
- May help with a settings being reset issue.

v1.3.1 FR
- Added Juki's French translation.
- No other changes from 1.3.1

- Right clicking on the MonkeyQuest Title opens up MonkeyBuddy, if installed.
- Tweaked the Freeze Bug prevention code again.

- Added an option to hide completed quests.
- Added an option to hide completed objectives.
- You can Ctrl-Left click on quests to share that quest with party members.
- You can Ctrl-Right click on quests to abandon that quest, after a
confirmation dialog box.
- Added configuration support with MonkeyBuddy.
- Fixed a rare bug in the latest WoW patch which would reset your settings.
(thanks MarsMod)
- Fixed a Keybinding bug where the Keybinding header wasn't showing up.
- Changed the minimize button down graphic to be much darker.

v1.2.2 DE
- Added's German translation.
- No other changes from v1.2.2

- Fixed a bug introduced in v1.2.1 where quest objectives weren't updating

- Fixed an issue with WoW Quest freezing bug implementation.
- Fixed an issue with hidden quests becoming shown when preventing the Quest
freeze bug.

- Now saves the collapsed state of the zone headers. It's recommended to NOT
close any zones in the main quest log or those quests won't show up in
- Added an option to display quest titles in the same difficulty colour for
that quest. Thanks Pkp.

v1.1.2 International Fix
- Fixed a bug when loading on non-english clients. Not worth getting if you use
the english WoW client and you're already using MonkeyQuest v1.1.2

- Fixed the saving/restoring of the MonkeyQuest frame position.

- Fixed the 'growup' initial load bug.
- Title can be used to drag the frame around.
- Added an option to display the number of free quest slots.
- New backdrop texture makes opaque black possible.
- New default alpha of 128 (0.5)
- Lockable frame.

- Added Diungo's code to change the expand direction, up or down.
- Added shift-left clicking on quests to add the quest name to the chat edit
box if it's open.
- Added shift-right clicking on quests to add your current quest objective data
to the chat edit box if it's open.
- Fixed a bug where the completed tag wasn't showing for elite quests.
- Changed the '(Completed)' tag to '(done)'.
- Changed all the slash commands, '/mquest help' for more information.
- Fixed a bug where hidden quests were being reset when they shouldn't have
- Fixed a bug where MonkeyQuest was changing the currently selected quest in
the real Quest Log.
- Gave the zone headers a very slight blue tinge.

- Fixed an error when using the minimize feature through the key binding.
- Added a slash command to hide the MonkeyQuest frame border.

- Fixed an issue when clicking on quests in the MonkeyQuest frame.
- Added an option to always hide quest area headers.

- Initial release

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