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World of Warcraft Atlas v1.7.5 Mod

Pisteet: 3.17
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This mod for World of Warcraft gives you an access to a instance map with key interest points.

Mod details:

Atlas 1.3.1

About Atlas

Atlas provides a simple in-game instance map browser. Typing the command
'/atlas' or clicking the mini-map icon will open the Atlas window. The options
panel allows you to disable the icon, toggle Auto Select, change the icon's
position or adjust the transparency of the main window. If the Auto Select
option is enabled Atlas will automatically open to the map of the instance
you're in. You can move Atlas around by left-clicking and dragging. Use the
small padlock icon in the upper-right corner to lock the window in place. A map
for every instance is included.

How to Install

Unzip the package into the Interface\AddOns directory within your World of
Warcraft installation folder. Your unzip software must preserve directory
structures (WinZip and PowerArchiver work). If the game is installed in the
default location (on a PC) the addon paths should look like this:

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Atlas
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\TitanAtlas


- Cosmos
- CTMod
- myAddOns
- ModWatcher
- Titan Panel


Known Issues

The Auto Select feature doesn't work in the following instances because they
have more than one map:
- Blackrock Spire
- Dire Maul


- English
- Chinese Simplified (zhCN)
- Chinese Traditional (zhTW)
- French (frFR)
- German (deDE)


If you have any questions, comments or feedback please contact me.

Name: Dan Gilbert
AIM: dan5981

Version History

- updated French localization (Pherus)
- added Deviate Faerie Dragon to Wailing Caverns (Searing)
- added Spirestone Butcher to Lower Blackrock Spire (Gauss)

- updated TOC number to 1800
- added Chinese Traditional (zhTW) localization (ama)
- updated level ranges for all instances based on meeting stones (David C.)
- fixed a minor event handling bug (PiraMod)
- added the Library to Dire Maul North and West maps (Pherus)
- updated French (frFR) localization (Pherus)
- added more fishing spots to Zul'Gurub map (Jan)
- added automatic drop-down list sorting (Alexander M.)
- updated Chinese Simplified (zhCN) localization (DiabloHu)
- added Zul'Gurub boss aspects (Matthew M.)
- added ModWatcher support
- fixed a drop-down list bug
- centralized LevelRange and PlayerLimit values

- added Titan Panel support via TitanAtlas addon (Adsertor)
- core addon code tweaks and improvements (Adsertor)
- updated MyAddOns support for both Atlas and TitanAtlas
- Atlas now remembers the last map you were looking at

- added Chinese localization (DiabloHu)

- added French localization (Sparrows)

- added German localization (Dermott, Katastrophen)
- updated rare spawns in Scarlet Monastery (Geisterkarle)
- removed (Rare) status from The Unforgiven in Stratholme (tanniss)
- Auto Select is now enabled by default
- fixed the AutoSelect variable bug

- updated TOC number to 1700
- new maps: Blackwing Lair ( and Zul'Gurub (Jan)
- re-added the Auto Select feature as an option
- created a Readme.txt file to include with releases
- added Tsu'Zee (Rare) to Dire Maul West (Quiche)
- added The Unforgiven (Rare) to Stratholme (Aludian)
- added Earthcaller Halmgar (Rare) to Razorfen Kraul (Luke)
- added Fifth and Sixth Mosh'aru Tablets to Lower Blackrock Spire (Billy)
- added High Interrogator Gerstahn to Blackrock Depths (Yukkon)
- added Blood Steward of Kirtonos to Scholomance (Ernesto)
- named each Postbox in Stratholme (Thomas)
- added Bannok Grimaxe (Rare) to Lower Blackrock Spire (Galon)
- added Deathsworn Captain (Rare) to Shadowfang Keep (Harri)
- added Alchemy Lab to Scholomance (Gere)
- added Commander Gor'shak to Blackrock Depths (Jonas)
- each item in the legend now has its own line

- updated TOC number to 1600 for 1.6 patch
- added French localization! (thanks Sasmira)
- marked Ragglesnout in RFD as rare (thanks Joshua B.)
- fixed the location of Marshal Windsor in BRD (thanks Stefan and Fegnus)
- reverted to the old default minimap button position, for all you trackers

- major layout changes!
- new maps: Shadowfang Keep and Blackrock Spire (Lower)
- all instance data is now stored as text
- full localization support (other languages coming soon)
- CTMod support added and Cosmos/myAddOns support improved
- options frame layout tweaked a little bit
- minimap button position code improved
- minimap button default position changed
- saved variable name changed to AtlasOptions
- reordered drop down menu to ignore "The"
- the frame can longer be right-click-dragged
- changed the player limit for UBRS from 10 to 15 (thanks Scynn, Vilkku, and
many others)
- fixed the location of Kharan Mighthammer in BRD (thanks Mark)
- fixed the location of Old Serra'kis in BFD (thanks Aludian)
- fixed the location of Lorgus Jett in BFD (thanks Slooter and Komal)
- added Marshal Windsor to BRD (thanks Mark)
- made a number of changes to the Strath map (thanks Chris)
- added Father Flame to UBRS, duplicated marking for both map sections (thanks
- added the names of the deeds in Scholomance (thanks Aludian)
- added Zul'Farrak Dead Hero to ZF (thanks Dor)
- added Magister Kalendris to DM West (thanks Ziiv, Buio, and Joshua B.)
- added a secret chest and the lever that opens it to Scholomance (thanks
- removed the exit from Strath

- updated TOC number to 1500 for the 1.5 patch
- new maps: Onyxia's Lair and Blackrock Spire (Upper)
- added player limit to all maps
- added location of instance to all maps
- added Skul to Stratholme map (thanks Miya)
- added the various locations Targorr the Dread can spawn in The Stockade
(thanks Deathmatcher)
- moved Lorgus Jett in Blackfathom Deeps; is he in the right place now? (need
- removed statue activation order from Temple map (due to a number of
- have many of the mobs in Stratholme moved? looking for solid and detailed

- new maps: The Temple of Atal'Hakkar and Dire Maul (North, East and West)
- special thanks goes out to Nogame at for the
blank maps
- added Lorgus Jett, Baron Aquanis and Fathom Core to Blackfathom Deeps (thanks
- added Azshir the Sleepless to Scarlet Monastery (thanks John K.)
- added Fallen Champion and Ironspine to Scarlet Monastery (thanks Shape)
- added Bruegal Ironknuckle to The Stockade (thanks DragonBlade)
- added Stonespine to Stratholme (thanks Shape)
- moved Magistrate Barthilas to the correct location (thanks Shape)
- made a few cosmetic changes to the Scholomance map
- changed the framestrata of the minimap button to low (thanks Zilas)
- added a small credit to the titlebar

- added Zerillis to Zul'Farrak map (thanks JennerCobrari)
- fixed a typo in the Scarlet Monastery map (thanks halfhand and nonlinear)
- marked Hearthsinger Forresten in Stratholme as rare (thanks DrimIT)

- new maps: Scholomance, Stratholme and The Stockade
- Atlas is 28% larger! (all maps are higher resolution)
- added Meshlok the Harvester to Maraudon map (thanks Aludian)
- added version number to the Atlas window
- added an options button to the Atlas window
- added a key binding to toggle the options window
- updated all level ranges from official wow website
- changed the Atlas icon to something better
- the minimap button now collapses with the minimap
- options are now saved under a single variable

- updated Gnomeregan map with a new mob and marked one as rare
- updated myAddOns support for the options frame
- fixed problem with saving the status of the minimap button
- fixed problem with the frame level of the minimap button

- added Obsidian Sentinel to Uldaman map (thanks Bhaerau)
- new options window: type '/atlas options' to bring it up
- new minimap button, moveable and hideable (thanks CTMod code)
- transparency control slider

- added Lorgalis Manuscript to Blackfathom Deeps map (thanks Connall)
- lock button added next to close button, frame can only be dragged when
- lock status is saved between sessions
- frame position no longer resets all the time
- frame position is unaffected by other UIPanels

- added Ragglesnout to Razorfen Downs map (thanks beffe)
- Escape once again closes the window (clearly important)
- still draggable, but position isn't saved (a temp solution)

- new map: The Deadmines (thanks Pycelle)
- updated level range for all maps
- due to popular demand, Atlas is once again draggable!
- Escape no longer closes frame, use hotkey instead
- updated myAddOns support

- new maps: Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs and Molten Core (thanks
- added punch card locs to Gnomeregan map
- added missing credit to SM map

- new maps: Gnomeregan and Zul'farrak
- removed loaded message (spam) upon entering the world
- added level information to all maps
- minor tweaks and spelling fixes

- new map: Wailing Caverns (thank you Grimm@CC)
- fixed issue with not being able to open other panels while Atlas was open, as
a side effect dragging is disabled (feedback welcome)
- Atlas will now automatically open to the map of the instance you're in (needs
feedback and testing)
- added myAddOns support
- added Cosmos support

- new map: Scarlet Monastery
- pressing escape now closes frame
- fixed version numbering

- new maps: Maraudon and Uldaman
- added hotkey binding to toggle frame

- unreleased

- unreleased

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