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NFL Head Coach Updated Demo

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Try out your skills as the head coach of your team in this demo of the upcoming EA's NFL Head Coach.

Demo details:

Welcome to the demo version of NFL Head Coach.

To install the game, double click on the NFL Head Coach Demo file. Select the
appropriate drive to unzip the demo to then click Unzip.

Once all of the files have been extracted open the folder that the game was
extracted to. To run the game, double click on the NFL Head Coach Demo exe

To uninstall the game, delete the folder that was used to extract the game to.


This demo requires DirectX 9c

If you do not have the application installed, you can download it by going

- Game Controls

Start - Escape or Space
Timeout - T
Up, Down, Left, Right - Arrow keys.
Back Out - Backspace
Confirm - Enter
Action - [
Delete - ]
Scroll Left - , (comma)
Scroll Right - . (Period)
Help - H
In-line Key - J

In Coach create use the numpad left and right arrows to rotate the coach.

In the office, the arrow keys navigate and the numpad accesses the QAI.

- Supported 3D Accelerator Hardware
NFL Head Coach requires a 64 MB 3D Direct3D chipset, cards with these chipsets
are officially supported:

- NVIDIA GeForce3, GeForce4 Ti series, GeForce FX series, GeForce 6 series,
GeForce 7 series
Win2k driver version: ForceWare 84.21
WinXP driver version: ForceWare 84.21

- ATI Radeon 8500, Radeon 9200, Radeon 9600, Radeon 9700, Radeon 9800, Radeon
X800 series
Win2k driver version: Catalyst 6.4
WinXP driver version: Catalyst 6.4

**NOTE**: This game does not support workstation 3D cards or dual monitors.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or 2k
CPU: PIII or AMD Athlon 1.2 GHZ
RAM: 256MB
Video: 64MB supported Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2 GB or more free space
Input: Keyboard and / or mouse

The full version also requires a broadband (DSL, Cable, or faster) connection
in order to play NFL Head Coach online. Please note that dialup (56k)
connections are not supported by NFL Head Coach.

ATI SmoothVision

This game does not support the use of SmoothVision on Win2K.

ATi Radeon X1300-X1900 PCIE 256MB

This game does not support the use of the ATI Radeon X1300-X1900 series PCIE
256MB(tm) video card on Win2K SP4.

ATi Radeon 9000 - 9800 and X300 - X850

Some users may experience flickering on the wall in the Coach's Office.

Anti-aliasing not supported

Anti-aliasing will not be supported on NFL Head Coach.

When Starting the Game

Do not run any other programs in the background, as this may conflict with NFL
Head Coach. This includes any virus-protection program that you have running.

Virtual Memory Settings

NFL Head Coach may need to use more RAM than is present on your system. Windows
will automatically take care of this by using what is known as "Virtual Memory,"
which uses space on your hard disk to simulate the memory it needs and swaps
data back and forth from your hard disk as required. Ensure that the maximum
setting is at least 512MB.

This game does not support Alt-Enter, Alt-Esc or Alt-Tab.

Users of NVIDIA video cards utilizing the NVIDIA Forceware 66.93, 71.84, 71.89
and 77.72 drivers and AMD processors without SSE support may experience various
graphical problems. These problems can be avoided by using an older version of
the NVIDIA Forceware drivers.

Sound Card

Note: The game might not run if your system lacks a sound card. Also, your
sound card must support DirectX 9.0c.

WinXP Issues

Fast-User Switching is not supported by NFL Head Coach.

Limited User accounts are not supported by NFL Head Coach, you must have
administrator access to install or uninstall NFL Head Coach. If you are playing
under a Limited User account, you must use the Run as Administrator option.

WinXP Pro Issues

Uninstalling and then installing NFL Head Coach on Windows XP Pro SP1 causes an
error pop-up stating that the necessary uninstall file could not be found.

On Windows XP Pro SP1, NFL Head Coach automatically reinstalls DirectX 9.0c and
prompts the User to restart the computer before installation can be finished.

If the disk does not stay in the drive when Windows XP Pro SP1 start up and
installation continues, the User will encounter an error popup stating " Could
not find necessary Uninstall file: uninst.exe " and it aborts the

This will continue to occur until the computer is restarted and AutoRun.exe is
run manually from the CD.


It has been shown on some keyboards when having three or more keys pressed
while using Keyboard or Keyboard and Mouse controls, some key strokes may not
be recognized by the game.

AOL and MSN - Minimizing NFL Head Coach

If you are running AOL or MSN on Windows XP or 2000, sometimes pop-ups will
minimize the game. To prevent this, press the START button in Windows then go
to Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services. Select Messenger
then right click and select "Properties". Change service status to STOP then
change "Startup Type" to DISABLED, then click APPLY.

Frame Rate

Frame rate will vary depending on your system. To increase the frame rate in
game, turn the system settings down. The lower the settings, the faster the
frame rate should be. The following options usually have the most significant
impact on your performance: Player Detail, Stadium Detail, Field Detail, Sky
Detail, and Lighting.

Ctrl Alt Del

On the following cards:
Geforce 5900 PCI
ATI X700 256mb
Geforce FX5900 Ultra

If the user presses ctrl alt del and then comes back to the game, the user may
see missing crowds and team logos. The game is still playable and the missing
items are restored when another game is started.

Detail Settings

On the following cards:
Geforce 5900 PCI
ATI X700 256mb
Geforce FX5900 Ultra

After changing any settings in the details menu, please restart NFL Head Coach
to apply the changes. Graphical corruption may appear in game if the settings
are applied without restarting.

High Resolution Support

It is recommended that only high-end systems use resolutions higher than
800x600. The game will automatically detect what resolutions your video card
supports and make these available from System Settings.

A thin black line has been known to appear on interface buttons with some
graphics cards when anti-aliasing is set to 2X or higher.

32-bit Color

Selecting 32-bit color can cause a huge performance decrease on older video
cards. Try 16-bit color options if you find that you are getting slow frame
rates or graphical problems. Graphical problems range from players not having
textures to corrupted textures on in-game banners.

Thank you for playing the NFL Head Coach demo!

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