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Muutokset v7.1.8 - v7.1.9

Muutokset v7.1.7 - v7.1.8

Muutokset v6.0.4 - v6.0.6

  • Added menu items for nested bookmarks to apply bookmarks as a group.
  • Added showing the contents of a regex capture group rather than a match itself.
  • Added basic HTTP authentication support for Remote XML to access protected devices.
  • Fixed stripping control characters that could leak into columns. Improved saving columns.

Muutokset v6.0.3 - v6.0.4

  • Fixed sending ARP requests outside current subnet to resolve MAC addresses.
  • Fixed using old IP addresses in DHCP Discovery and the IP detection dialog.
  • Added support for multiple ranges on the /range command line switch.
  • Added checkmarks allowing to show/hide third-party applications.
  • Added a built-in credential manager and "try-all-logins" feature.
  • Added password encryption in config files (except SNMP passwords).
  • Added a custom font option for the main view in the settings.

Muutokset v6.0.2 - v6.0.3

  • Added an option to strip domain names out of group membership output.
  • Added sorting and rearranging bookmarks in the bookmark manager.
  • Fixed XML parser error with multiple nodes in UPnP discovery.
  • Fixed import errors with host names that contain dashes.

Muutokset v6.0 - v6.0.2

  • Fixed painting odd/even rows and loading in-folder config files.
  • Fixed transposing default WOL address when converting old config.
  • Added service name lookup to display a service name rather than port number.
  • Added a progress indicator in downloading MAC address and service definitions.

Muutokset v5.5.12 - v6.0

  • Added complete IPv6 support: a range scan and neighbour discovery.
  • Added authentication when enumerating shares, not only when testing writability.
  • Added getting a list of installed applications read from the registry.
  • Heaps of tweaks and fixes throughout the application.

Muutokset v5.5.11 - v5.5.12

  • Added automatic OUI.txt downloading and updating for NIC vendor lookup.
  • Added reading registry via WMI if the Remote Registry service is not available.
  • Added domain names displayed with user names in local group membership query.
  • Added detecting external IP address from LAN address detection dialog.
  • Fixed reading EDID monitor info via the Remote Registry service.
  • Fixed freeze when launched from a task scheduler via a batch file.

Muutokset v5.5.10 - v5.5.11

  • Fixed passing redundant quotes when using column name in user-prompted parameters.
  • Fixed quoting variables and already quoted strings passed to third party applications.
  • Fixed showing wrong glyph on Scan button under high DPI.
  • Fixed broken UDP based services detection (DNS, TFTP, NBNS, NTP).
  • Fixed showing any message boxes if launched without a visible desktop.
  • Added import/export of variables used with third party applications.

Muutokset v5.5.9 - v5.5.10

  • Shutdown and powering off LAN computers made multi-threaded for faster operation.
  • Fixed reading info from the remote registry (local values were reported instead).
  • Fixed replacing ":" with "=" in default values for a user-prompted parameters.
  • Fixed transposing IP address octets when when importing old bookmarks.
  • Fixed duplicate MAC address detection (not all addresses were shown).

Muutokset v5.5.8 - v5.5.9

  • Added advanced filter on share level in addition to device level.
  • Fixed loading share folder security information from a previously saved XML file.
  • Fixed checking for double-assignment for empty shortcuts in the settings.
  • Added comments for IP address ranges in the IP pane and the bookmarks.
  • Added the /merge command line switch to join output with a text file.
  • Added a scan for checking if a key exists in the Remote Registry.
  • Added copying a script to the clipboard in the batch file creator.
  • Added duplicate IP address discovery in the current subnet.
  • Added natural sorting order for strings that contain numbers.

Muutokset v5.5.7 - v5.5.8

  • Added regex parsing to the remote XML feature to parse HTML or any text output.
  • Added checking for duplicates in the WOL manager (duplicates are no longer allowed).
  • Added e-mail alerts in the live log to track joining and leaving devices.
  • Added Windows high DPI awareness for high-resolution displays.

Muutokset v5.5.6 - v5.5.7

  • Added multiselection for copying and deleting third-party applications.
  • Added reading EDID data via WMI and fixed reading it from the registry.
  • Added reordering IP address ranges with mouse drag and drop.
  • Added Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 into detected systems.
  • Added performance counters query for various live system data.

Muutokset v5.5.5 - v5.5.6

  • Fixed a memory leak in WMI scan when obtaining unit qualifiers.
  • Fixed filter value disappearance when changing filtered columns.
  • Added reading and displaying binary data from the registry.
  • Added importing and exporting thid-party applications list.
  • Added "OR" filters in addition to "AND" for multicolumn filters.

Muutokset v5.5.4 - v5.5.5

  • Added trimming whitespace around hyphens when importing IP address ranges.
  • Added a Test button in the WQL builder to facilitate quick testing of WMI queries.
  • Added a system beep when no audio file name is provided in the live log notifications.
  • Added filter by shared resource type (read only, writable, printer, administrative share).
  • Added regular expression filters in columns to enable partial data extraction and manipulation.
  • Added computing effective rights rather than share-level rights when scanning for shares security.

Muutokset v5.5.3 - v5.5.4

  • Fixed incorrect row highlighting for unique/non-unique filters.
  • Added remembering custom LDAP URL for importing computers from AD.
  • Excluded x.x.x.0 address from being treated as a broadcast address.
  • Excluded disabled IP ranges when scanning previously undiscovered computers.
  • Rescanning existing entries and previously undiscovered items made cancellable.
  • Fixed painting custom column text colour in selected lines for better readability.
  • Made launching third-party apps relative to netscan's location, not the current directory.
  • Added displaying byte/kilobyte/megabyte values received from WMI in a readable form.
  • Added folding repetitions for multiple values in a column (this can be turned off if it's needed)
  • Added updating router MAC address cache before rescanning existing or discovering new devices.
  • Added import/export of friendly names and mixed friendly name mappings (IP or MAC or host name).
  • Fixed retaining filter to use the latest filtering condition and saving value for non-value filters.

Muutokset v5.5.2 - v5.5.3

  • Added retrieving HKEY_CURRENT_USER from a remote registry.
  • Added double reverse lookup to check reverse/forward name resolution.
  • Added SID (Windows Security Identifier) lookup for logged on users.
  • Added a small removable ad featuring another our product Switch Port Mapper.
  • Filters can now refer to another column and can be preserved between sessions.

Muutokset v5.5.1 - v5.5.2

  • Added remapping keyboard shortcuts for any action.
  • Added FTP banner grabbing in addition to HTTP one.
  • Added importing computers from Active Directory.
  • Added partial rescan in the popup menu in the main view.
  • Added trivial auto completion when entering IP addresses.
  • Added missing Remote File menu item and fixed a minor drawing issue.

Muutokset v5.4.12 - v5.5.1

  • Replaced custom drawn toolbar controls with Windows native look-and-feel.
  • Added recognising Windows NT 6.2 as Windows 8/Windows Server 2012.
  • Added retaining even/odd row colour and filter highlight when exporting to HTML.
  • Added creating filters for more than one column and multicolumn highlighting.
  • Improved the options and bookmarks dialogs as they were made resizeable.

Muutokset v5.4.11 - v5.4.12

  • Added bookmark drag-n-drop in the bookmark manager.
  • Added a warning if closing the application while scan is in progress.
  • Added automatic saving to the most recent file in addition to automatic load.
  • Fixed passing parameters in double braces when no user-prompted parameters were present.

Muutokset v5.4.10 - v5.4.11

  • Added reading MAC addresses from the ARP cache if sending an ARP request fails.
  • Made several dialog boxes suppressible with an option not to show them again.
  • Allowed to create batch files without %0 and %1 placeholders.
  • Fixed looking up friendly names and NIC vendors when using different MAC address formatting.
  • Added duplicate MAC address detection and a unique/non unique filter.
  • Added device deletion in the main view and drag-and-drop in the bookmark manager.
  • Fixed filtering out entries containing the string when an Empty/NotEmpty filter is used.

Muutokset v5.4.9 - v5.4.10

  • Added a checkbox to enable/disable IP ranges.
  • Added assigning host names as friendly names when sending a batch of MACs to WOL manager.
  • Added a host properties dialog shown as a table where columns become rows.
  • Added multiple TCP port groups selection.
  • Fixed reading product version from remote files.
  • Fixed reading OUI file as IEEE has changed its format.

Muutokset v5.4.5 - v5.4.9

  • Added support for host names import.
  • Added manual entering IP addresses, ranges and host names (via File - Import).
  • Added /live command line switch.
  • Added a browse button for user-prompted application parameters containing the "file" and "path" tokens.

Muutokset v5.4.2 - v5.4.5

  • Added user-configurable CSV separator and file encoding.
  • Discover Intel AMT clients when doing HTTP banner grabs.
  • Fixed AV in the WOL manager when nothing was selected.

Muutokset v5.3.1 - v5.4.2

  • Added showing number of selected computers.
  • Fixed uptime retrieval for Vista and certain Windows Server editions.
  • Added default parameters for user prompts.
  • Added compact view for multiple IP address range input.
  • Application executables are now digitally signed.

Muutokset v5.3 - v5.3.1

  • Added an option to save login info in shutdown and suspend dialogs.
  • Added local and global group membership discovery.
  • Fixed populating 10th column when multicolumn queries are used.
  • Added rearranging objects with drag and drop (WMI, SNMP, services, files and registry entries).

Muutokset v5.2.3 - v5.3

  • Added 64-bit build. Now the application comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Added using NetBios when looking up server roles if available.
  • Fixed positioning application on an auxiliary monitor.
  • Added even/odd row colouring and filter matches highlight.

Muutokset v5.0.3 - v5.2.3

  • Added SMB protocol probe that improves reliability when resolving host name, domain membership, remote time and OS type.
  • Fixed reading REG_MULTI_SZ values from the registry that ended up with garbled characters.
  • Added decoding and displaying WMI arrays rather than just displaying "Array".
  • Added namespace support for WMI, so that namespaces other than CIMV2 can be used.
  • Added thread max run-time parameter to gracefully terminate stalled threads.
  • When the live display is enabled it now also comes on after rescanning a loaded file.

Muutokset v4.4.7 - v5.0.3

  • Fixed incorrect SNMP uptime retrieval when a target host has been running over 100 days.
  • Fixed incorrect SNMP string display where an ASCII string containing CR/LF was represented as a hex sequence.
  • SNMP uptime column is now sorted properly as a number, not as string.
  • Added multirange IP scan support (several different subnets can be scanned at once).
  • Added a workaround in ARP address discovery based on querying SNMP capable gateway (some routers returned malformed data).
  • Fixed sorting by friendly name in the WOL manager.
  • If launched from a HDD, but the folder contains a XML/INI configuration file, the application will use it instead of the registry.
  • Added horizontal/vertical grid lines shown in the tree. Improved main window positioning.
  • Added F2 shortcut to quickly assign comments/friendly names.
  • Fixed ignored 'ping broadcast addresses' option when scanning previously undiscovered nodes.
  • Added parameter substitution for any column when launching third-party applications.
  • Added bookmark grouping (bookmarks can be organised in groups by using a vertical bar in its name).
  • Added product version and file CRC32 checksum to the properties retrieved from remote files.
  • Added DHCP server discovery / rogue server detection.
  • Added basic UDP port scan: DNS and TFTP servers discovery.
  • Fully reworked core with full support of Unicode. Now the application should have fewer troubles in a multilingual environment.
  • Multicolumn SNMP queries. Now you can run several SNMP queries at once with results going to separate columns.
  • More reliable domain name, host name and logged user detection. If the standard methods fail, it uses NetBios to grab this data.
  • More reliable uptime retrieval. Previously it could have incorrectly displayed "None" as the uptime.
  • New command to selectively rescan certain columns on the display rather than performing a complete rescan.
  • Improved performance on large networks, although gains should also be noticeable even on home ones.
  • Reports the authorised/unauthorised status of found DHCP servers based on their registration in the Active Directory.
  • Various UI enhancements and fixes throughout the application.
  • Fixed a bug in SNMP MAC address discovery. A MAC addresses could mistakenly be understood as IP address.
  • Added showing used/free disk space for shared folders.
  • Added copy/paste in remote registry, services, files, WMI and SNMP dialogs.
  • Fixed broken authentication when running workstation scans.
  • Fixed incorrect filtering of administrative shares.
  • Fixed DHCP module that mistakenly requested name server (option 5) instead of DNS server (option 6).
  • Minor user interface fixes for systems with large fonts enabled.
  • When scanning for shared folders administrative shares are no longer shown (reverted to version 4.x behaviour).
  • Fixed 'argument out of range' message when scanning for shared folders.

Muutokset v4.4.6 - v4.4.7

  • Fixed doubling bookmarks when loading an external configuration file.
  • Fixed inability to launch 64-bit applications in %SystemRoot% such as mstsc.exe (remote desktop client).
  • Added a tool for creating batch files to run a command against multiple computers. This can be used to update files or remote registry, configure services, etc.

Muutokset v4.3.3 - v4.4.6

  • Added WOL manager button on the toolbar.
  • Improved sorting in third-party applications in the options.
  • Added passing host name to a third party application as %3.
  • Added ignored IP addresses manager.
  • Added /wolfile and /wakeall command-line switches related to Wake-On-LAN. See the manual for details.
  • Added new MAC address discovery method. It works by querying the default gateway provided it is SNMP capable and enables you to determine MAC address of devices behind the router.
  • Added a configurable delay between sending two WOL packets to avoid power consumption peaks.

Muutokset v4.2.2 - v4.3.3

  • Improved external application management.
  • Added remote disk drive enumeration.
  • Added uptime retrieval, plus minor optimisations.

Muutokset v4.1.1 - v4.2.2

  • Fixed broken remote registry scan (local registry was scanned due to a bug).
  • Added several extra predefined registry keys related to Windows information.

Muutokset v4.0.1 - v4.1.1

  • Fixed showing host properties as they failed with an AV error.
  • Fixed showing shared folder properties as they did not work.

Muutokset v3.9.186 - v4.0.1

  • Fixed overlapped toolbars when large fonts are enabled.
  • If an error occurs while sending a network message, the application prints error code and description.
  • Check whether a host is up and running before accessing it is made configurable.

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