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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Internet Friendly Media Encoder (64-bit)

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Muutokset v7.6 - v7.7

Muutokset v7.5 - v7.6

Muutokset v5.0.9.0 - v5.1.0.0

Muutokset v4.9.1.0 - v4.9.3.0

  • [fixed] Half way encoding (decoder issue)
  • [fixed] Failed to read stream mapping
  • [fixed] Ask updater not to delete, just overwrite.

Muutokset v4.7.4.0 - v4.9.1.0

  • Today IFME 4.9.1 has been release, cover so many critical bug and error, especially "Variable Frame Rate" video, other error that video under CQP and BitRate based cannot be encoded. If you using Windows, you can start installing Nero AAC! just check at our Addons page!

Muutokset v4.7.2.0 - v4.7.4.0

  • From here, IFME changed to new flat design icon.
  • [added] German translation by Criz
  • [added] Greek translation by mikroner
  • [added] Arabic translation by Ani Moy (The Leader)
  • [added] Spanish translation by Francisco Pozo 'DJ FrANKy EHP
  • [fixed] Missing temporary folder check, reported by:

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