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Muutokset v6.0 - v7.0

Muutokset v5.0 - v6.0

Muutokset v4.5 - v5.0

Muutokset v4.0 - v4.5

Muutokset v3.0 - v4.0

Muutokset v2.0 - v3.0

  • -Added Cortena-like search bar as removable option
  • -Added UltraUXThemePatcher auto-removal during installation
  • -Changed theme engine back to UxStyle with installer fixes
  • -Fixed Microsoft .NET Framework requirement for start menu feature
  • -Fixed start orb not being updated after installing
  • -Fixed updating configuration not working on update
  • -Removed Desktop wallpaper customization option
  • -Updated screen wallpapers from Windows 10 build 10049
  • -Updated Start Menu color scheme to match with Windows 10 build 10049
  • -Updated Windows 7 visual style with Windows 10 Technical Preview Theme for Windows 7 by mare-m
  • -Updated Windows 8/8.1 visual style with Windows10 TP 9926 Theme Windows 8.1 by cu88
  •

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