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Muutokset v15.1 - v15.2

Muutokset v15 - v15.1

Muutokset v14.1 - v15

Muutokset v14.0.5 - v14.1

Muutokset v14 - v14.0.5

Muutokset v13.10 - v14

Muutokset v13.9 - v13.10

Muutokset v13.8 - v13.9

Muutokset v13.7 - v13.8

Muutokset v13.6 - v13.7

Muutokset v13.5 - v13.6

Muutokset v13.4 - v13.5

Muutokset v12.7 - v13

Muutokset v12.3 - v12.7

  • News and Updates
  • Supports 3-digit hex colors too (#ABC meaning #AABBC)
  • Developers: Added setWhenAdded to jAlbum's AlbumObject API
  • Native Mac file chooser now also supports filtering on file types
  • Added a "Thread dump" button to jAlbum's system console window to ease debugging
  • Developers: Made layoutHints property available via Config API
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Base and Fully
  • Updated German and Dutch translations. Thank you translators!
  • Refactored out old code
  • Bug fixes
  • Updating some skins on Windows (Turtle for instance) caused file locked warnings
  • Newly added videos couldn't be edited (clip start/stop and representing thumbnail)
  • Fixed bug causing remote directory to be set to another project's remote directory setting when switching projects while upload window is still open
  • Moving between images in edit mode was slow due to non functioning image cacheing
  • Fixed bug causing nullpointer exception on some image tools
  • "Save copy as" could generate images with inconsistent orientation information thereby causing images to be presented sideways

Muutokset v12.2.4 - v12.3

  • ◾30 more trial days for those of you who've tried earlier releases but still not have a v12 license
  • ◾All windows and panels now feature context sensitive help (F1 or clicking "?" button)
  • ◾New Facebook importer, see "Add" button
  • ◾Uploads are now more robust than ever. Uploader routines and libraries updated
  • ◾Skin developers: JavaScript as scripting language added to album engine. You can now script skins in either BeanShell (interpreted Java) or JavaScript.
  • ◾Enables individual images to be excluded from image effects
  • ◾Updated image crop tool. Now for instance remembers last used aspect ratio
  • ◾Prevents users from accidentally overwriting web files when uploading albums
  • ◾Size of recent project menu is now configurable
  • ◾Updated Share panel with embed code embedded into panel
  • ◾Bundled with updated Turtle and Base skins
  • Bug fixes
  • ◾jAlbum couldn't handle images fed directly from a drive root ("F:\" for instance)
  • ◾Videos having non squary pixels weren't presented with the correct aspect ratio

Muutokset v11.5 - v11.6

Muutokset v9.1.3 - v9.2

Muutokset v9.1.2 - v9.1.3

  • Bug fixes
  • Version 9.1.2 introduced a bug where the album was always generated on the C: drive on Windows no matter the output directory setting
  • Mac and Linux users couldn't previously use filesystem soft links referencing the image directory and output directory

Muutokset v9.1 - v9.1.2

  • News and Updates
  • Turkish translation updated
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixes bug that was introduced in v9 that caused some skins to break: JSP-style comments in included code snippets caused album build to fail
  • Fixes bug that was introduced in v9 that caused the removal of unnecessary newlines in the generated html code to not work for included code snippets

Muutokset v9 - v9.1

  • News and Updates
  • New tool to convert links to copies (right click album objects to access it from the context menu)
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug that caused the recent album project list to sometimes be cleared (has been around for years)
  • Keyboard navigation focus was lost when moving into subfolders and to the parent folder
  • On some occations, the donate reminder dialog could show even for users who had donated or paid for a Premium or Power account

Muutokset v8.12.2 - v8.13

  • aims at improving Jalbum as a backup and restore service for your images. As you face the upload confirmation dialog, there is now a new checkbox that lets you include high resolution images with your album.

Muutokset v8.10 - v8.11

  • Displays the file name in grey below album objects that lack a description (when View->Label type is set to "Caption")
  • Includes a new Tool to simplify translating Jalbum and Jalbum skins to different languages (see Tools->Translator)
  • French, Korean and Hungarian languages updated. Thank you translators!
  • Bundled Turtle skin updated to v1.3.4

Muutokset v8.9.3 - v8.10

  • Image captions can be edited in thumbnail view as well as in edit view. This speeds up your album creation considerably and improves overview.
  • Donors can now disable credit links back to
  • You can now use tab and shift-tab to navigate between objects of an album project
  • Removed the dreaded "Output to image directory" setting
  • Faster loading of large album projects
  • Bundled Turtle skin now loads far faster (compiled UI code) and updated with new features
  • Made the "Directory" and "Output directory" fields more visible so Jalbum's model isn't too hidden
  • One can now right click the "Directory" and "Output directory" fields and select "Open in file system"
  • Skin installer now defaults to checking "install" checkbox for already installed skins making updating skins more convenient
  • Updated English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Slovak, German, French, Portugues and Spanish translations. Thank you dear translators for your valuable help!
  • Defaults to showing your final web album in the browser after publishing to your own site (when not being signed in)
  • New "xmp" variable available for skin developers containing raw xmp properties
  • Skins may now disable the superimposing of a film icon on movies by setting the "superimposeFilmIcon" skin property to false
  • The embedded skin editor now remembers last window size and position
  • Added detection of "datetime original" and "datetime digitized" xmp properties
  • Various minor code adjustments
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix to relativePath when referring across devices
  • GPS coordinates written by recent Nikon software was being misinterpreted

Muutokset v8.9.2 - v8.9.3

  • News and UpdatesWhen repairing broken links in album projects, Jalbum now also automatically repairs broken links in subfolders
  • The embedded skin text editor now launches faster when opening multiple documents (CTRL+SHIFT+E)
  • Image specific and folder specific variables now have higher precedence than global user variables. This change makes user variables behave as expected and opens up for more flexible use for advanced users
  • Uses faster API for file copy operations (Java NIO)
  • Updated bundled Turtle skin to v1.3, now with improved Google maps integration, bug fixes and sharing abilities with social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Updated Finnish, Polish and Romanian translations. Thank you translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Repairing broken links in album projects when moving between PC and Mac was tedious. Should now work far better.
  • Fix to image size calculation. Could sometimes differ one pixel between physical size (correct) and size reported in generated pages

Muutokset v8.9.1 - v8.9.2

  • News and Updates
  • The embedded text editor updated. Among the changes is a new tabbed UI, anti-aliased text and multi document search & replace
  • Installer updated to AdvancedInstaller 7.7. Several bug fixes
  • Context sensitive help added
  • Skins can now supply their own media.rss template file
  • User installed skins are indicated in bold in the skin list
  • Right clicking between thumbnails allows you to edit properties for the current folder. (Enables you to edit custom properties for the album itself)
  • On user request: Reverted to storing bundled skins under the installation folder again (but made them removable)
  • New external tool to reset Jalbum to factory default settings
  • Skin developers: You now have access to the embedded text editor via new "TextEditor" API.
  • Installed skins now get the last modified date set in the skin package
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Simplicity and Galleria. Thank you skin developers!
  • Updated Notification API
  • European portugues translation added
  • Updated translations. Thank you all translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Running Jalbum in command line broken for some skins since 8.9
  • Dismissed notifications sometimes popped up again. Could take a couple of dismissals until they finally went away.
  • The collapsible panels now respect the color of the selected look and feel
  • The detection of circular folder references in the album engine wasn't working, resulting in out of memory condition
  • Version number comparator couldn't handle going from x.9 to x.10.

Muutokset v8.9 - v8.9.1

  • News and Updates
  • Notification API (introduced in Jalbum 8.9) enhanced and rewritten
  • Bug fixes
  • Korean translation for Simplicity skin was broken

Muutokset v8.8 - v8.9

  • News and Updates
  • Prepared for Jalbum's future photo book service
  • New notification panel for non-intrusive, information messages
  • Linux version should now run on Open Java as well as Sun's Java
  • Better detection of circular folder references. Throws descriptive error instead of wasting all available RAM during album build
  • Developers: New SkinModel and SlideModel classes for skins that wish to decide on the data type mapping of variables and set defaults
  • Developers: JCustomPanel now prevents calls to saveUI when loading the UI. This makes it safe to use plain event listeners or Jalbum's new StateMonitor to synchronize component state and then call saveUI from there.
  • Developers: LinkFile objects print themselves more clearly
  • Developers: Jalbum's internal HttpConnection class can now upload files
  • Developers: Jalbum's SignInManager can now throw PropertyChangeEvents when signing in/out
  • Developers: Jalbum's FileFilters utility class can now generate JPEGs to RAM memory
  • Eight languages updated. Thank you dear translators!
  • Bug fixes
  • Opening the file chooser on Windows while running Jalbum on Java 1.5 would fail
  • Fixes bug in relativePath calculation. The bug caused incorrect paths between folders with similar names ("res" and "restaurant" for instance)
  • Jalbum sometimes scaled images one pixel too small. Having a 2000x2000 bound could make Jalbum scale to 1999xsomething (rounding error). This one has been around since Jalbum 1.0 probably
  • Fixed bug in Jalbum's edit panel. The image being edited was left even when moving to the explore view or switching album project. Now the currently edited image is cleared when editing is done (We do a setAlbumObject(null), therefore check any image specific UI plugins that they can handle null as argument to setAlbumObject!
  • JAlbum's PropertySettingFilterWrapper class now compatible with Jalbum's XML serialization
  • Fixed bug in Jalbum's AlbumImage class when using files that haven't had their variables initialized
  • Fixed bug in reading text resources over a network (we were assuming local file system access)
  • Jalbum's classic Blur and Sharpen filters wouldn't handle images having other color models than RGB

Muutokset v8.7.2 - v8.8

  • News and Updates
  • Windows users now get the native Windows file chooser when adding images to Jalbum
  • Ability to sign in using either email or username (even for first time sign in)
  • More forgiving when reading corrupted images (will load using old API if new API fails)
  • Image bounds selector modified so it is more obvious that one can set any image bounds, not just the presets
  • New splash screen and sign in window (with the close button to the right this time)
  • Updated bundled skins Turtle, Chameleon, Galleria and Simplicity. Thanks all skin developers!
  • On Windows, bundled skins are now installed in the same location as installed skins (under AppData\Jalbum\skins)
  • New variable "contentPath". contentPath works like imagePath, but links to the content of movie files instead of to an icon
  • New variable "mimeType" available. mimeType reads from system/filetypes.xml. (Currently only a few file types have MIME type defined)
  • Image specific skin defined variables now have automatic data type mapping too (were previously all considered Strings)
  • Bug fixes
  • Media RSS file wasn't linking properly to movie files

Muutokset v8.7.1 - v8.7.2

  • News and Updates
  • Skin developers now have a handy skin property editor located under Tools->Skin developer. Thank you Tom for this addition!
  • Bug fixes
  • Some skins were not installed correctly - were missing files. Since v8.5
  • Previewing albums or opening file system folders from within Jalbum was broken for some users (Suspected bug in new Java 1.6 java.awt.Desktop API). Since 8.7
  • Bundled skin Chameleon had a bug which corrupts the album generation with pictures holding no metadata

Muutokset v8.6 - v8.7

  • News and Updates
  • New spectacular skin as default: Turtle
  • Credit links can now easily be removed with a checkbox tick (Premium accounts only)
  • Warns if skins require an updated Jalbum
  • Figures out location of "My Pictures" dynamically using registry lookup on Windows
  • Better behavior on Linux: Repackaged specifically for Ubuntu. Skins are installed under user home. Better browser and file system integration.
  • Various API improvements for skin developers. See
  • Several languages updated. Thanks goes to all translators and specifically to Miguel Herrero Baena for updating the Spanish translation for Jalbum and all bundled skins!
  • Bug fixes
  • Skin hints were sometimes not applied when starting Jalbum

Muutokset v8.5.3 - v8.6

  • News and Updates
  • Skins may now have style specific hints too. By putting style hints files in the styles folder of a skin, these hints are applied when loading a skin or picking a style. A style specific hint has the format