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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Inkscape (64-bit)

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Muutokset v0.92.2 - v0.92.3

Muutokset v0.92.1 - v0.92.2

Muutokset v0.48.5 - v0.91

  • Release highlights
  • Released on 2015-01-28.
  • Cairo rendering for display and PNG export
  • OpenMP multithreading for all filters
  • C++ code conversion
  • Major improvements in the Text tool
  • Measure tool
  • Type design features [1],[2]
  • Symbol library and support for Visio stencils
  • Cross platform WMF and EMF import and export
  • Improved support for Corel DRAW documents, Visio importer
  • Support for real world document and page size units, e.g. millimeters
  • Numerous usability improvements
  • Native Windows 64-bit build
  • Notable bug fixes
  • Notable bug fixes since last bug fix release (0.48.5):
  • Images are no longer recompressed when embedding or exporting them. [3]
  • Relative image paths are no longer stored as absolute (regression introduced with 0.47).
  • Many rendering glitches were fixed.
  • The rendering of the stroke on transformed objects now matches the SVG specification.
  • Values entered in the numeric input boxes for the selector tool (X, Y, width, height) are much more accurately applied.
  • Inkscape launches faster due to new icon cache (on disk) and improved font loading. (Bug #488247)
  • More here:

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