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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle PowerArchiver (Suomenkielinen)

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Muutokset v11.02 - v11.03

  • Improvements:
  • PowerArchiver now remembers password for shell extract session (multiple files).
  • Backup now creates new folders if needed to create destination backup.
  • Installer improvements - no more crashing of explorer and pastarter by Vista RM.
  • Expanded extract button MRU to 10, added shortcuts and icons.
  • Mount/Unmount option added in PA Starter main menu.
  • Added F6 shortcut to switch focus between treeview and filelist.
  • Added ALT+D shortcut to focus on address bar.
  • Added GO button in address bar.
  • Improved tabbing between PowerArchiver windows.
  • Increased border size of the windows (preview, etc) so they can be dragged easily.
  • Improvements in shortcuts in main PowerArchiver and shell extensions.
  • More tips/hints added.
  • Various minor translation updates.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Bug #924: Canceling during zip load crashes PA.
  • Fixed Bug #910: Backup does not save zip spans properly.
  • Fixed Bug #927: Testing archive via shell opens folder.
  • Fixed Bug #930: Extracting RAR archives with CRC error cancels extraction.
  • Fixed Bug #929: Converting to same format exits convert tool.
  • Fixed Bug #928: Can not encrypt/convert tar.gz to zip aes.
  • Fixed Bug #078: Adding to folders/paths does not work in tar,bh, cab, lha.
  • Fixed Bug #925: Can not create 7z if Optimized or Store is used.
  • Fixed Bug #919: SFX Wizard does not create SFX's in specific situations.
  • Fixed Bug #916: Virtual Drive always disabled in Starter.
  • Fixed Bug #918: Plugin issues with progress bar.
  • Fixed Bug #957: Extract shell extensions unicode issues.
  • Fixed Bug #907: First archive does not extract properly if wrong password session saved.

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