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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle SciTE (64-bit)

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Muutokset v3.5.0 - v3.5.6

Muutokset v3.4.1 - v3.4.4

  • fixes bugs.

Muutokset v3.4.0 - v3.4.1

  • fixes a regression in 3.4.0 that stopped the caret moving when lines were wrapped.

Muutokset v3.3.9 - v3.4.0

Muutokset v3.3.8 - v3.3.9

  • fixes a bug in 3.3.8 that caused external lexers to fail.

Muutokset v3.3.7 - v3.3.8

  • improves scaling for high resolutions, fixes bugs, and improves some lexers.

Muutokset v3.3.6 - v3.3.7

  • enhances some lexers, with the C++ lexer adding user defined literals and digit grouping from C++11/14.

Muutokset v3.3.5 - v3.3.6

  • Version 3.3.6 adds support for the Rust language and allows more control over the appearance of indicators for the highlight current word and mark all matches features.

Muutokset v3.3.3 - v3.3.4

  • adds an 'immediate' subsystem to allow scripts that work while tools are executed.

Muutokset v3.3.1 - v3.3.3

Muutokset v3.3.0 - v3.3.1

  • contains minor bug fixes and improves some lexers.

Muutokset v3.2.5 - v3.3.0

  • Version 3.3.0 for find command, view scrolled so that start of matches visible when possible.

Muutokset v3.2.4 - v3.2.5

Muutokset v3.2.3 - v3.2.4

  • Version 3.2.4 does not truncate copies to clipboard at NULs.

Muutokset v3.2.2 - v3.2.3

  • defines PLAT_UNIX for all Unix variants and fixes minor problems.

Muutokset v3.2.1 - v3.2.2

  • Version 3.2.2 remains responsive by limiting highlight.current.word to 0.25 seconds.

Muutokset v3.1.0 - v3.2.1

  • retrieves string properties from the Scintilla API using property notation in Lua scripts.
  • allows Ctrl to be used with mouse double and triple clicks to add words and lines to the selection.

Muutokset v3.0.4 - v3.1.0

  • Version 3.1.0 can define a button as the default in strips.

Muutokset v3.0.2 - v3.0.3

  • supports printing on GTK+ 2.x and uses fractional positioning in more situations.

Muutokset v2.29 - v3.0.2

  • saves files in the background and can print on GTK+ 3.

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