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Muutokset v1.25.0 - v1.25.1

Muutokset v1.24.0 - v1.25.0

Muutokset v1.23.1 - v1.24.0

Muutokset v1.23.0 - v1.23.1

Muutokset v1.21.0 - v1.23.0

Muutokset v1.20.0 - v1.21.0

Muutokset v1.19.6 - v1.20.0

Muutokset v1.19.5 - v1.19.6

Muutokset v1.19.4 - v1.19.5

Muutokset v1.19.2 - v1.19.3

Muutokset v1.19.1 - v1.19.2

Muutokset v1.19.0 - v1.19.1

Muutokset v1.18.2 - v1.19.0

Muutokset v1.18.1 - v1.18.2

Muutokset v1.18.0 - v1.18.1

  • Added: Support for HEVC as input format (mkv and mp4 containers only)
  • Changed: GUI will terminate processes via PID instead of file names
  • Fixed: Opus and Vorbis audio as well as subtitles were not demuxed from mkv container
  • Fixed: "Frozen frames" in DE mode with open-gop h.264
  • Fixed: wrong version of x265_x86.exe was inlcuded (was 64 bit but should be 32 bit)
  • Updated: FFMS 2.20 , mediainfo 0.7.70 , MKVToolnix 7.2.0 , x265 1.3.206

Muutokset v1.17.5 - v1.18.0

  • Added: Support for x265 (DE mode works as well)
  • Added: Permanent Subtitles option in Batch Mode (automatically renders subtitles on frame if subtitles have the same name as video file)
  • Added: AVS meter (You can now easily check processing speed of your script)
  • Added: workaround for crashing encoding client at the very end (while closing form)
  • Changed: encoded audio is now stored in Jobx folder
  • Updated: ffmpeg 2014-08-27, mediainfo 0.7.69 , MKVToolnix 7.1.0 , OPUS Tools 0.1.9 , x264 r2479 , x265 1.3.35

Muutokset v1.17.4 - v1.17.5

Muutokset v1.17.3 - v1.17.4

Muutokset v1.17.2 - v1.17.3

  • Added: WakeOnLan support in Encoding Client (valid MAC ADDRESSES must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
  • Added: DE mode will now also work correctly on mixed 32bit/64bit systems (for example Client on x64 , Server on x86)
  • Added: Support for password protected sharing (valid username and password must be specified in EncodingClient.ini)
  • Added: Multiple Encoding Servers can be activated on single PC (Maybe usefull if for some reason CPU usage is not at 100%)
  • Changed: renamed Poster label to Cover and poster.jpg to cover.jpg in job folder (reason: Icaros 2.1 only extracts cover.jpg from .mkv!)
  • Updated: FhG AAC 2012-06-24, FFmpeg 2012-07-30, FFmpegSource r700, MKVToolnix 5.7.0, VSFilter 2.41.5626, x264 r2008

Muutokset v1.17.1 - v1.17.2

  • Added: Encoding Client now supports 8 servers
  • Added: Encoding Progress in DE mode is saved immediately when number of encoded chunks increases
  • Added: Progress indicator during 'combining vob' stage (thanks to Trayman for his tiny vjoin app)
  • Added: Progress indicator during 'Copying file to shared folder' stage in Encoding Client
  • Fixed: stability issues in Encoding Client and Encoding Server
  • Fixed: Encoding Server not visible while using remote desktop
  • Fixed: Problems with illegal decimal symbol
  • Fixed: chapters were incorrectly modified with inverse telecine function
  • Fixed: not detected languages in mkv container with mkvtoolnix 5.3.0+
  • Fixed: missing chapters for AVCHD after speed conversion
  • Fixed: error message while demuxing DVD subtitles with more than 16 languages
  • Fixed: Ripbot264 was showing Demuxing error instead of Decoding error
  • Updated: EncodingClient 1.2, EncodingServer 1.2, FFmpeg 2012-06-08, MediaInfo 0.7.58, MKVToolnix 5.6.0, VSFilter 2.40.5096, x264 r2200

Muutokset v1.17.0 - v1.17.1

  • Added: support for 10 bit encoding ( ).
  • Added: AVI, MP4 and MKV can also be used in Distributed Encoding Mode.
  • Added: Resuming in Distributed Encoding mode
  • Added: 5.0 to 5.1 audio upmix (Adds silent LFE channel)
  • Added: AVCHD format to batch mode
  • Added: Convert fps and Deinterlace options to batch mode
  • Added: DVD subtitles demuxing
  • Added: Automatic subtitle conversion Sub -> Sup for AVCHD format
  • Added: Prevent windows from entering sleep-mode/power-off while ripbot is working
  • Added: Command to start encoding from command line ( RipBot264.exe /start )
  • Added: Chapters are now automatically adjusted if output speed changes ( for example 25 fps -> 23.976 conversion )
  • Changed: 1 min chunks for CQ mode instead of 10 min
  • Changed: FFT3DGPU denoiser replaced by HQDN3D. GradFun2db replaced by flash3kyuu_deband.
  • Fixed: not working 'Shutdown when Finished'
  • Fixed: error message in batch mode. Broken video file will be automatically discarded
  • Fixed: EncodingClient was using Domain-Name instead of Computer-Name
  • Fixed: Incorrect number of frames between passes in Distributed Encoding. Now number of frames in last chunk will be limited according to stat file
  • Fixed: corruption at the begining of the chunk after encoding in Distributed Encoding mode
  • Fixed: EncodingClient will now try to restart chunks which did not start for some reason
  • Updated: EncodingClient 1.1, EncodingServer 1.1, FFmpeg 2012-04-26, MediaInfo 0.7.56, MKVToolnix 5.5.0, VSFilter 2.40.4496, x264 r2197

Muutokset v1.16.5 - v1.17.0

  • Added: Distributed Encoding for DVD/HD-DVD/BD sources (see RipBot264 Distributed Encoding Tutorial)
  • Added: BATCH MODE
  • Added: COPY STREAM for video (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray ONLY)
  • Added: Blu-Ray playlist is now editable
  • Added: DVD will be first pre-processed by PGCdemux in order to avoid A/V sync issues
  • Added: VSfilter in Haali Media Spliter is now automatically disabled (no more accidental hardcoded subs)
  • Added: Force subtitles for MKV and AVCHD
  • Changed: CT-AAC encoder to FhG AAC (Reason:
  • Updated: avs2yuv 0.24 BM mod 2, FFMPEG 2011-12-26, MediaInfo 0.7.52, MKVToolnix 5.2.0, remuxtool 1.2.5, VSFilter 2.40.3904, x264 r2120

Muutokset v1.16.4 - v1.16.5

  • Added: HD-Full and HD-Ready resize profile for 1,33:1 (4:3) aspect ratio
  • Added: ConvertSUPtoSUB=1/0 option to RipBot264.ini. More info in .ini file
  • Added: TrueHD is now automatically converted to FLAC after demuxing from .mkv container
  • Added: New profile HD . Interlaced
  • Changed: Default HD profile has been renamed to HD . Progressive
  • Updated: MediaInfo 0.7.43, MKVToolnix 4.6.0, MP4Box 0.4.6 rev2735, x264 r1924

Muutokset v1.16.3 - v1.16.4

  • Added: support for .wtv (WindowsTV)
  • Added: demuxing Blu-ray subtitles from .mkv container
  • Added: demuxing TrueHD from .mkv container (demuxed .thd MUST be manually selected after demuxing!!!)
  • Added: core option for TrueHD and DTS-MA/Hi-res in demuxing window
  • Fixed: audio/subtitle opendialog was not set to current job folder after selecting audio/subtitle from previous task
  • Fixed: DelayAudio() was not added to script after selecting audio file
  • Updated: ffmpeg r26397, MKVToolnix 4.4.0, MediaInfo v0.7.39, MP4Box 2010-12-14, x264 r1867

Muutokset v1.16.2 - v1.16.3

  • Added: support for .rmvb
  • Added: new jobs can be added while encoding
  • Added: new profile [Base 1.3] Simple Mobile Device
  • Fixed: SRT subtitles weren't ignored in Stream window
  • Changed: 6.1 DTS-MA/Hi-Res can be now correctly decoded to .w64
  • Updated: eac3to 3.24, MKVToolnix 4.3.0, x264 r1732

Muutokset v1.16.1 - v1.16.2

  • Added: Ripbot264 will force Haali Media Spliter as default splitter for all supported extensions
  • Added: Ripbot264 will force correct fps in DirectShowSource() if source contains doubled frames (common in AVCHDLite cameras)
  • Added: Ripbot264 will automatically remux .mov to .avi if video codec is MJPEG (Haali Media Splitter does not recognize MJPEG in .MOV)
  • Fixed: oversize in 2-pass
  • Fixed: under Permanent Subtitles open dialog was sometimes not reset to jobx folder
  • Changed: HD Audio is now decompressed directly to .w64 instead of intermediate .wav (eac3to 3.21 fixed bug in .w64 header)
  • Updated: eac3to 3.22, MediaInfo 0.7.34, MKVToolnix 4.1.1, x264 r1683

Muutokset v1.16.0 - v1.16.1

  • Added: support for .webm
  • Fixed: hanging during muxing to AVCHD
  • Updated: mkvtoolnix 4.0.0, x264 r1643

Muutokset v1.15.1 - v1.16.0

  • Added: DivxPlus format (restrictions can be found here
  • Added: Progress bar on TaskBar - Windows 7 only! (Thanks to Lord_Mulder for his implementation)
  • Added: option to add poster to .mp4 and .mkv (ask Divx guys if you want image extraction from mkv in Windows7)
  • Added: support for raw YUV4MPEG (*.y4m)
  • Added: Force ffdshow as default mjpeg decoder in Windows 7
  • Added: iPAD profile has been combined with PSP profile
  • Fixed: 'Waiting for graph...' error introduced in 1.15.1 on some machines
  • Fixed: missing audio downmix for 4ch audio
  • Fixed: missing DVD subtitles in HD-DVD sources
  • Fixed: average bitrate for AAC 192kbps and 256kbps was slightly inaccurate (~196kbps and ~260kbps)
  • Fixed: missing '--aac-is-sbr 0/1' in mkvmerge commandline with COPY STREAM option selected
  • Fixed: After automatic shutdown Low Priority checkbox was sometimes being unchecked
  • Fixed: bitrate in CRF field
  • Fixed: Decimal symbol was not converted to '.' (dot) for TimeStretch function
  • Fixed: Audio demuxing/conversion from wmv container
  • Changed: 'Add' link will automatically open file selection
  • Changed: GUI will be reset to CQ mode instead of 2-pass
  • Changed: AppleTV profile (more ref frames and higher buffer and max bitrate)
  • Changed: mp3 audio is now decoded by NicAudio instead of BassAudio (reason: BassAudio tends to hang during 'Gathering info..' stage)
  • Updated: ffmpeg r21231, mediainfo 0.7.33, mkvtoolnix 3.4.0, mp4box 2010-04-10, x264 r1613

Muutokset v1.15.0 - v1.15.1

  • Added: Ripbot will automatically repeat demuxing if ArcSoft DTS Decoder fails (dts core will be extracted instead)
  • Added: multiple subtitles can be added at once.
  • Fixed: corrupted picture caused by incorrect resolution used in avs2yuv (now avs2yuv will use yuv4mpeg format instead of raw. No need to calculate resolution by GUI)
  • Fixed: Ripbot will now check if width is mod 4 after croping (YV12 requirement)
  • Fixed: Demuxed FLAC from mkv container did not have extension
  • Fixed: No Audio in mkv on german Windows (locale folder removed from mkvtoolnix)
  • Fixed: Audio Sync problems in demuxed audio from .avi (older ffmpeg restored)
  • Fixed: added '--aac-is-sbr 0/1' for AAC-LC/HE in mkvmerge command line
  • Changed: 6.1 DTS-MA/Hi-res is not supported by ArcSoft DTS Decoder therefore dts core will be extracted instead
  • Changed: Flac audio has it's own icon instead of PCM
  • Changed: 'all subtitles' are now selected by default in Stream demuxing window
  • Updated: DGIndex 1.5.8, eac3to 3.18, MediaInfo 0.7.29, MKVToolnix 3.2.0, x264 r1471

Muutokset v1.14.6 - v1.15.0

  • Added: 5.1 downmix checkbox for 6.1 and 7.1 sources
  • Added: Subtitles and audio language will be automatically detected if possible
  • Added: VobSub subtitles are now recognized and automatically demuxed from MKV
  • Added: Custom resolution with locked aspect ratio is now remembered
  • Added: Demuxed bluray subtitles will now have added resolution to file name. Subs won't be resized if video has the same size
  • Added: AviSynth error is now displayed in gui instead of Media Player
  • Changed: ConvertToRGB has been removed from preview script. (Decoding via HelixYV12 is ~1.7x faster)
  • Changed: Increased step from 2 to 16 pixels in Custom resolution with locked aspect ratio.
  • Changed: Tray icon. (Previous icon will be used in new project)
  • Fixed: AAC audio was not recognized in .TS files
  • Fixed: Weight p-prediction was sometimes checked even if commandline had this option disabled
  • Fixed: mpg files are again decoded by DGindex. Hanging was solved by using NicAudio as mp2 decoder instead of BassAudio
  • Fixed: Apple TV and ipod profile (weight-p is disabled)
  • Updated: Aften 2009-12-26, BDSup2Sub 4.0.0, CT AAC encoder 1.3 (WinAmp 5.57), FFmpeg r20472, MediaInfo 0.7.26, MKVToolnix 3.0.0, x264 r1376, VSFilter 2.39

Muutokset v1.14.5 - v1.14.6

  • Added: forced subtitles will be automatically demuxed
  • Added: priority can be changed during conversion
  • Changed: mpg files will be decoded by DirectShowSource instead of DGIndex. (RipBot should not hang on some mpg)
  • Changed: Ripbot264 will use new unix cli syntax for DGIndex (DGindex should not hang on weird file/folder names for example ../[DVD]/..)
  • Fixed: RipBot264 will correctly unlock DirectShow filters on non english Windows 7. (Ripbot should not hang on VC-1 sources)
  • Fixed: missing downmix for 7 channels
  • Fixed: missing audio in mpg/m2t
  • Removed: b-pyramid (Reason: Not compatible with more usefull MB-tree!)
  • Updated: BDsup2Sub 3.9.9, DGindex 1.5.7, MediaInfo 0.7.25, MKVToolnix 2.9.9, Yadif 1.7, x264 r1352M

Muutokset v1.14.4 - v1.14.5

  • Added: RipBot264 will force XviD decoder for Divx files in ffdshow. (libavcodec sometimes causes audio sync problems)
  • Fixed: Demuxed FLAC from MKV had wrong format (OGG instead of RAW FLAC)
  • Fixed: PCM audio sometimes was not accepted by TSmuxer. (Added extra conversion wav->w64 before muxing)
  • Updated: BDSup2Sub 3.9.8 , eac3to 3.17 , MediaInfo 0.7.23 , MKVToolnix 2.9.8 , x264 r1292M

Muutokset v1.14.3 - v1.14.4

  • Added: RipBot264 will force ffdshow as prefferd Xvid and Divx 4/5 decoder in Windows 7
  • Changed: Avi files will be decoded via DirectShowSource instead of OpenDMLSource (Reason: OpenDMLSource does not work well with Windows 7 RTM)
  • Changed: Avs files wiil be imported via Import() instead of DirectShowSource
  • Changed: Lossless audio is automatically selected instead of first audio stream in Demuxing window
  • Changed: Bitmap based suptitles are also allowed for none-standard resolutions (MKV)
  • Fixed: Blu-ray subtitles were not resized if user changed resolution after adding subtitles
  • Fixed: FLAC will be decoded by madFLAC instead of BassAudio due to weird problems on Windows 7 RTM (Avs script hangs if bassaudio.dll is loaded)
  • Fixed: temporary files will not be automatically stored on non-NTFS drives (external usb drive for example)
  • Fixed: 24fps subtitles were automatically converted to 23.976fps due to missing /fps:keep option
  • Updated: x264 r1251M, NicAudio 2.0.4, MediaInfo 0.7.21, Yadif 1.6, BDSup2Sub 3.9.7

Muutokset v1.14.2 - v1.14.3

  • Added: Inverse Telecine function in Deinterlace section
  • Added: --min-keyint (fps) and --keyint (fps*10) and --fps (24000/1001 for example) to x264 commandline
  • Added: fraction will be used in script instead of rounded values (24/1.001 instead of 23.976 for example)
  • Added: --title switch for mkv container (based on output filename without extension)
  • Changed: x264 command line syntax according to changes introduced in r1177 (old profiles may not work!)
  • Fixed: Only Subtitles (PGS) will be shown in GUI. Reason: Subtitles (SRT) do not work.
  • Fixed: incorrect height in custom resize with locked aspect ratio (for example 1280x532 instead of ...x534)
  • Fixed: too big undersize for mkv
  • Update: BDSup2Sub 3.9.6 , DGIndex 1.5.5 , ffmpeg r19159 , MediaInfo 0.7.20 , MP4Box 0.4.6 , x264 r1195M

Muutokset v1.14.1 - v1.14.2

  • Added: DTS Master Audio and Hi-Res conversion to wave or FLAC (ArcSoft DTS Decoder required! More help in \tools\ax\ArcSoft DTS Decoder\Readme.txt)
  • Added: Blu-Ray subtitles (.Sup) are now supported in Properties -> Subtitles section (Hardcoded subtitles)
  • Added: Demuxing all subtitles at once
  • Fixed: DTS size calculation for AVCHD
  • Fixed: if order in job list was changed during conversion checkboxes were not assigned to current encoding job
  • Fixed: incorrect --sar values if source had aspect ratio higher than 1.33 and lower than 1.56 (for example 624x464)
  • Fixed: All empty temp folders will be removed
  • Fixed: .avs scripts did not work in RipBot264 with AviSynth 2.5.8
  • Fixed: AVCHD incompatible resolution error even if video has correct resolution
  • Update: DGindex 1.5.5, BDSup2Sub 3.9.3, MediaInfo 0.7.17, x264 r1169

Muutokset v1.14.0 - v1.14.1

  • Added: PCM, TrueHD and EAC3 can be optionally converted to FLAC
  • Added: muxing flac into .mkv
  • Fixed: Incorrect audio duration in uncompressed audio
  • Update: x264 r1162

Muutokset v1.13.3 - v1.14.0

  • Added: Job queue can be modified during conversion. It is also possible to skip current job.
  • Added: real-time preview during croping
  • Added: support for wave64
  • Added: muxing .wav/.w64 to AVCHD structure
  • Added: muxing DVD subtitles (idx/sub) to matroska
  • Added: Blu-Ray subtitles (.sup) will be automatically converted to VobSub (.sub) if mkv container was selected
  • Added: Blu-Ray subtitles will be automatically resized to proper resolution if AVCHD was selected (1080p->720p for example)
  • Added: srt to sup conversion for 576p/480p (Warning: 576p subtitles are not visible on PS3!)
  • Added: warning message if resolution is not compatible with AVCHD
  • Added: FFdshow will be automatically set as preffered directshow decoder for H.264/VC-1/MPEG-2 in Windows 7 (thanks clsid for help with SetACL)
  • Added: OSD and subtitles in FFDShow will be automatically disabled
  • Changed: PCM, TrueHD and EAC3 will be always converted to .w64
  • Changed: Status color to dark blue
  • Changed: x264.exe renamed to x264_x86.exe (GUI won't kill x264.exe)
  • Fixed: script error if video had wav audio
  • Fixed: correct sar values were not applied for 704x576 and 704x480
  • Update: DGAVCDec 1.0.9, BDSup2Sub 3.8.2 eac3to 3.16, MediaInfo 0.7.16, MKVToolnix 2.9.0, Oggenc 2.85 aoTuVb5.7, TSMuxer 1.10.6, x264 r1158M

Muutokset v1.13.2 - v1.13.3

  • Fixed: Not working FF/RWD/Chapters on some Blu-Ray players due to missing --aud --nal-hrd in command line
  • Updated: eac3to v3.12, TSMuxer v1.8.18

Muutokset v1.13.1 - v1.13.2

  • Added: Support for 3 channel audio
  • Fixed: Not working chapters on some Blu-Ray players due to missing --fps value in command line (win64)
  • Fixed: too big undersize for Blu-Ray structure with added subtitles
  • Fixed: Audio profile , normalize value and ipod was not remembered
  • Fixed: Tempo values in script were not restored when user changed from NO AUDIO to audio file
  • Fixed: Incorrect muxing command in jobx_MuxFiles.cmd if 'NO AUDIO' was selected
  • Updated: x264 r1114, eac3to v3.11, DGIndex v1.5.4, MediaInfo v0.7.11, MKVToolnix v2.4.2, ssatosrt r2

Muutokset v1.13.0 - v1.13.1

  • Changed: 'NO AUDIO' option moved to audio combobox
  • Fixed: Bitrate and size wasn't calculated according to changes made in avs script (for example added trim function or AssumeFps)
  • Fixed: Haali Media Splitter wasn't detected if OS was set for negative timezone (for example : USA , Canada and so on)
  • Fixed: Language combobox wasn't enabled when user selected video and audio separatedly
  • Fixed: Copy Stream wasn't available if audio extension contained capital letters (.AC3 instead of .ac3 for example)
  • Updated: x264 r1109M , eac3to v3.07

Muutokset v1.12.0 - v1.13.0

  • Added: support for x264 64bit (up to 10% faster encoding)
  • Added: if COPY STREAM is not selected assumeFPS will also adjust audio speed (easy 25 -> 23.976 conversion)
  • Added: custom resize profile with locked aspect ratio
  • Added: always first VST_01_x.vob will be indexed instead of VIDEO_TS.VOB
  • Added: language combobox for audio stream
  • Added: support for .sup subtitles (Warning!!! Original 1080p .sup WILL NOT be visible in 720p!!!)
  • Added: support for .ass .ssa subtitles in mkv container
  • Added: chapter extraction from .mp4
  • Added: UAC manifest (from now on you don't have to disable UAC)
  • Added: FFDshow DV decoder will be automatically enabled if necessary
  • Added: BD-25 size
  • Changed: Audio delay for convenient moved to Properties
  • Changed: .ts and .m2t files will be decoded via DirectShowSource instead of DGIndex or DGAVCdec (Reason: Faster decoding with FFDshow MT)
  • Changed: Audio from .ts and .m2t files will be demuxed in one pass
  • Changed: A/V same length combobox removed. CUT function is now always on (Audio and Video will always have the same lenght)
  • Changed: 'Tahoma' font to 'Consolas' (Installed by default in Windows Vista and 7)
  • Fixed: Bug which always resets VC-1 decoder to libavcodec. Default decoder is now wmv9 (Reason: Supports interlaced material)
  • Fixed: error 'Couldn't import DownMix2Stereo.avs'
  • Fixed: jobs.ini will be created immediately after creating new job
  • Update: x264 r1092M , eac3to v3.06 , Oggenc 2.85 aoTuVb5.61 , MediaInfo v0.7.10

Muutokset v1.11.5 - v1.12.0

  • Added: tesa motion algorithm (Veeeeeerrryyy Sloooooowwww)
  • Added: -seektoiframes to eac3to command line (better compatibility)
  • Added: correct sar values if source resolution is 1440x1080 or 1280x1080
  • Added: support for .mov
  • Added: support for weird 5 channel audio (always downmixed to stereo)
  • Fixed: If 'Keep Jobs queue' was checked along with 'shutdown when finished' jobs were deleted after conversion
  • Fixed: Files were not muxed into mkv container if subtitles didn't have specified language
  • Fixed: If source had 720x576 or 720x480 resolution and 'Do not resize' was selected sar was always 1:1
  • Fixed: SD-PAL 2.35 and 2.40 resize profiles had wrong addborders values (2.35 should have 70 (not 75) and 2.40 should have 75 (not 70))
  • Fixed: Registry error if value didn't exist
  • Fixed: AnyDVD won't be closed automatically by RipBot264
  • Updated: DGAVCDec 1.0.7 , eac3to v2.87 , MediaInfo 0.7.8 , MP4BOX 0.4.5 , x264 r1066M,

Muutokset v1.11.4 - v1.11.5

  • Added: chapters extraction from DVD
  • Fixed: Registry error
  • Fixed: 'invalid integer value' error if R-frames and B-frames were higher than 9
  • Fixed: calculation formula for Blu-Ray structure with subtitles
  • Changed: maxbitrate and buffer size increased to 25000 (HIGH PROFILE 4.0)
  • Update: Aften r832 , eac3to v2.78 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.8 , x264 r1029

Muutokset v1.11.3 - v1.11.4

  • Added: Warning message if UAC is enabled
  • Added: RipBot264 will automatically enable decoding for MPEG-1/2 and M-JPEG in FFDShow if necessary
  • Fixed: Weird stuttering (it was caused by convertfps=true)

Muutokset v1.11.2 - v1.11.3

  • Fixed: Wrong ffdshow registry path for 64-bit OS
  • Fixed: AVCHD compatibility is back (--aud --nal-hrd)
  • Updated: eac3to v2.77,x264 r1028 with HRD patch

Muutokset v1.11.1 - v1.11.2

  • Added: RipBot264 will automatically enable decoding for WMV1/2/3 and VC-1 in FFDShow if necessary
  • Added: .m2ts outside blu-ray structure will also allow to select streams
  • Fixed: (E)AC3 EX , Surround , Headphone streams detection
  • Fixed: 'invalid integer value' if Deblocking sensitivity was lower than 0
  • Fixed: Abort button didn't kill correctly all running threads (old bug since v1.10.2)
  • Updated: x264 r1028

Muutokset v1.11.0 - v1.11.1

  • Fixed: (E)AC3 EX , Surround , Headphone streams are now detected
  • Updated: x264 r1026

Muutokset v1.10.7 - v1.10.8

  • Added: Codec changes for latest x264 (do not use older profiles)
  • Fixed: MaxBitrate and BufferSize have been restored to 30000 (reason: tvix does not like higher values)
  • Fixed: removed progress in log during muxing to blu-ray structure
  • Updated: x264 r999 , eac3to v2.66

Muutokset v1.10.6 - v1.10.7

  • Added: 720x576 profile in size section
  • Added: 'Delete temp file' checkbox
  • Added: 'ExecuteAnyDVD' option in .ini
  • Added: Demuxing process will be automatically repeated if eac3to generates .gaps files.
  • Changed: If source is .evo or m2ts belongs to bluray structure selected streams will be demuxed in one pass
  • Changed: MKV na MP4 are now decoded via DirectShowSource()
  • Fixed: FFDshow is now correctly detected under x64 OS
  • Fixed: Shorten log files (Progress will not be written into log files)
  • Updated: DGAVCDec v1.0.2 , eac3to v2.65 , MediaInfo v. , MKVToolnix v2.3.0 , TSMuxer v1.8.8 , x264 r994 , NicAudio v2.0.2

Muutokset v1.10.4 - v1.10.6

  • Added: progress during demuxing audio (except avi,flv and vob)
  • Added: FastFirstPassin2passMode in .ini (1=fast first pass , 0=full slow first pass)
  • Changed: resize profiles have been renamed
  • Changed: Level 4.1 has been changed to Level 4.0 (Reason: some devices do not accept anything above Lv4.0. For example Tvix. Quality settings has not been changed! It's just cosmetic change)
  • Fixed: if eac3to reported DTS-Audio as 'DTS' audio stream was omitted (only in blu-ray structure)
  • Updated: DGAVCDec a35,eac3to 2.59,FFmpeg r14675, FFmpegSource 1.21,x264 r956

Muutokset v1.10.3 - v1.10.4

  • Fixed: 5.1 Audio profile was missing if audio had 8 channels
  • Fixed: Missing wav.bmp file
  • Fixed: Sometimes .evos files were not combined
  • Fixed: 'No compatible ACM codec to decode 0x0055 audio strem to PCM' error
  • Updated: x264 r912 , eac3to v2.52

Muutokset v1.10.2 - v1.10.3

  • Fixed: mp4s encoded for iPOD were not compatible with iTunes after 1.9.10
  • Fixed: DTS Hi-res detection (not Hi-Res DTS -> silly error :)
  • Fixed: Calculation formula for DTS 1536kbps should not give oversized file in Blu-Ray structure
  • Updated: x264 r892 , DGAVCDec a26 , eac3to 2.51

Muutokset v1.9.8 - v1.10.2

  • Added: From now on user can specify which Audio,video stream wants to demux from Blu-Ray and HD-DVD structure
  • Fixed: Hi-Res DTS audio will be detected and converted to core DTS
  • Updated: x264 r891 , eac3to v2.49 , DGAVCDec a25

Muutokset v1.9.7 - v1.9.8

  • Added: avi,divx,mkv,mp4 decoded via FFmpegSource (except mkv with VC1)
  • Added: Pulldown flags detection in VOB (if detected VOB will be treated as Film)
  • Added: Joining splitted evos
  • Added: Possibility to disable m2ts splitting via .ini
  • Fixed: evo video remuxing
  • Fixed: pcm audio after demuxing from m2ts was not converted to flac
  • Fixed: DTS size calculation (BETA2)
  • Updated: x264 r877

Muutokset v1.9.6 - v1.9.7

  • Added: support for HD-DVD (*.evo)
  • Added: 4GB splitting for Blu-Ray (Reason: FAT32 on flashdrives)
  • Replaced: FGO with Psy RDO (Always enabled)
  • Updated: x264 r869 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.1

Muutokset v1.9.5 - v1.9.6

  • Added: .flv (flash video) support
  • Added: Chapters are now demuxed from .mkv and automatically used in Blu-Ray structure
  • Fixed: Jobs in some cases could have the same number.
  • Fixed: DTS calculation for Blu-ray (Still in Beta however)
  • Updated: x264 r859 , DGIndex 1.5.0 Final

Muutokset v1.9.4 - v1.9.5

  • Added: Film Grain Optymalization (--fgo 10 medium safe strength)
  • Added: .ass subtitles are also extracted from mkv
  • Fixed: Mpeg2 AAC audio instead of Mpeg4 AAC (It was a bug in old mp4box)
  • Fixed: logging to file (Logs wasn't created correctly)
  • Fixed: audio extraction from AVI (PCM audio was extracted with .pcm extension instead of .wav)
  • Updated: eac3to v2.46 , MediaInfo v0.7.7.0 , MSU Denoiser 2.5 , ssatostr

Muutokset v1.9.3 - v1.9.4

  • Fixed: audio extraction from avi
  • Fixed: #Delay audio section in script is now above #Tempo

Muutokset v1.9.2 - v1.9.3

  • Added: GPU Denoiser with two profiles (old movie and old anime)
  • Added: All subtitles are automatically demuxed from mp4 and mkv
  • Added: SRT support for Blu-Ray
  • Added: Possibility to mux many subtitles
  • Added: Automatic DTS-core extraction
  • Added: Decimate 119.88 -> 23.976
  • Added: Option in .ini responsible for how DGIndex treats NTSC source (Default settings will ignore all flags so if your source is FILM 23.976 then use AssumeFPS 23.976)
  • Fixed: Aften AC3 encoder didn't encode whole file in some cases
  • Updated: x264 , TsMuxer and so on

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