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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle X-Mouse Button Control (32-bit & 64-bit)

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Muutokset v2.18.7 - v2.18.8

Muutokset v2.18.6 - v2.18.7

Muutokset 2.18.5 - v2.18.6

Muutokset v2.18.4 - 2.18.5

Muutokset v2.18.2 - v2.18.4

Muutokset v2.18.1 - v2.18.2

Muutokset v2.18 - v2.18.1

Muutokset v2.17 - v2.18

Muutokset v2.16 - v2.17

Muutokset v2.15 - v2.16

Muutokset v2.14 - v2.15

Muutokset v2.13.1 - v2.14

Muutokset v2.11.1 - v2.12.1

Muutokset v2.10.2 - v2.11.1

Muutokset v2.10.1 - v2.10.2

  • Fixed occasional lock-up when resuming from sleep/hibernate - the main icon would not respond.

Muutokset v2.10 - v2.10.1

  • Modifier keys not working in 2.10 - layer switches back and froward every 30ms (hey repeat)

Muutokset v2.9.2 - v2.10

  • Use proper code signing certificate, not self signed certificate to improve security and trust.
  • Fixed bug switching (reverting) layers automatically.
  • Missing language translations for 'activating layer' tooltips.
  • Disable cancel button on update window when launching update.
  • Fixed small memory leak in application profiles.
  • After importing a profile, the apply button is not enabled.
  • Disable layer in does not save for anything other than the default profile.
  • Add ability to configure the number of layers to keep GUI clean when not using lot of layers.
  • Hotkeys for Next/Previous layer do not honour the layer disabled flag.
  • After wake from sleep (windows 7) XMBC does not work until it is restarted.
  • Hidden icon not shown on second instance.
  • Quadrant detection is broken (never enabled).
  • Run profile on mouse move in separate thread.
  • Add ability to return to last layer (simulated keystrokes {layer:last})
  • Problem with Windows 7 Snipping Tool and XMBC
  • Version detection not working properly in Windows 10 Jan Tech Preview
  • Switch to layer list needs natural sort.
  • Icon wrong after disable using scroll lock.
  • Simulated keys (repeat) slow in latest version(s).
  • Use natural sort for action list.
  • Cross-hair icon on Advanced window settings missing.
  • Export button should be disabled for default profile
  • When adjusting scroll pages/lines it locks out for a significant time.
  • Scrolling pages issue with chrome.
  • Problem with activate window when scrolling using SCROLL WINDOW or MOUSE WHEEL actions.
  • Added AutoUpdate to improve the update process in the future.
  • Problem in Chrome
  • Sticky repeat keys not released when changing layer
  • Added 5 more layers (max of 10 now) and a setting to skip layers when moving between them with next/previous.

Muutokset v2.9.1 - v2.9.2

  • Fixed a bug causing the 'Always revert to Layer 1' option not working

Muutokset v2.9 - v2.9.1

  • Fixed a bug causing the application title field not to work in custom window profiles

Muutokset v2.8.5 - v2.9

  • Fixed a bug choosing the best/closest English language at startup.
  • Fixed a bug with Run Application which didn't work when command line arguments were specified.
  • Added ability to {PRESS} and {RELEASE} keys specifically in a simulated key sequence (for non-during methods)
  • Fixed bug causing Scroll/Tilt saving round the wrong way round!
  • Fixed bug causing language setting to be lost after successful change.
  • Show the window mask on the setup screen for custom window profiles.
  • Fixed issues such as the wrong window showing when adding and editing window specific profiles.
  • Automatically backup settings file during installation (in case there are problems in the new version!)
  • Completely re-written settings file management. Using new XML parser which is many times faster.
  • Better support for Windows 10, including new mapping actions and fixes to scrolling ModernUI windows.
  • Fixed another bug in simulated keystrokes (always sent as unicode breaking some games and keys)
  • Fixed another crash when using the scroll wheel on a fresh install with the setup window open!
  • (Also #249) Added ability to ignore repeated scroll/tilt messages to make the scroll wheel behave more like a button.
  • Fixed keyboard tab order in layer key page.
  • Fixed Search Charms / Search Apps which were round the wrong ways.

Muutokset v2.8.4 - v2.8.5

  • Fixed XMBC crash when using the tilt wheel if there is no settings file (e.g. on a fresh install)

Muutokset v2.8.3 - v2.8.4

  • Fixed bug with 'during' simulated keystrokes which got broken in 2.8

Muutokset v2.8.2 - v2.8.3

  • Fixed bug with simulated keystrokes when sending a single extended key like {LWIN}

Muutokset v2.8.1 - v2.8.2

  • Fixed version check error.

Muutokset v2.8 - v2.8.1

  • Fixed XMBC crash when scrolling if there is no settings file (e.g. on a fresh install)

Muutokset v2.7 - v2.8

  • Fixed slow simulated keystrokes and mouse clicks when assigned to the scroll wheel (associated with the scroll throttling introduced in v2.6 (#186)
  • Fixed issue causing repeat and sticky repeat sim keys to repeat far too quickly and too many get pushed into the new threaded input queue.
  • Fixed simulated keystroke {HOLD:x} function when used in combination with mouse buttons eg {LMB}
  • Added up/down buttons to re-order the profile list. Also added import and export buttons.
  • Fixed crash when log folder or settings folder can not be found.
  • Added ability to switch primary and secondary mouse buttons per application profile.
  • Added option to force layer button actions to revert to layer one rather than the previous layer.
  • Fixed bug in new Windows 8.1 update that causes High DPI screens to get incorrect mouse coordinates.
  • Added ability to automatically transition to a specified layer when the layer changes.
  • Fixed issues with unicode text/keys for layer names, run application names, simulated keystrokes.
  • Fixed occasional crash in new SendInput thread and improved support for unicode keys
  • Fixed Bug in movement to scroll in Metro apps. Now all input is sent/simulated from a separate thread to prevent blocking. This means all simulated key "in another thread" options are redundant as every method sends from a separate thread!
  • Fixed bug that caused run application to fail silently on Vista and later.
  • Add option to check for new beta versions from release version (note: a beta version will always check for new beta's)
  • Add regular expression search for window titles, process names and class names - allows wildcard matching. Added ability to target regions (quadrants) in window specific profiles, allowing you to have multiple profiles for one window, depending where the cursor is (top left, bottom right etc.). Useful for full screen apps and touch screens where you can configure the touch (left click) differently for different areas.
  • Add ability to make window title specific profiles.
  • Add actions to dim/brighten the screen.

Muutokset v2.6.2 - v2.7

  • Shift to scroll horizontally not working in Chrome.
  • Invert Scrolling does not work when scroll window under cursor disabled.
  • Fixed some problems with internal event timers not being stopped in all cases.
  • Fixed crash when setting simulated keystrokes for a button that was previously set to another action.
  • Added code to skip checking the window under the cursor for fast repeated scrolls (to try and prevent system beeps).
  • Added option to pass the mouse click through along with simulated keystrokes (by default the mouse click is blocked).
  • Make "Disabled because of scroll lock" more visible by changing the icon and red text on setup GUI.
  • Add ability to detect and select Modern UI apps in window profiles.
  • Added ability to disable scroll window under cursor for specific profiles (ie METRO/Modern UI apps).
  • Added logging and error messages when the XML settings / import files are corrupt.
  • Fixed a bug when importing multiple profiles where only one would import at a time.
  • Fixed a problem causing RCTRL and RALT to send left CTRL/ALT not right.
  • Found and fixed a bug causing an incorrect/invalid language to be chosen, thus causing simulated keystrokes to fail.
  • Added Magnifier toggle action to open/close the magnify application.
  • Fixed scroll window under cursor in Process Explorer.
  • Modified code to try and fix problems when English keyboard not installed. Improved logging to help highlight any issues.
  • Fixed duplicate startup entry causing XMBC setup GUI to be opened on startup.
  • Added updated Traditional Chineese language pack & Updated some language templates and spelling errors.

Muutokset v2.6 - v2.6.2

  • Fixed problem causing XMBC not to be launched after installation.
  • Fixed incorrect default for Cycle Layers, Fixed portable release.
  • Fixed portable version so it is not signed.
  • Fixed a problem scrolling OneNote pages view when "Scroll window under cursor activated"
  • Fixed a bug in the installer preventing the program menu item for XMBC from being created!

Muutokset v2.5 - v2.6

  • Fixed problem with VS2012 scrolling caused by fix for VS2010. For now, the 2010 fix becomes a hidden XML setting, disabled by default.
  • Fixed problems with language when resuming from sleep.
  • Fixed detection of Windows 8.1
  • Modified to use registry startup entries, not the startup shortcut.
  • Added a throttle to the mousehweel when sending other mouse inputs to reduce lag/lockups.
  • Fixed a problem with "Ignore Numlock" option when sending NUM{x} extended keys.
  • Fixed minimize window for full screen VMWare, VirtualBox and RemoteDesktop.
  • Fixed error causing foreign character keys not to be saved properly in the default profile and not to be sent as expected in some cases.
  • Fixed some scrolling bugs in VB6 MDI Child windows introduced with the new scrolling/widnow detection code.
  • Fixed a bug where the hook failed after resuming from sleep/hibernation (by reinstalling the hook when this happends).
  • Fixed invert scroll when left or right buttons are held down.
  • Problem with multi-language systems, unable to switch language & US English gets auto-installed on Win 8.
  • Fixed some issues when scrolling old VB6 dropdown controls.
  • Reworked as last change broke scrolling in remote destop window(s) amongst others.
  • Added 'System Menu' action for Windows 8 (not available in portable mode).
  • Fixed issues in settings dialog dropdown lists.
  • Fixed scrolling in Visual Studio debugger text/xml/html visualiser window(s).
  • Added discrete mouse button down and up commands to simulated keystrokes. Instead of {LMB} use {LMBD} for Down/Press {LMBU} for UP/Release (same for MMB, RMB, MB4, MB5 etc.) NOTE: This is not currently 'documented.
  • Fixed settings file name corruption in German windows.
  • Fixed scrolling on the index tab in CHM help file windows.
  • Fixed a bug causing the 'sticky' click drag modifiers not to work on a layer that was active due to a modifier key.
  • Fixed ALT+TAB in Windows 8 by signing the XMBC executable and removing the XMBC Launcher Service. The executable is signed with a private certificate that is added to your system during installation.
  • Added some Windows 8/8.1 specific options.
  • Fixed some translation issues.
  • Added option to bring window to foreground when scrolling
  • NOTE: I dont think this is working as expected :(
  • Modified the service to better launch XMBC when sometimes it would fail previously
  • Improved thread synchronisation code to try and reduce lockups/crashes

Muutokset v2.4 - v2.5

  • Removed short delay when using scroll window up or down
  • Fixed problems with Dvorak keyboard layouts
  • Fixed crash when opening a language pack with the advanced settings tabs already open!
  • Removed short delay when using mouse wheel dropdown options
  • Changed the version checking so it actually fires when requested, even if PC is left on or hibernated. Previously it only ever check when you launched XMBC!
  • Fixed problem introduced in Beta 1 with Close (ALT F4) and a few other commands.
  • Fixed problems when using High DPI on Vista/7
  • Modified Advanced scrolling to detect if CTRL is held down so it sends default scroll messages for ZOOM support.
  • Fixed problem with sticky "change movement to scroll" being reset when CTRL was pressed (CTRL and scroll is zoom so should not reset when CTRL is pressed, even with "Reset on any key" ticked).
  • Added /layer:X command line option to start on/switch to specified layer.
  • Fixed spelling mistake in language file (and GUI) reported by Liquid. Increased width of "Delay between simulated keystrokes" GUI element. Change 'Restore desktop icon &layout' text to fix translation conflict with context menu.
  • Added CONTROL+Click on the tray icon to "quick open" the profile folder.
  • Added option to change layers by left clicking the system tray icon!
  • Fix horizontal scrolling in explorer using method 1 by default!
  • Improved the version checking routine so it actually checks at the correct interval even if PC & XMBC is left running.
  • Added language example/template file to the installation so it is always up to date!
  • Thanks to everyone that helped in the beta testing of v2.5 and to all those providing language translation packs!

Muutokset v2.3 - v2.4

  • Add ability to translate XMBC to other languages. A new file type *.xmbclp is used to provide translations.
  • Added sticky change movement to scroll action.
  • Fixed problem with erratic mouse when left click is reassigned, noticed in Windows 7 snipping tool but I think also related to other eratic reports.
  • Added option to invert horizontal scrolling
  • Added option to configure default delays used in simulated keystrokes in the advance settings tab (this is not related to {WAIT}/{WAITMS} tags).
  • Converted the application to use Unicode strings internally to support future work to include language selection.
  • Added ability to save/restore Windows 7 desktop gadget positions when saving/restoring desktop icon positions.
  • Added option to adjust/specify CPU priority.
  • Modified to reset sticky buttons on key press as well as any button (when general setting enabled) NOTE: In the future I intend to make this a separate setting (for keys and buttons).
  • Added check-box to only match windows profiles if the window has no parent.
  • Fixed chrome/iron web drop-down/combo box scrolling.
  • Fixed problem with BACK/FORWARD (APPCOMMAND keys) in Remote Desktop sessions.
  • Added extra debugging and error handling to layer modifier key hook.
  • Installer does not remember previous installation path. NOTE: This will only apply AFTER installing 2.4 beta 8 or later.
  • Added Author and Description flags to language pack files so translators can be credited in the GUI.
  • Fixed long standing bug with WAIT and WAITMS which were broken in v2.0. This has an impact on any simulated keystroke macros. I have introduced {HOLD} and {HOLDMS} tags which allow you to customize specify the time the following key is held down for and reverted WAIT and WAITMS to their previous function of a delay between keys in a sequence.
  • Added new simulated keystroke action: "As mouse button is pressed & when released".
  • Add "Same as layer 1" default option for layers 2-5.
  • Actions in dropdown are only displayed if applicable to current operating system.
  • Fixed bug which prevented activation of profiles if the process name was not all lower case!
  • Modified version check to use a DNS query instead of a WWW query, also check for beta updates.
  • .... Misc performance improvments, debug logging & fixes to new features introduced during the beta stage.
  • Thanks to everyone that helped in the beta testing of v2.4 and to all those providing language translation packs!

Muutokset v2.2 - v2.3

  • Fixed a problem causing the active profile not to be highlighted in the setup window.
  • Fixed problem with "Scroll window under cursor" when tooltip windows popped up and blocked scrolling.
  • Added new simulated keystroke commands for toggling the state of num lock, caps lock & scroll lock:
  • Fixed problem with simulated keystrokes RSHIFT, RCTRL and RALT in during/Sticky mode. #80 Installer deletes old files before replacing with new ones (for easy downgrade in the future).
  • Fixed problem not finding process/windows because the name was in the wrong case in the settings.
  • Fixed case sensitivity problem when highlighting profiles in setup dialog.
  • Fixed problem with minimize actions not working as expected.
  • Added window handle to window finder dialog.
  • Modified repeat detection to handle messages 0ms apart.
  • Reduced calls to GetProcessName to try and optimize the code.
  • Added Windows Key and Apps key to the dropdown selection of layer modifer keys.
  • Added a message to the setup screen when disabled via scroll lock or remote desktop (#90).
  • Added "Sticky Left button (Click Drag) X Axis" and "Sticky Left button (Click Drag) Y Axis".
  • Added option to disable XMBC when connected via RDP (remote desktop).
  • Added "Change movement to scroll" option (universal scroll?).
  • Fixed {SPACE} tag does not work in simkeys (during mode).

Muutokset v2.1 - v2.2

  • Modified code to allow the user to configure how frequently XMBC checks for updates.
  • Fixed bug introduced in v2.1 that broke the "Invert mouse wheel" scrolling option.
  • Fixed problem with simulated keystrokes using the WAIT and WAITMS tags.
  • Fixed problem with 'de-bounce' horizontal mouse wheel settings.

Muutokset v2.0 - v2.1

  • Fixed simulated keys for page up / page down in internet explorer.
  • Fixed misc. spelling errors.
  • Fixed Tilt button not working if another button is held down.
  • Fixed ability to simulate brackets {} in simulated keystrokes.
  • Fixed scroll window under cursor for Visual Studio 2010.
  • Added new scroll method (5) for scrolling some WPF windows such as Visual Studio 2010.
  • Fixed high CPU usage when moving mouse along desktop boundaries.
  • Fixed simulated keystrokes for {LEFT}, {RIGHT} etc. in during mode.
  • Fixed some simulated keys sending the wrong scan code such as {LWIN}{HOME}.
  • Fixed GUI errors with "Launch Application" and "Open Explorer" custom actions.
  • Added simulated keys for switching layers {LAYER:x}, although not recommended in daily use! Fixed error with scroll pages when disabling XMBC.
  • Fixed thread priority which was not being set high enough.
  • Added ability to use advanced scrolling with application specific profiles.
  • Fixed problems finding the correct window under the cursor in some cases.
  • Fixed setup dialog so it correctly highlights the profile under the cursor.
  • Fixed (ignored) "Only send when active" for simulated keystrokes in default profile.
  • Fixed Tilt window under cursor not working correctly.
  • Updated user manual to include information relevant to version 2.1
  • Modified install kit to wait longer for processes to terminate when upgrading.
  • Fixed simulated keys sequence (more than one key) not working as expected in during mode.

Muutokset v1.53 - v2.0

  • Added custom profile support for individual windows as well as the existing application profile support.
  • Added ability to switch profiles when the the mouse is over the target window.
  • Added edit buton to edit the selected profile name/window.
  • Added global option to enable hover activation.
  • Added ability in the window finder dialog to find a window just by moving the mouse over it.
  • Added IMPORT/EXPORT of XMBC profiles.
  • Added context menu on the profile list to allow access to import, export and various other profile actions.
  • Added file associations to auto-import settings files when opening them in explorer.
  • Added IPC to communicate better between XMBC instances to support import by opening setting file in explorer.
  • Added proper multithreading support for the mouse hooks to improve performance and response.
  • Added reset button to the layer tabs.
  • Added option to show/hide layer balloon notifications.
  • Added ability to use default windows keyboard repeat delay and speed for repeated sim-keys (set delay to 0).
  • Added new button configuration options 'Activate Screensaver' & 'Activate Monitor Powersaving'.
  • Added ability to set buttons to "same as default" in custom profiles profiles.
  • Added sticky-hold simulated keystroke option.
  • Added sticky button 4 and button 5 actions to complete the sticky buttons collection.
  • Added ability to allow the WAIT delays in simulated keystrokes to apply between modifier and key eg. {CTRL}{WAITMS50}A
  • Added global option to reset sticky buttons (and sticky keys) by pressing any other mouse button.
  • Added userguide in installation. Thanks to MainTrane for the help writing the documentation.
  • Added confirmation on close when configuration has changed and not been applied.
  • Major GUI overhaul and update to support new functionality and improve useability.
  • Modified the code to open the setup window when another instance on XMBC is run (ie. from Start menu).
  • Fixed mouse lockup during version check with some firewall software (ZoneAlarm, NOD32 etc.).
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes and other typos.
  • Fixed GUI tab order in several dialogs.
  • Fixed errors in sticky mouse button code.
  • Fixed bug when scroll wheel is assigned to button presses.
  • I'd like to thank all those, especially MainTrane, who helped out in the beta testing for this major update.

Muutokset v1.52 - v1.53

  • Added ability to provide a user defined name for each layers (in each profile).
  • Added some more debug logging.
  • Added global hotkeys to toggle locking of the X an Y axes.
  • Added test button to scroll window configuration to test on the fly changes.
  • Added new icon - thanks to Pavel Kiselev for the initial design.
  • Added ability to load icons dynamically from files (in same folder as executable) (See FAQ for details).
  • Added OPTIONAL check for new version, which will run once a month (the first time XMBC is run in the current month).
  • Added ability to specify negative scroll values on windows scrolling tab (reverses scroll direction).
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed PRINT SCREEN dropdown option.
  • Fixed bug when XMouseButtonControl.exe was added as an application profile.
  • Fixed inverted spin controls on windows scrolling tab.
  • Fixed double scroll lines in some windows with method 1.
  • Fixed bug in scrolling methods where the parent window class was specified.
  • Fixed/Changed behaviour of the global hotkey and layer modifier key tabs (always visible).
  • Fixed bug causing primary (layer 1) icon to disappear occasionally.
  • Fixed scroll window methods default & disable.
  • Fixed scroll window scroll multipliers for default/mouse wheel methods.
  • Fixed bug in "Restore" option which was maximizing not restoring!
  • Fixed error with volume and several other simulated keystrokes.
  • Fixed small memory leak when switching between layers in the settings.
  • Fixed a bug causing layer modifiers to not work properly with simulated keystrokes.

Muutokset v1.51 - v1.52

  • Added "Double Click Drag" action.
  • Added more debugging, including Windows 7 hook timeout value.
  • Added support for distinguishing between left and right extended keys in simulated keystrokes (e.g. LSHIFT/RSHIFT)
  • Added Ignore Numlock for simulated keys option, to always send the numeric keypad keys, even if numlock is off.
  • Added TILT LEFT/RIGHT actions to send a tilt message to windows.
  • Added SCROLL UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT actions to scroll the active window (or the window under the cursor if enabled).
  • Fixed print screen simulated keystroke.
  • Added notification balloon for layer change events, disable events, desktop icon events.
  • Select profile in setup dialog when specific application is activated.
  • Further modifications to the scrolling support.
  • Added scrolling tweak configuration in advanced settings dialog. This allows you to configure how individual windows are scrolled, even if they are old applicaitons and dont nativly support the scroll wheel.
  • Added support for axis locking.
  • NOTE. You must enable modifier keys to then enable and configure axis locking modifiers per application profiles.
  • Added configurable mouse whell scroll lines for app specific profiles.
  • Fixed bug in service launcher when not running for the default location (c:\program files)

Muutokset v1.50 - v1.51

  • Added "Double Click Drag" action.
  • Fixed bug causing buttons to stop responding in Windows Vista/7 on a standard user account with UAC enabled.
  • Note: Under some circumstances the defual button action may be applied as well as the remapped action - only during switch between UAC to non UAC window.
  • Fixed errors in service launcher that cased XMBC to be called more than once, which had the side effect of forcing the icon to be shown, even if "Show icon by default" was not checked.
  • Fixed simulated keystrokes which were not working correctly in some circumstances, for example, {LWIN}{SHIFT}{RIGHT} and in some applications (VMWare, maybe some games).
  • Fixed hardcoded commands that sent keys (like Copy (CTRL+C), Paste (CTRL+V) etc.) [as above].
  • Write more error information to the windows even log when the service encounters an error.

Muutokset v1.49 - v1.50

  • Added mouse wheel and tilt commands {MWUP} {MWDN} {TILTL} {TILTR} to simulated keystrokes.
  • Changed "delay" spinner on simulated keystrokes to accept up to 300,000ms (5 mins).
  • Added an option to always swap the 4th and 5th mouse buttons.
  • Added layer modifier keys (like global hotkeys except the layer is swicthed only while the key is held down.
  • Added ability to ignore mouse button messages when over the non-client area of a window,
  • for example, the title bar. NOTE: this is experimental and not enabled by default; it may slow down responses a little when enabled). Several miscellaneous bug fixes.

Muutokset v1.48.1 - v1.49

  • Layer support (up to 5 configuraitons accessable via hotkeys/button combo's)
  • Change the GUI to support layers and moved the settings to a seperate dialog.
  • Added optional global hotkey support for several XMBC operations.
  • Added debounce/throttling settings for tilt wheel, to try and control the repeat messages of the tilt wheel.
  • Removed old disable XMBC "hotkey"/mouse action as its now configurable along with the other hotkeys.
  • Added ability to open a selected folder, and open some default folders (computer, documents, network, control panel)
  • Added ability to scroll windows that do not respond to the usual windows scroll messages, currently configured manually in settings file. One day I will have a GUI to do that!
  • Fixed some bugs causing the mouse hook creation to fail.
  • Fixed bug causing tray icon to sometimes not show.
  • Modified service launcher to retry if the launch fails.

Muutokset v1.47 - v1.48.1

  • Fixed desktop icon save/restore (removed a hard coded test variable that I had accidentally left in the release build of 1.48)
  • Fixed a bug with the mouse wheel over, causing it to break certain features of Explorer (and the desktop) such as resizing of icons using CTRL+Mouse wheel. Now, If the CTRL key is down, the mouse wheel will be sent to the active window.
  • Fixed a bug in simulated keystrokes where the modifier key was not released after the preceding key (it stays down even though the description in the simulated keystrokes editor says that this is not the case.
  • Fixed a bug with simulated keystrokes 'during' which did not release the mouse buttons when using {LMB}, {RMB}, {MMB}
  • Added a registry setting (for al users in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) to change the default location of the settings file and modified the installet to give you the option of setting it.
  • Added a global "hotkey" {Left Control + Left ALT + right mouse button double click} to disable/enable. (Usefull if you accidentally set your left button to something that makes it impossible to use the mouse)!
  • Added new Add application specific dialog which lists the running applications to create a new profile for.
  • Fixed some problems with icon save/restore & added more logging to this area of the application.
  • Added a clear settings option to the installer finish page (not enabled by default).
  • Added ability to customise the delay between repeated simulated keystrokes & changed layout of the simulated keystroke dialog.
  • Added sticky (toggle) simulated keystrokes to send keys repeatidly after a button is clicked until the button is clicked again.
  • Modified the code to better detect the active application (for example Warcraft/WoW.exe)

Muutokset v1.46 - v1.47

  • Added option to make the mouse scroll wheel scroll the window under the mouse cursor.
  • Changed the installation to use the Nullsoft Installer System. This is much faster and means I can have a single (small) distribution for both x86 and x64 versions.
  • Undone the addition of the {CLEAR} keystroke tag which was not suitable as modifier keys only apply to the following key anyway.
  • Modified the simulated mouse button presses to fire a DOWN + UP message in one go, ie a button click.
  • Added {WAITMS} simulated keystroke to add a delay specified in milliseconds instead of seconds (with{WAIT})
  • Added new simulated keys: VOL+, VOL-, MUTE, PAUSE, EXT: (which allows you to specify any "virtual key" code you like!).
  • Fixed bug causing single simulated key presses to fail in FEAR2 (and other games). Please use the "During" option in Simulated Keystrokes.

Muutokset v1.45 - v1.46

  • Fixed a bug in 1.45 that broke application specific simulated keystrokes.

Muutokset v1.44 - v1.45

  • Fixed the Save/Restore desktop icons in Windows 7 (rc)
  • Added a 'Disable XMBC' option on the context menu. This completely disables the XMBC mouse hook when ticked.
  • Modifed the text in the GUI slightly.
  • Modifed Simulated keystrokes to allow the user to have more control over when the keystrokes are pressed and released
  • Added a {CLEAR} keystroke tag to reset any modifier keys (CTRL}, {ALT}, {SHIFT} etc.

Muutokset v1.43 - v1.44

  • Fixed a bug in the setup dialog causing the simulated keystorkes (and launch appliation) for RIGHT-X to use the settings from Scroll WheelDown instead of its own setting.
  • Fixed a bug with simulated keystrokes where a key sequence with multiple characters (eg. 'hello' is not sent correctly because the same "keydown" is sent twice without a "keyup" in between.
  • Fixed bug causing /NoLog commandline option to be ignored and setting in the config file used always.

Muutokset v1.42 - v1.43

  • Added ability to disable logging with a /NoLog command line and hidden option.
  • Fixed installer error in 1.42 on OS's earlier before Vista.

Muutokset v1.41 - v1.42

  • Added ability to configure the mouse wheel up/down action.
  • Fixed some actions like "Copy (CTRL+C)" that use keyboard shortcuts and did not work when a non-english keyboard was installed..

Muutokset v1.40 - v1.41

  • Added ability to copy application specific settings.
  • Modified logging to always log some basic information.
  • Added "Open log file" context menu item to systray icon.
  • Added "Enable DEBUG logging" option to setup dialog.
  • Added XML configuration files to hold settings instead of the registry
  • Added new Portable mode. In this mode the configuration file (and log) is stored alongside the executable, ideal for running from a USB stick.
  • Portable mode is automatically enabled if the application is not in the install location under \program files
  • It is also enabled if the /portable command line switch is specified.
  • Fixed a bug causing buttons to stop working when switching between applicaiton specific settings.
  • Fixed a bug causing the service launcher to fail when UAC is disabled.

Muutokset v1.39.3 - v1.40

  • Fixed some bugs (probably introduced in 1.39) that could cause crashes under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the "Wheel scrolls in pages instead of lines"
  • Added "hidden" registry option to enable enable configuration of the 6th mouse button on an "Office Mouse". NOTE: If you want to try this, PM me on my forums or email me for details and instructions. This mode disables TILT support as these mice do not have tilt wheels.

Muutokset v1.39.1 - v1.39.3

  • Fixed some more issues in the installer under Vista or later. The VC2008 runtime is no longer required as all the required files are included in the installation package.
  • Added a /debug command line switch to debug information to a logfile. This slows things down but will help me help you!
  • Fixed some installation kit issues.

Muutokset v1.39 - v1.39.1

  • Removed the task scheduler changes - they didnt work in many situations.Changed the GUI layout.
  • Added the server launcher to start XMBC elevated if the used has the required admin acocunt.

Muutokset v1.37 - v1.39

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