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Muutokset v12.9.0 - v12.14.0

Muutokset v12.5.0 - v12.6.0

Muutokset v10.7.4 - v11.0.0

Muutokset v10.7.3 - v10.7.4

Muutokset v10.4.1 - v10.6.3

Muutokset v10.1.0 - v10.4.1

Muutokset v9.3.4 - v10.1.0

Muutokset v9.3.4 - v10.0.0 beta

  • - Note! This is a beta version - for example split and compare are not yet implemented. Updates coming daily.
  • Don't run this version on the 9.3.4 version options ini and language files. In other words, unzip files into a new directory.
  • Use the GitHub Issues page to report bugs or send them directly to
  • - Changed SynEdit to own TBCEditor component with new features and much better future development possibilities
  • - Highlighters and colors are separated into files
  • - Styles changed to skins - skin editor:
  • - Added code folding
  • - Added new optional menu bar with bigger images and captions
  • - Added menu for language, skin, and view (user interface element) selection
  • - Added caret, code folding, color, completion proposal, font, matching pair, minimap, scroll, selection, special chars, and tabs options
  • - Encoding, highlighter and color selection moved to title bar
  • - Macro moved to status bar
  • - Refactored search and goto line
  • - Fixed open, save, and print dialogs
  • - Fixed minimap
  • - Fixed print preview
  • - Fixed icons
  • - Fixed language files
  • - Fixed options ini file

Muutokset v9.3.3 - v9.3.4

  • - Added language file contributors to about box
  • - Added Chinese language, translated by Ma Xiaoguang
  • - Added Thai language, translated by Satit Archanusorn
  • - Fixed file mask in find in files
  • - Fixed ITaskbarlist3 interface not supported on this OS version (XP) bug
  • - Fixed word wrap selection
  • - Updated development environment
  • - Updated third-party components

Muutokset v9.3.1 - v9.3.3

  • - Fixed XML tree
  • - Fixed find in files dialog
  • - Fixed replace dialog
  • Version 9.3.2 (Jun 3, 2014)
  • - Fixed toolbar options popup menu

Muutokset v9.1.3 - v9.2.0

  • - Added a full file path to the status bar when a file clicked from the directory
  • - Added a progress bar for multiple file drag and drop
  • - Added check box (optional) to search results output
  • - Added open selected, copy selected to clipboard, and select and unselect all to search result output popup menu
  • - Added show check box option for output
  • - Added Glossy and Tablet Dark styles
  • - Added regular expressions, wild card, and prompt on replace options for replace
  • - Added delete line for replace
  • - Added replace and find in files options into ini file
  • - Refactored find in files dialog
  • - Refactored replace dialog
  • - Refactored directory tab dialog
  • - Refactored group box component
  • - Fixed file tree view component
  • - Fixed print preview scrollbar resize bug
  • - Fixed output scrollbar resizing
  • - Fixed editor font options
  • - Fixed option frames
  • - Updated styles
  • - Updated language files
  • - Updated third-party components

Muutokset v9.1.0 - v9.1.3

  • Fixed out of resources bug
  • Fixed application event handling
  • Fixed DTD is prohibited error with XML documents

Muutokset v9.0.3 - v9.1.0

  • Added box selection keyboard shortcuts (shift+alt+arrows) for column mode (thanks to DEKO)
  • Added caret position to ini
  • Fixed application event processing
  • Fixed SQL formatter options writing to ini
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v9.0.2 - v9.0.3

  • Fixed slow file opening
  • Fixed go to line - only number allowed

Muutokset v9.0.1 - v9.0.2

  • Fixed system icons for Windows XP (Update your OS, please)
  • Fixed search
  • Fixed compare style bugs
  • Fixed reopen file icons
  • Fixed delete of characters when auto indent enabled

Muutokset v9.0.0 - v9.0.1

  • Fixed auto size horizontal scroll width
  • Fixed open, close, and close all files

Muutokset v8.9.2 - v9.0.0

  • Added show search map and search highlighter options
  • Fixed print preview toggle line numbers and word wrap buttons
  • Fixed application exit
  • Fixed file opening from output
  • Fixed close all other
  • Updated language files
  • Updated third-party components

Muutokset v8.9.1 - v8.9.2

  • Fixed search bugs
  • Fixed select from directory
  • Updated third-party components

Muutokset v8.9.0 - v8.9.1

  • Fixed search bugs
  • Removed unsupported SQL formatter databases

Muutokset v8.8.0 - v8.9.0

  • Added search highlighting
  • Added search map
  • Added document-specific search option
  • Fixed find in files search with &-characters
  • Fixed buttoned label background color dark style bug
  • Fixed open, save, and close all

Muutokset v8.7.0 - v8.8.0

  • Added non-blinking caret font color option
  • Fixed XML tree parsing
  • Fixed about box

Muutokset v8.6.6 - v8.7.0

Muutokset v8.6.5 - v8.6.6

Muutokset v8.6.4 - v8.6.5

  • Fixed about box
  • Fixed print preview
  • Fixed language editor
  • Fixed auto indent delete bug
  • Fixed file renaming
  • Updated third-party components

Muutokset v8.6.3 - v8.6.4

  • Fixed search in files
  • Fixed remote file access check
  • Fixed color combo box component
  • Fixed directory drive refresh
  • Fixed checking of document time change
  • Fixed unicode character map double click
  • Fixed file tree view component
  • Updated language files
  • Updated third-party components

Muutokset v8.6.1 - v8.6.3

  • Fixed toolbar options
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v8.6.0 - v8.6.1

  • Fixed toolbar options
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v8.5.0 - v8.6.0

  • Added context menu item in directory popup menu
  • Added hour glass cursor for file counting in find in files
  • Added reset menu items for toolbar options
  • Fixed memory leaks with FastMM
  • Fixed a rare bug when the output splitter was aligned under the output panel
  • Fixed HTML error checking
  • Fixed HP48 highlighter access violation
  • Fixed output scroll bars invalidation in find in files
  • Fixed file control components
  • Fixed toolbar options
  • Refactored file types options
  • Refactored all icons into one unit
  • Updated examples
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v8.4.2 - v8.5.0

  • Added show overlay icons option for the directory
  • Added show line numbers after last line option for the left margin
  • Refactored tool bar options
  • Fixed insert line shortcut - was overlapping with File->New
  • Fixed begin dragging bug when document time was changed
  • Updated language files
  • Updated third-party components

Muutokset v8.4.1 - v8.4.2

Muutokset v8.4.0 - v8.4.1

  • Fixed VRML highlighter
  • Fixed options form
  • Updated and added examples by netcyphe
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v8.3.0 - v8.4.0

Muutokset v8.2.0 - v8.3.0

Muutokset v8.1.3 - v8.2.0

  • Added auto save information to the statusbar when auto save is on
  • Added checks if the application form is outside of the screen workarea
  • Added selected option tree item to ini file
  • Fixed view in browser
  • Refactored options container
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v8.1.2 - v8.1.3

  • Fixed dark style active line background color
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v8.1.0 - v8.1.2

  • Fixed minimap invalidation
  • Fixed application closing
  • Fixed output file opening
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v8.0.0 - v8.1.0

  • Added minimap width option
  • Fixed vertical scroll
  • Fixed minimap font change
  • Fixed directory selection drawing
  • Fixed directory initialization
  • Updated language files
  • Updated third-party components

Muutokset v7.9.3 - v8.0.0

  • Added minimap font option
  • Added right margin mouse move option
  • Added show bookmark panel option
  • Fixed editor component
  • Fixed show bookmarks option
  • Fixed find in files
  • Refactored minimap
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v7.9.2 - v7.9.3

  • Fixed find in files
  • Fixed color combobox double buffering
  • Fixed left margin border style
  • Fixed delete file/directory
  • Fixed left margin autosize
  • Updated language files

Muutokset v7.9.1 - v7.9.2

Muutokset v7.90 - v7.9.1

Muutokset v7.8.0 - v7.8.1

  • Fixed line number color in dark styles

Muutokset v7.7.2 - v7.8.0

Muutokset v7.7.0 - v7.7.2

Muutokset v7.6.6 - v7.7.0

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