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Muutokset v5.2.1006 - v5.2.1007

Muutokset v5.2.1005 - v5.2.1006

Muutokset v5.2.1004 - v5.2.1005

Muutokset v5.2.1003 - v5.2.1004

Muutokset v5.2.1002 - v5.2.1003

Muutokset v5.2.1001 - v5.2.1002

Muutokset v5.2.1000 - v5.2.1001

Muutokset v5.1.1003 - v5.2.1000

Muutokset v5.1.1002 - v5.1.1003

Muutokset v5.1.1001 - v5.1.1002

Muutokset v5.0.1002 - v5.1.1001

Muutokset v5.0.1000 - v5.0.1002

Muutokset v4.0.1002 - v5.0.1000

Muutokset v4.0.1001 - v4.0.1002

Muutokset v4.0.1000 - v4.0.1001

Muutokset v3.3.1004 - v4.0.1000

Muutokset v3.3.1003 - v3.3.1004

Muutokset v3.3.1002 - v3.3.1003

Muutokset v3.3.1001 - v3.3.1002

Muutokset v3.3.1000 - v3.3.1001

Muutokset v3.2.1003 - v3.3.1000

Muutokset v3.2.1002 - v3.2.1003

Muutokset v3.2.1001 - v3.2.1002

Muutokset v3.2.1000 - v3.2.1001

Muutokset v3.1.1007 - v3.2.1000

Muutokset v3.1.1006 - v3.1.1007

  • Case Log
  • Added preliminary implementation of Case activity logging
  • Case Management
  • Made add note window resizable
  • Added veritcal and horizontal scrollbars to Add note dialog, allowing more data to be saved and making it easier to format the notes.
  • Deleted files
  • Fixed crash when displaying deleted file thumbnails on ext2/HFS+ drives (due to different threads sharing same drive handle)
  • Hash Sets
  • Fixed bug in deleting hash set from Tree View
  • Web Browser
  • Fixed missing URL info when adding web snapshot to case
  • WinPEBuilder
  • Can pass in .cfg file to preload some values of WinPEBuilder.exe
  • Install to USB
  • Updated GUI. If installing to USB Drive, then only USB location will be allowed. If creating a bootable device, then any folder is allowed. OSForensics will prefill the output destination of OSForensics (via WinPE Builder config file) when launching WinPE Builder (Requires WinPE Builder 1.0.107 and up).
  • Misc
  • Updated System information library

Muutokset v3.1.1005 - v3.1.1006

  • Case Manager
  • Before deleting search indexes they will now be unloaded if currently in use rather than displaying an error message
  • Email Viewer
  • Added check for if the recipient address is in X400 format. If so, try to obtain the SMTP Address instead.
  • File Indexing
  • Fixed a crash caused by partially compressed NTFS drives
  • Fixed bug with missing title and from addresses from index
  • Fixed bug with PST files not opening from search results due to incorrect/corrupt path
  • Fixed bug with x400 email address format when smtp format available for recipients.
  • Password Recovery
  • Windows login passwords: Added recovery of cached domain users, updated help file to match new UI and functions.
  • Install to USB
  • Fixed a bug where if the initial start failed (eg invalid target directory) the disabled buttons were not re-enabled, causing OSF to become un-usable
  • Misc
  • Updated error message when trying to copy files to clipboard from non supported devices

Muutokset v3.1.1004 - v3.1.1005

  • File Indexing
  • Updated Zoom indexer to fix some crash issues
  • Bug fixes when indexing DOC and XLS files inside ZIP files
  • Install to USB
  • WinPEBuilder will launch with option to format USB drive filesystem as NTFS.
  • Password Recovery (Browser Passwords)
  • Fixed a bug with chrome and opera password recovery where the wrong password could be displayed in some cases (out by 1 place in the list) or no password might be displayed despite not being blacklisted
  • System Information
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying an error message when trying to run a custom command on the system information tab when using a selected drive

Muutokset v3.1.1001 - v3.1.1004

  • Email Viewer
  • Added handling of rfc2047 encoding in subject/address fields of MIME headers
  • Fixed buffer overflow in status message while recovering deleted e-mails in PST files
  • Fixed 'S' shortcut key being processed instead of 'Ctrl+S' to add attachments to case
  • Fixed a bug with saving embedded message in PST/OST files as .msg. LIBPFF_ENTRY_TYPE_ATTACHMENT_DATA_OBJECT property was being saved as a stream instead of storage
  • ESEDB Viewer
  • Fixed population of known ESEDB files to use localised folder names instead of hard-coded locations
  • File Indexing
  • Pre-scanning can now be cancelled while scanning PST messages
  • Updated Zoom indexer to fix some crash issues
  • Updated Zoom Office XML plugin
  • Improved length limit for meta fields in email files (used for FROM/TO/CC/BCC) from 255 characters to 65,535 characters.
  • During indexing, fixed Total Bytes/Peak Physical Memory/Peak Virtual Memory not updating properly when > 2GB
  • Fixed crash bug with buffer overflow and infinite add URL when indexing .MSG file with many attachments
  • Fixed bug with only using last filename for all attachments of the same .MSG file
  • Fixed bug with losing generated body text with attachment filenames "Attachment(s): ... , ..." for .MSG file indexed.
  • Fixed bugs with indexing plain text emails in .MSG files
  • Fixed bugs with indexing Chinese PST files (metafield length limit caused Unicode corruption)
  • Fixed bug with possible Unicode string corruption when longer than available buffer (with languages such as Chinese with 4 char MB UTF-8 characters)
  • Fixed a bug with files sizes not being indexed in offline mode
  • Fixed a potential crash caused by long URLS
  • Fixed a crash during pre-scanning when indexing unallocated clusters
  • Fixed bug with search index failing on old format index files after a search with new format index files.
  • Fixed DOCX plugin that split words incorrectly due to revision history
  • Fixed crash bug with XLS files with invalid cell.templateID values
  • Import Hash
  • Fixed String/Buffer overflow during import progress updates (if import folder name is too long) by increasing string size
  • Internal Viewer
  • If viewing an excel document that is password protected it will now display a relevant error message
  • Password Recovery
  • Shadow copy now used if registry file is locked
  • Recent Activity
  • Now attempting to get the localised name for the "Documents and Settings" folder from the registry when starting a recent activity scan so more information will be retrieved on non-english Windows installations.
  • Shadow copy now used if registry file is locked
  • Should now resolve shortcut (.lnk) files in User's Recent Items folder (when not using live acquisition scan option).
  • Fixed scanning of system registry hives when no user hives are found
  • Search Index
  • Fixed processing of FILETYPE_MSG and FILETYPE_ATTACHMENT_MSG index results
  • System Information
  • Shadow copy now used if registry file is locked
  • ThumbCache Viewer
  • When looking up default Windows.edb location, now using localised folder names instead of hard-coded locations
  • WinPE Builder
  • Updated build of WinPE Builder. (Allows user to set NTFS filesystem with command line argument '-f'. Not enabled by default, since FAT32 supports booting both BIOS-based and UEFI-based PCs. UEFI based systems require that the boot files reside on FAT32 partition. If they are not on FAT32 the system may not see the device as bootable.)
  • Misc
  • Fixed bug with handling of NTFS files with mix of compressed/non-compressed fragments
  • Help file updates

Muutokset v3.1.1000 - v3.1.1001

  • Case Management
  • Fixed potential deadlock after clicking 'Cancel' when items are being added to the case
  • Fixed 'To' field missing in e-mail case properties
  • Fixed 'From', 'To', 'Subject' fields missing in case report
  • Removed check for empty e-mail headers (From, To, Subject, etc...) when adding e-mail to case. Adding warning to log file instead.
  • Email Viewer
  • When exporting e-mails to file/case, 'Print-friendly' HTML file is now generated. Currently, only HTML/text is supported.
  • File Indexing
  • Indexer updated to the latest Zoom Engine
  • Fixed a bug when indexing email attachments with accent characters in the folder path
  • Fixed infinite loop bug when indexing corrupted ZIP files
  • Fixed a crash bug with indexing MSI files (and any other files that can be misidentified as DOC)
  • Added error message when handling bad ZIP files./li>
  • Added default handling of .msi files as binary (filename only) format.
  • Recent Activity
  • Will now return files/folder from user's Recent Item folder (shell folder)
  • Added Support for Word 2013 Reading Locations to Recent File List Item
  • Added Support for Office 2013 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) Recent File List
  • Added Adobe Acrobat Reader MRU locations
  • Now also parsing the subkeys to Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\RecentDocs\\.xxx, where .xxx is file extension to retrieve more information
  • Added Right Click Menu Option - Copy Row to Clipboard
  • GUI Fixes, Help File Link Update
  • Added Filter for text search of all fields for an activity type
  • Installed Programs, if there is no program name, will return registry location as the title.
  • Registry Viewer
  • When opening key paths containing SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet which is a volatile symbolic link, replaced with 'ControlSet00n' where n is the current control set
  • Search Index
  • Improved performance of adding PST e-mail/attachments to case by using the same e-mail file handle, instead of opening and closing for every e-mail message

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