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Muutokset v3.05.2.558 - v3.06.0.564

Muutokset v3.04.0.554 - v3.05.2.558

Muutokset v3.02.0.552 - v3.04.0.554

Muutokset v3.01.0.550 - v3.02.0.552

Muutokset v3.00.0.549 - v3.01.0.550

Muutokset v2.08.0.545 - v2.09.0.548

  • Fixed setting of DPI in EXIF photo information when DPI value changed.
  • Fixed automatic check for updates so that it does not crash when retrieving setting from Windows registry if user does not have access.
  • Added Czech translation corrections.
  • Applied minor UI fixes to buttons.
  • Changed browse for folder dialog in Windows Vista to be old style as new style pre v2.08.
  • Changed default selected Filename option to be "Create copies".
  • Changed rotations to be applied before resize.
  • Added "Center image in target resolution" resize setting.
  • Added "Insert symbol option" to watermarks to add copyright, registered, trademark and other common symbols to text watermarks.
  • Fixed reloading of saved rotation settings.
  • Fixed display of text watermark setting textbox.

Muutokset v2.07.0.540 - v2.08.0.545

  • Fixed problem with Auto-rotate feature that caused images without EXIF Orientation setting not to be resized. (Professional Edition)
  • Applied minor UI fixes to buttons.
  • Changed browse for destination folder and browse for Add from folder dialogs for Windows 7+ to be Windows 7 style.

Muutokset v2.06.0.538 - v2.07.0.540

  • Added Fit to window/original size toggle buttons to Preview window.
  • Added slider bar for watermark rotation. (Professional Edition)
  • Minor UI updates.
  • Fixed high CPU usage issue when running Fotosizer.
  • Added setting to Options window to turn off sorting on photo list for adding and removing images.
  • Added corner radius setting for rounded corners. (Professional Edition)
  • Updated Turkish translations.
  • Updated Dutch translations.

Muutokset v2.04.0.535 - v2.05.0.536

Muutokset v2.03.0.534 - v2.04.0.535

Muutokset v2.02.0.532 - v2.03.0.534

Muutokset v2.01.0.530 - v2.02.0.532

Muutokset v1.38.0.528 - v2.01.0.530

Muutokset v1.37.0.526 - v1.38.0.528

Muutokset v1.36.0.524 - v1.37.0.526

Muutokset v1.35.0.519 - v1.36.0.524

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