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Muutokset v0.18.8 - v0.18.9

Muutokset v0.18.5 - v0.18.8

Muutokset v0.18.4 - v0.18.5

Muutokset v0.18.3 - v0.18.4

Muutokset v0.18.2 - v0.18.3

Muutokset v0.17.4 - v0.17.5

  • Added: Button "Clean Up"
  • Fixed: Application crash

Muutokset v0.17.3 - v0.17.4

  • Added: Saving SSL Certificates
  • Fixed: Application crash

Muutokset v0.17.2 - v0.17.3

  • Fixed: Application crash
  • Fixed: Enable option "Stay on top"
  • Fixed: Operating with Cookies

Muutokset v0.17.1 - v0.17.2

  • Added: Save page as HTML in "newspaper" mode
  • Added: Option to display notification on same as QuiteRSS display (option value: -1)
  • Added: SSL-certificate check
  • Added: Language: Bulgarian
  • Changed: Drag links from embedded browser to Firefox
  • Fixed: Displaying main menu when using several monitors
  • Fixed: Value inversion of the transparent option of notifications
  • Fixed: Updating some feeds (server returns 302)
  • Fixed: Displaying control buttons in newspaper view when images are disabled
  • Fixed: Dragging several feeds at once
  • Fixed: Determine home page of some feeds
  • Fixed: Displaying notifications (Mac OS)
  • Fixed: Opening links in external browser (Mac OS)
  • Fixed: Feed list navigation (Mac OS)

Muutokset v0.17.0 - v0.17.1

  • Added: Button and shortcut to switch layout
  • Added: Ability to delete news in newspaper layout
  • Added: News list search: "Find in links"
  • Added: Ability to choose monitor to display notifications
  • Added: Notification transparency option
  • Added: Notification text and background colors options
  • Added: Notification option "Show when main window is inactive"
  • Added: Additional options for notification layout
  • Added: Scroll by page shortcuts in embedded browser
  • Changed: Retain search text while switching feed
  • Changed: Show deleted news number after clean up wizard
  • Changed: Multi-select behavior in news list
  • Fixed: Host-name absence in some feed links
  • Fixed: Inactive filters with "Link" field and "is" condition
  • Fixed: Update of the feeds which last update date is 1970
  • Fixed: Occasional error of restoring feed list columns length

Muutokset v0.16.2 - v0.17.0

  • Added: The Newspaper view (View->Layout->Newspaper)
  • Added: Socks5 proxy support
  • Changed: News opening in external browser
  • Fixed: Sorting by feed title in news list

Muutokset v0.16.0 - v0.16.1

  • Added: Ability to filter news by link
  • Added: Share news - LinkedIn, Blogger, Printer Friendly
  • Added: Color adjustment of the feeds with disabled update
  • Added: Color adjustment of the alternating rows background of the news list
  • Fixed: Operating in some unix OS
  • Fixed: Display all columns if the new list despite of settings
  • Fixed: Parsing some feeds
  • Fixed: Application crash while shutdown

Muutokset v0.15.4 - v0.16.0

  • Added: Case-insensitive filters, news searching and feed sorting
  • Added: Regular expressions support in user's filters
  • Added: Multiselect feeds
  • Added: Ability to set style table for news (Options->Feeds)
  • Added: News style "Rstyle_v1.2.css"
  • Added: Button "Share" in browser toolbar
  • Added: Option "View->Show/Hide->Status panel"
  • Added: Feed option "RTL" ("Display" tab)
  • Added: Feed option "Enable JavaScript" ("Display" tab)
  • Added: Ability to add action "Create backup" to toolbar
  • Added: Shortcut and button "Save page to DB instead of news description"
  • Changed: GUI. Some visual tweaks
  • Changed: Save path to folder of the last backup
  • Fixed: Data loss
  • Fixed: Opening links in external browser (Unix)
  • Fixed: Displaying incorrect time with consideration of local time
  • Fixed: Application autostart (PortableApps)
  • Fixed: Processing some feeds when authorizing using cookie

Muutokset v0.15.2 - v0.15.4

  • Added: Ability to create backup manually (Menu->Create backup)
  • Changed: More robust operations on DB
  • Changed: More robust application shutdown
  • Changed: Backup operation during application update
  • Changed: Dialog "About". Added path to backup folder
  • Changed: Updating PortableApps-build is forbidden
  • Fixed: Feed counters in feed tree
  • Fixed: Default font size
  • Fixed: Memory-placed DB optimization
  • Version 0.15.3 (06 Apr 2014)
  • Main: Support for Mac OS X platform
  • Changed: GUI. Some visual tweaks
  • Changed: Adblock. Subscribe added
  • Changed: Empty news title is substituted by part of the news description
  • Fixed: Saving DB from memory to file
  • Fixed: Update application (Windows)
  • Fixed: Generation of the news URL
  • Fixed: Opening news URL without host with external browser
  • Fixed: Some feeds have no news URL
  • Fixed: Notification is displayed on primary monitor
  • Fixed: The path of the user style table for embedded browser doesn't save
  • Fixed: Moving feed to itself

Muutokset v0.15.0 - v0.15.1

  • Changed: Download manager. Displays size and time after downloading file
  • Fixed: Incorrect application startup if path to database contains a "'"
  • Fixed: Displays a menu bar after exit from full screen mode
  • Fixed: Saving toolbar feeds

Muutokset v0.14.3 - v0.15.0

  • Main: Adblock integrated
  • Added: Support for feeds with local path (file://)
  • Added: Embedded browser. Determining and adding feeds from web sites
  • Added: Notifications. News grouping - display feeds title
  • Added: Notifications. Button to delete news
  • Added: Notifications. Button to mark read every news
  • Added: System tray. Mane item "Mark All Feeds Read"
  • Added: Option "Show close button on tab"
  • Added: Tab "Information" to "About" dialog
  • Added: Language: Galician
  • Changed: GUI. Visual tweaks
  • Changed: The process of news deletion is sorted by date of publication
  • Changed: RTL-model of news for Arabic and Persian languages
  • Changed: Process of displaying of the splash screen
  • Fixed: Wrong codepage while importing feeds
  • Fixed: Processing feeds that contains '&' symbol
  • Fixed: Processing some feeds that contains 'br' tag within the news
  • Fixed: Application activation after opening of the link in external browser and minimizing to tray
  • Fixed: Options dialog didn't fit monitors with low resolution
  • Fixed: Reset options while switching on tab that contains category
  • Fixed: Application crash when open "Options" dialog if "Downloads" tab is active
  • Fixed: Feed option "Disable update"

Muutokset v0.14.2 - v0.14.3

  • Fixed: Application crash while exporting feeds
  • Fixed: Importing feeds from opml-file failure in some cases
  • Fixed: Reset zoom on switching tabs
  • Fixed: Processing authorization request from proxy
  • Fixed: RTL for arabic and persian
  • Fixed: Creating links in news

Muutokset v0.14.1 - v0.14.2

Muutokset v0.14.0 - v0.14.1

  • Main: Increase application performance
  • Added: Audio/video player for podcasts
  • Added: User filters. Sound playing (phonon)
  • Added: User filters. Highlight news in notification
  • Added: Option "Hide tab panel if only one tab is opened"
  • Added: Address field in browser toolbar
  • Added: Display news link in status bar for 3 second while switching news
  • Added: More color settings
  • Changed: Close notification if all news have been read
  • Changed: Store cleanup wizard settings
  • Changed: If images are switched off no images are displayed in news description
  • Fixed: Application crash while clicking "Customize news toolbar"
  • Fixed: Application crash while using "Next unread news"
  • Fixed: Can't to open feed homepage
  • Fixed: Switch on next unread news even if no feed is selected
  • Fixed: Mark feed read (while filter is enabled)

Muutokset v0.13.1 - v0.14.0

Muutokset v0.12.5 - v0.13.0

Muutokset v0.12.4 - v0.12.5

Muutokset v0.12.3 - v0.12.4

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