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Civilization IV Chechnya v0.68 Mod

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A Civilization IV modification that allows players to play through Chechnya conflict with actual maps and leaders.

Mod details:

Chechen Republic - Chechnya v0.68 by Shqype

Chechnya as a playable civilization (with Agriculture and Mining starting
-Featuring (2) late 20th century leaders of the Chechen Republic:
--Djovkhar Dudaev (Aggressive, Expansive, favors Police State)
--Aslan Maskhadov (Aggressive, Philosophical, favors Nationhood)
-Names of cities within Chechnya (unfortunately a majority of these follow the
Russian names and spelling as the real Chechen names are harder to find)
-Unique Flag: Wolf which embodies Chechen pride and nationalism, along with 9
stars to symbolize teips (clans) Chechens are said to have descended from
-Unique Unit: Rocket Propelled Grenadier (Chechen replacement for the SAM
--19 Strength, +100% vs. helicopter units
-Civilopedia entries for:
--Djovkhar Dudaev;
--Aslan Maskhadov;
-With slight editing and additions by Shqype

Known Issues:
-The current flag decal for Chechnya was not made correctly, and thus will
always have a black background (where transparency should be)
--I altered the design to keep the wolf black (as it should be) in order to
sidestep this issue
-Currently there are no custom sounds for the Chechen civilization
--They use the default Arabic sounds, because my own ignorance concluded Arabic
sounded closest to their language, and I had no candidates for voice acting
--Even the diplomatic music for the leaders is taken from Saladin
-Unique Unit is not visually different than a SAM Infantry, the skin has not
been altered in any way (any help is appreciated)

Also, whenever Chechen names were available, I tried to use them as opposed to
the Russian. For this reason the 1st leader, Djovkhar Dudaev, appears
instead of the more popular Dzhokhar Dudayev. The first 2 cities are also
Chechen, with the famous Chechen capital of Grozny renamed to "Djovkhar
(in honor of Dudaev) and Urus Martan replaced with the Chechen "Halha-Marta."

This was done to represent the Chechen people as best as possible, with errors
being my own. Hopefully I will gain a better, more complete knowledge of
Chechnya, preferably by coming across a Chechen, which will better aid me in
tweaking this civ.

*Special thanks to TomGruda for his help and support in the creation of this

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