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Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II Troll Hero Weapons Upgrade Mod

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This mod upgrades the characteristics of Troll Hero making it more realistic compared to other trolls.

Mod details:

Hi people - sniggles here again,

This is my second mod for BFME2 and was a collaberation with my nephew Jake

Took us a while to work it out and test it - but we won in the end!

I have to say that you will absolutely love this mod - what a great improvement
over the
original settings for the create a hero Troll.

NOTE - You must have already 'unpacked' the INI file with the Fianalbig utility
first. If you
don't know how to do this - it is very easy and you can find instructions in
the official EA
BFME2 forums or elsewhere on the internet.

This mod has been made and tested on the current BFME2 game with the official
1.01 patch.
The changes in this mod are so small that it will almost certainly work with
any future patches
that get released but we will test it with any future patches and upgrade this
mod if


When you create a Troll hero and then take him into a battle - he will now do a
powerfull area
knockback attack when he swings his weapon. In other words it is now more
realistic and acts
like the other trolls in the game ( he will knock a small group of enemies into
the air etc).
It looks great and 'feels' more like a powerfull Troll.


If you have already created any Troll heroes in the game - then you must start
the game and
delete them first (in the create a hero section).

This is to prevent any problems that can sometimes occur by changing the files
of a saved
hero. Better to be safe and ensure no problems - it is easy to set up your
troll hero again


Simply swop the file 'createaheroweaponupgrades' supplied with this mod with
the same file
located in your game at;

Program Files / Electronic Arts / The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II / data /
ini / object
/ createahero / createaheroweaponupgrades

TECHNICAL INFO (Just for your reference);

In the file 'createaheroweaponupgrades' (included with this mod) - only 6
lines of code needed
to be changed for each of his 6 weapons;

'Weapon = PRIMARY CreateAHeroBasicMeleeWeapon' was changed to 'PRIMARY

This simply directs the troll hero to run the code in the 'weapons' folder for
the normal cave
troll animation.

SIMPLE - But took me and my nephew ages to work out and cross reference.

With the knowledge above - you could effectively and easily change anyones
attack animation and
characteristics etc by linking them to another unit of your choice.

I don't advise this if you are new to modding or editing files but if you are
going to attempt
your own mod - always make a back up copy of any files you are going to

We like this small but effective mod a lot and would appreciate your feedback
and comments
when you have a chance. Boost our confidence and we will be prompted to
release more cool mods
and tips in the future.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the mod.

Lisätty 24.3.2006
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