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WinSPWW2 v1.1B Full Game

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This full version of the WinSPWW2 game gives you full access to all content including hundreds of scenarios.

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While the stage was set in 1918, the grand symphony of destruction began in
earnest in 1939, though overtures were first heard in the Far East during the
early '30s. The chief conductor and architect of aggression, Adolf Hitler,
plunged the world into a danse macabre that would shatter nations and consume
tens of millions of lives. This was the Second World War.

From the first machine-gun armed tanks that crossed the Polish border in '39,
to the mammoth armored creatures that defended a dying Reich, the Second World
War is often remembered for its machines of war. While these machines varied
from tanks, to half-tracks, to ground attack aircraft, they all shared in
common the fact that they were the pinnacle of man's ingenious schemes to
create mass slaughter. While many were first seen in the First World War, it
would not be until the Second World War that they would truly dominate. This
was also a time that the theories of such strategists like J.F.C. Fuller were
put to the test.

Fuller's theories, that of a pure armored breakthrough, were shown to be just
that, speculation. The reality was the war was carried by the art of combined
warfare, as you will experience in winSPWW2 from The Camo Workshop.

winSPWW2, a game of Combined Arms Tactical Combat 1930-1946, is the latest and
greatest version of what began as a classic super-mod for the classic SSI
title, Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles. Now completely updated to take
advantage of the Windows operating system, winSPWW2 completely sheds its DOS
roots and brings tactical turn-based strategy gamers one of the most rewarding
and engrossing titles they'll ever play.

Besides the OS shift winSPWW2 features a fusillade of new features. Some
examples include higher resolutions, re-organized game screens, new terrains
and redone terrain tiles, a revised game palette, rail lines, smart vehicle
reversing, and much more! Additional scenarios, maps, photos, and long
campaigns are also included.

winSPWW2 is available as either a free download or as an enhanced CD edition.
The core game remains the same in either version, but the CD edition provides a
wealth of additional enhancements designed to improve your overall game
experience, such as secure tournament play and a more robust map editor.
Serious wargamers will definitely appreciate all the bonuses that the enhanced
CD edition has to offer, but with hundreds of scenarios and a strong community,
you can't go wrong with either edition.

Lisätty 17.7.2006
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