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Muutokset v0.69 - v0.70

  • [Bugs] Start with Дизайн filename
  • [Bugs] Crash when delete folder curently viewed in thumbnails pane
  • 540:[Bugs] Start ing with 16bits file close XnView
  • [Bugs] Fullscreen start crash
  • [Bugs] Shift+Del in browser
  • [Bugs] "Convert into JPEG" ignores format settings
  • [Bugs] Resize dialog problem with pixels/cm
  • [Bugs] No color in "Filename + thumbnails" mode
  • [Requests] dcraw updated
  • [Bugs] File listing doesn't support utf8
  • [Bugs] View crash with little image
  • [Bugs] Can't remove category from folder
  • [Bugs] MacOSX crash on fast select video file or rename
  • [Bugs] Resize dialog & parameters
  • [Bugs] Drag&drop copy action for files on same drive
  • [TODO] Registration dialog
  • [Bugs] Lossless WEBP
  • [Bugs] Crash at startup if previous viewed file doesn't exist anymore
  • [Bugs] Category & Sets panel
  • [Bugs] Double click to expand and rename dialog
  • [Bugs] Sort by file date create in view mode
  • [Bugs] PDF unicode filename
  • [Bugs] Shortcuts not working in browser when pressing ENTER in view mode

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