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Muutokset v7.7 - v7.7.1

  • Time mode (frames / time) is now saved in Workspace and/or upon exiting SP
  • New column in Editor subtitles list showing character count for each subtitle's line
  • Added possibility to hide Scripts toolbar
  • Tab widths in Editor functions panel can be either fixed or variable with scroll buttons (Settings - General - User interface - Editor - Functions panel - Uniform width tabs)
  • Automatic opening of subtitles with similar file name as the movie (movie_filename*.*)
  • can be enabled in SettingsAutomatic file opening
  • Search for subtitles when opening movie Bug fixes
  • Hiding Other corrections tab was impossible
  • Missing strings in language files
  • When exiting SP, if subtitles were changed and saving failed, subtitles were lost.

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