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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle WOT (Safari)

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Muutokset v1.1 - v1.12

  • Fixed: Don't mark-up links in editable contentAdded Ukrainian languageEnabled Korean languageFixed several small bugs
  • New Warning ScreenTurkish translations
  • Don't show green donuts for webmails (support use_search_level) from search rules.#20, Don't show warning screen immediately after rating site to red#23, Indicate unrated sites on an appearing icon# 21, Default safari icon in extensions list (preferences)
  • Improvement: Use native Popover to show rating windowsmall improvement: prevent text selection in popup, rating window and warning screen #12 Updated russian localeAll addon's links now have src=addon-* get-parameter to distinguish originBug fixed: Bug with geticon when new testimony is set #7
  • Fixed bug with mispositioning WOT popup in Gmail
  • fixed the bug "Donuts are shown even if page contains inclusions which are matched to search rules"
  • jQuery is upgraded to 1.7.1, some bugs fixed
  • Clarifies warning textsFixes potential issues with the settings page
  • Improves performance on sites with a lot of frames or social sharing buttonsUpgraded jQuery to 1.6.4
  • Fixes warning thresholds in the previous versionFixes the rating symbol shown on the web page in colorblind accessible modeAdds an option to the advanced settings to disable showing the rating on the page
  • Adds translations for ko-KR

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