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Muutokset v8.1.2 - v8.1.3

  • Fixed Pause/Resume bug
  • Fixed other minor bugs and enhancements

Muutokset v8.1.0 - v8.1.1

  • Removed Video Conversion / mp3PRO encoder
  • Requires LAME MP3 encoder for mp3 encoding (downloadable from
  • Support madVR & xySubFilter
  • Improved EQ
  • Fixed other minor bugs and enhancements

Muutokset v8.0.17 - v8.1.0

  • New skins (Gray v2 v3, Silver v2 v3)
  • Albumart display in MC/Playlist windows
  • Added Playcount column in MC
  • Pause for CD ripping/Audio converter windows
  • Convert MP3 tags to unicode
  • Change file path (used when media files moved to another drive/directory)
  • Change file path when saving to PLS/M3U
  • Fade out/Fade in when Pause/Resume
  • Export images in Tag Edit dialog box
  • Fixed other minor bugs and enhancements

Muutokset v8.0.16 - v8.0.17

Muutokset v8.0.15 - v8.0.16

  • Smaller font size for subtitle display
  • Fixed CD ripping - track skipped when ripping to FLAC
  • Some audio codecs were removed from internal audio decoder
  • "\Common Files\COWON\".
  • Please use ffdshow or AC3Filter for those audio codecs.
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.14 - v8.0.15

  • Support tooltips for mts, m2t, m2ts
  • Fixed internal audio decoder
  • Fixed internal video decoder
  • Fixed subtitle filter
  • - changed to smaller font size
  • - support Style for some subtitle format
  • - support PGS (Presentation Graphic Stream) subtitle for m2ts format
  • Chapter support for MKV/MP4
  • Support MPLS (Blu-ray playlist) file format
  • Fixed digital audio CD playback when changing to next track
  • No upsampling (to 44.1KHz) of music when X-Fade is off
  • Fixed MP4 splitter for files with PCM audio (recorded by Canon digital camera)
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.12 - v8.0.14

  • Added COWON V5S/C2 to video presets
  • Fixed SPDIF bitrate settings for non-passthrough multi-channel audio
  • Fixed H.264 detect error for some MPG files
  • Fixed SPDIF output for multiple audio streams with different channel
  • Fixed some skin display bugs
  • Fixed multi-channel output in Windows 7
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.11 - v8.0.12

  • Fixed full-screen control bar (revert to opaque)
  • Audio was not changed for some video files
  • Video size was not correct for some FLV files (fixed FLV splitter)
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.10 - v8.0.11

  • Support COWON D3 for video conversion
  • Update OGG vorbis engine to latest version
  • Fixed crash while capturing video when using EVR
  • Fixed video problem when converting to MKV/MP4 format
  • Fixed aspect ratio for some video files
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.9 - v8.0.10

  • Fixed volume problem when seek/ff/rew while listening to music
  • Fixed problem when reading tags of raw formats (AAC/AC3/DTS..)
  • Fixed aspect ratio for some videos
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.8 - v8.0.9

  • Supports COWON X7
  • Fixed installer for Plus Update
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.7 - v8.0.8

  • Fixed SPDIF output for some DTS sound
  • Fixed video playback when using Overlay Mixer
  • Added some string resources for file extension (will be added in LDK later)
  • Fixed error when encoding to OGG mono format
  • Support VP8 video decoding in internal video decoder
  • Added RAW format audio plugin for AC3/DTS/AAC formats
  • Fixed language setting when reloading subtitle
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.6 - v8.0.7

  • Support more file extensions (tak, w64, ...) for context menu, file associations, and tooltip
  • Some OGV format did not play properly
  • Fixed tooltip information for some MKV format
  • Fixed SPDIF output for some DTS sound
  • Support M3U8 file extension
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.5 - v8.0.6

  • New Audio plugins
  • M4A reader : AAC, ALAC(Apple Lossless Audio Codec)
  • AIF, AU/SND reader : PCM
  • Wave64 reader : PCM
  • TAK reader : Tom's Lossless Audio
  • OFR reader : OptimFROG
  • Support 48KHz when converting audio
  • Support multichannel when converting audio files
  • WVP, WAV, OGG, TTA, FLAC encoders support multichannel
  • Supoort multichannel when converting video -> audio
  • When converting videos, choose one of WAV, FLAC, OGG formats
  • Can edit tag for M4A format
  • Fixed WavPack encoder bitrate setting
  • Fixed OGG decoder for multichannel audio
  • Fixed MOD decoder for unicode file name
  • Fixed color adjust when using EVR
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.0.4 - v8.0.5

  • Some default skins were not loaded in Japanese Windows
  • Modified Silver skin with better look
  • Support Unicode in Skin Maker
  • Didn't play next track if skin changed while playing audio CD
  • Can choose monitor for Music OSD display
  • Video window was not displayed properly when playlist window was Toolbar mode
  • Fixed sync lyric display for OGG file
  • Fixed MPC playback error
  • Update OGG/APE/WVP/MPC plugins using latest SDK
  • Support LPCM (HDMV LPCM) in internal DirectShow audio decoder
  • Fixed FLAC 24bit playback
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.02 - v8.0.4

  • Didn't play next file if Playlist/MC closed while playing
  • Fixed spectrum display in Windows 7
  • Sometimes jetAudio froze when running first time after installation
  • Skins with previous [X] button style (for Playlist/Video/Lyric window) are available on our web site
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v8.01 - v8.02

  • Can edit file list while converting video
  • Added FLAC decoding in internal DirectShow audio decoder (for videos with FLAC)
  • Fixed subtitle display for some MKV/ASS subtitles
  • Fixed icons in Video Convert dialog box
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.5.5 - v8.0

  • New video window display modes:
  • Show always / Show only when playing / Attached
  • Album art / Spectrum display in Video window when playing music
  • Spectrum display in Lyric window
  • New file association method for Windows Vista/7
  • Supports subtitle with DXVA decoding
  • Enhanced skins
  • Supports FLV/MKV formats for video conversion
  • Added General Presets for video conversion
  • Shows in Playlist window
  • Fixed many bugs/suggestions posted in our forum (thanks to the postings)
  • Multi-sort in Playlist window
  • Enhanced context menus of Playlist/Video window
  • Added DVD Pal/NTSC for video conversion
  • Supports Crossfade for mono
  • Fixed video window resizing for EVR
  • Fixed WAV playback (GSM codec)
  • Fixed OSD (Music) opacity
  • Transparent spectrum background in Media Center (set SpectrumColor_Back / SpectrumColor_Dot as -1)
  • All Default skin sources included (only jsc files)

Muutokset v7.5.4 - v7.5.5

  • Fixed mouse wheel for full-screen video playback
  • Fixed OGG streaming for some URL
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.5.3 - v7.5.4

  • Fixed video window for EVR/VMR9
  • Audio Trimmer crashed when using OGG 5.1ch
  • Added Page Up/Down scroll in Remote Controller plugin (by Prev/Next buttons)
  • Fixed "Scan for Media" dialog box
  • Fixed menu language selection in DVD options
  • Support MusePack SV8 format
  • Fixed recording device selection in Vista
  • Resume did not work properly while playing
  • Fixed FLAC 24bit playback
  • Subtitle filter did not work with embedded subtitle when using ffdshow
  • Fixed analog CD playback in Vista
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.52 - v7.5.3

  • Fixed window border problem in Vista
  • Fixed video conversion for COWON L3
  • Fixed Pitch sound effect
  • OSD was always on
  • Fixed ID3 tag Comment field reading (to avoid conflict with iTunes)
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.51 - v7.52

  • DRC was active wrong
  • Fixed Context menu in Windows Explorer
  • Fixed Target Format selection in Audio Mixing Recorder
  • When erasing CD/RW, message was displayed incorrectly
  • Screen saver was activated even when playing video in Vista
  • Sometimes subtitle was not displayed when playing DVD with internal video decoder
  • Some unicode subtitles were displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.19 - v7.51

  • Language settings did not work properly when not loading language packs
  • Support color control for EVR
  • Update internal video decoder
  • Added .ts, .tp extensions in Tooltip Extension for Explorer
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.18 - v7.19

  • Fixed problems
  • PLS file did not start playback when double-clicked
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.1.7 - v7.18

  • Fixed problems
  • Disc did not start playback when using Play Disc button
  • Wrong skin file was included

Muutokset v7.1.0 - v7.1.7

  • Fixed Audio Stream Switcher bug when using internal audio decoder for multi-audio files
  • Support COWON P5/A2/S9 devices
  • Fixed WMA image tag to be compatible with Windows Media Player
  • Fixed resume for Audio CD digital playback
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Muutokset v7.0.5 - v7.1.0

  • "Part of a Compilation" tag field added
  • Sharpen & Denoise video filter when using internal DirectShow video codec
  • WavPack writer plugin
  • Fixed TTA (TrueAudio) plugin
  • Options for internal audio/video decoder usage
  • Can hide "Browse " item in Media Center window
  • Advanced options for DVD playback

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