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Muutokset v12.2.2276 - v12.3.2279

Muutokset 2015 (10.0.2208) - 2015 R2 (10.2.2214)

  • Improved Windows 10 Compatibility
  • Browser Cleanup integrated to Avast UI and added to Smart Scan
  • WebShield improvements for faster browsing and fixed issues with expired certificates
  • Avast NG virtualization – performance and stability fixes
  • AccessAnywhere feature is removed and replaced with remote connection feature available through Account screen in all editions (not limited to Premier)
  • New design of Chrome plugin
  • Better license activation during setup

Muutokset 2015 (10.0.2206) - 2015 (10.0.2208)

  • * Fixed problem with missing NG component under certain circumstances
  • * Fixed a bug in the keyboard driver causing problems with keyboards
  • * Better compatibility of the WebShield with some https pages (e.g. spotify, waze, etc.)
  • * SecureDNS - better logic of server selection resulting in performance improvements
  • * Fixed reported crashes

Muutokset 2014.9.0.2016 - v9.0.2018

  • Stream Filtering -- fixed stability and compatibility issues, it's running smooth and fast now, so no more browsing problems :-)
  • Firewall -- the firewall should be more stable and with better compatibility with other network applications. we spent a lot time analyzing various dumps you provided to us to increase
  • your confidence level
  • Android protection - we can protect (if you wish) your Android phones and tablets with avast! Free Mobile Security (through your active Google Account) automatically (during the installation or update)
  • A lot of fixed issues

Muutokset 2014 RC2 - 2014 RC3

  • IE browser plugin is now fully working
  • Fixed BSOD in FW module
  • Fixed GUI crashes
  • GUI tuning (other languages, visual glitches)

Muutokset 2014 Beta 2 (build 9.0.2001) - 2014 RC1

  • FW sometimes blocked downloading of files
  • WebShield is now fully IPv6 compatible
  • ARA was not fully compatible with previous versions of avast
  • UI statistics page was redesigned
  • Disabling of the Web Shield is now working fine
  • RescueDisk tuning (GUI & usability)

Muutokset 2014 BETA1 (build 9.0.2000) - 2014 Beta 2 (build 9.0.2001)

Muutokset v8.0.1489.300 - 2014 Beta 1 (build 9.0.2000)

Muutokset v8.0.1489.300 - v8.0.1497

Muutokset v8.0.1484 R2 beta - v8.0.1496 R3 beta

Muutokset v8.0.1483 - v8.0.1484 R2 beta

Muutokset v8.0.1482 - v8.0.1483

Muutokset v7.0.1456 - v8.0.1482

Muutokset v8.0 RC 2 - v8.0.1481 RTM

Muutokset v8.0 RC 1 - v8.0 RC 2

Muutokset v8.0.1478 Beta - v8.0 RC 1

Muutokset v8.0.1477 Beta - v8.0.1478 Beta

Muutokset v7.0.1407 - v7.0.1426

  • Improved File system speed
  • Improved AutoSandbox stability
  • Improved AutoSandbox controls
  • Improved gadgets
  • Compatibility with Win 8 Consumer Preview
  • Greater stability of Outlook plugins
  • Other security and stability-related improvements

Muutokset v7.0.1407 - v7.0.1414 R2 Beta

Muutokset v7.0.1407 - v7.0.1412 R2 Beta

Muutokset v6.0.1367 - v7.0.1407

Muutokset v7.0.1399 Beta 2 - v7.0.1401 Beta 3

Muutokset v6.0.1367 - v7 Public Beta

Muutokset v6.0.1289 - v6.0.1367

  • Script Shield now works with Google Chrome, all versions of Firefox and Acrobat Reader
  • Improvements in WebRep plugins (especially IE)
  • Stability improvements in aswSP.sys and the avast! sandbox
  • File system shield: improved on-close scanning
  • avast! Internet Security: new antispam engine
  • Web Shield and Script Shield: more options in the UI
  • Added in-product avast! Market
  • Various other security and stability related fixes

Muutokset v6.0.1203 - v6.0.1289

  • New Script Shield - now scanning deeper and supporting more host processes
  • Web Shield now scanning all processes by default
  • Stability improvements in aswSP.sys
  • Better tracking of file sources
  • WebRep now working in new versions of Firefox
  • Under-the-hood improvements in the Behavior Shield and Sandbox modules
  • Solved a compatibility problem with certain Steam-based games
  • Minor improvements in the product UI

Muutokset v6.0.1091 - v6.0.1203

  • improved compatibility with Windows Vista SP0/SP1 (activation issues)
  • attempt to solve the "Windows Media Player using a red skin" problem
  • Firewall: solved the compatibility problem with uTorrent
  • improved load time of WebRep IE plugin
  • fixed a bug in Google Chrome WebRep plugin causing excessive CPU usage
  • improvements in the silent installer
  • improved the CommunityIQ sample submission process
  • improved detection/removal of the most stubborn rootkits (TDL family)
  • various stability and compatibility improvements in the sandbox module
  • added new CreditAlert feature (US customers only)
  • added Thai and Serbian language packs

Muutokset v6.0 - v6.0.1091

  • solved a compatibility problem with ZoneAlarm (WinXP)
  • added WebRep Chrome extension
  • improved installation of the WebRep plugins (especially Firefox)
  • various fixes and improvements in the avast sandbox
  • setup programs now smaller by ~20%
  • Community features and the Welcome screen can now be turned on/off directly from program settings
  • solved a compatibility problem with Outpost firewall
  • solved a bug related to the AutoSandbox offer (WinXP)
  • gadget can now be removed by simply closing it
  • solved a compatibility problem with GameGuard and sXe
  • SafeZone improvements
  • improved sandbox logging
  • SafeZone is now a standalone setup package (can be installed/uninstalled separately)
  • improvements in password processing
  • improvements in the program uninstaller
  • solved a memory leak in the avast gadget
  • fixes in the File System Shield transient cache
  • various stability/compatibility improvements

Muutokset v5.1.889 - v6.0.986 Beta

  • AutoSandbox – suspicious programs will be optionally run sandboxed
  • avast! WebRep – browser plugin for website reputation rating; a combination of data from our virus lab and community voting
  • Script Shield now even in the Free AV
  • Site Blocking now even in the Free AV
  • SafeZone – a special virtualized area for sensitive transactions (e.g. secure online banking) (paid products only)
  • Restore factory settings command (Settings -> Troubleshooting)
  • Automatic actions in the boot-time scan
  • New compression method in the installer makes the setup packages about 20% smaller.
  • Script Shield now functional even with IE8/IE9 Protected Mode
  • Sidebar gadget
  • Improved stability/compatibility of the Behavior Shield
  • Improvements in the avast! sandbox
  • pretty much all the bugs from the previous beta builds should be solved now, with the following exceptions:
  • Firewall: uTorrent conflict not yet fully resolved
  • Firewall: packet rules for applications still don't support ASK and AUTO-DECIDE actions properly.
  • Incorrect context-menu handling in SafeZone
  • Other small visual issues in SafeZone

Muutokset v5.0.677 - v5.1.889

  • boot-time scanner now available even in 64-bit Windows
  • big improvements in the Behavior Shield
  • improvements in the antirootkit engine
  • improvements in the cleaning module
  • stability/performance improvements in the Web Shield
  • CommunityIQ improvements
  • added support for sound packs
  • minor improvements in the user interface
  • minor fixes in the firewall (Internet Security only)

Muutokset v5.0.594 - v5.0.677

  • solved a problem that could lead to disappearing of the avast service
  • Behavior Shield: solved a minor stability issue (aswSP.sys) + solved a Win7 issue
  • performance and stability improvements in the avast! sandbox
  • changes in the engine allowing us to generically detect/block some new types of exploits
  • speed improvements in the updater
  • IS: fixed a vulnerability in aswFw.sys (Secunia Advisory SA40868)
  • solved a vulnerability related to license files (Secunia Advisory SA41109)
  • solved a problem with scanning of files with very long path names
  • fixed the updater in East-Asian versions of avast running with Windows set to a different locale
  • IS: improvements in the Outlook antispam plugin
  • IS firewall: improvement in the path name matching
  • IS: upgraded to the new version of antispam engine
  • minor changes and fixes in the GUI
  • fixes in the screen reader support
  • fixed a bug where the File System Shield was scanning some files even after being disabled
  • added trimming of setup.log
  • added Danish, Hebrew and Urdu language packs

Muutokset v5.0.545 - v5.0.594

  • improved interaction with Windows System Restore; namely, avast now auto-repairs itself when it detects a corrupted VPS due to a System Restore (or other reasons)
  • aswSP.sys: solved a minor stability issue
  • solved a problem related to inserting of the license files
  • added the activation code feature
  • solved a problem when avast was progressively slowing down (especially in conjunction with the screensaver)
  • performance improvements in the Behavior Shield
  • avast Screen saver now accessible even in 64-bit Windows Vista
  • stability improvement in aswTdi.sys (solved a compatibility problem with AVG)
  • IS firewall: solved a potential BSOD condition
  • various improvements in the avast! sandbox module
  • minor fixes in the GUI
  • added Catalan and Belarusian language packs

Muutokset v5.0.507 - v5.0.545

  • Most notable improvements include:
  • Solved a bug related to submission of false positives
  • Improvements in the Behavior Shield (realtime antirootkit part)
  • Sandbox: many functional, stability and performance improvements
  • Firewall: VPN compatibility fixes (should now work even in Public zone etc)
  • Firewall: solved an issue related to hang and/or crash of the afwServ.exe process
  • Finally works with major screen readers (avast is now blind-friendly)
  • Compatibility improvements in the Web Shield
  • Various fixes in the Outlook antispam add-in
  • Improved detection of droppers
  • Setup program of the Pro AV now also accepts v4.x license keys
  • Right-to-left support
  • Added Croatian and Arabic language packs

Muutokset v5.0.418 - v5.0.462

  • important fixes related to the installation of the firewall under 64-bit Windows
  • fixed a potential memory leak in the firewall
  • Vista/W7: solved a compatibility problem with System Restore
  • added access keys – the program can be easily now controlled via keyboard
  • solved a problem with the “I only connect to the Internet using a dial up modem” update setting
  • fixed multiple issues in the sandbox (plus a few performance improvements)
  • this new version is now able to communicate with avast! WHS Edition
  • fixed a bug related to the inserting of license files into the program
  • fixed a problem in the Outlook plugin related to inserting of notes into HTML emails
  • solved a compatibility problem with SmithMicro Poser 8 and similar applications
  • improvements in the submission system
  • improvements in the Free AV registration system
  • better handling of errors in case of real-time shield actions
  • improved compatibility with Apple BootCamp
  • improved default firewall rules
  • low priority scans now use much less CPU (but run accordingly longer)
  • components of the avast setup/update process are now digitally signed
  • minor improvements in the GUI
  • new language packs: Greek, Slovak and Ukrainian. This makes the current number of supported languages 19.

Muutokset v5.0.396 - v5.0.418

  • stability improvements in the Behavior Shield
  • improved compatibility with MBAM Pro (Windows XP)
  • improvements in the rootkit scanner
  • solved a vulnerability in AavmKer4.sys (Windows 2000/XP only) - special thanks to Tobias Klein
  • ProAV + IS: solved a problem with Acrobat hanging when opening pdf files directly from IE
  • firewall: low-level packet rules are back in the Expert settings
  • improvements in the licensing engine
  • new languages: Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Korean, Bulgarian, Hungarian. This makes the current number of supported languages 16

Muutokset v5.0.363 Beta - v5.0.366 Beta

  • Flaky browsing (in IE)
  • High CPU usage in the System process
  • General stability issues
  • BSODs caused by the sandbox

Muutokset v5.0.239 Beta - v5.0.259 Beta

  • Both Free AV and IS:
  • solved the pesky updater issue (AvastUI.exe error 0xC0000022)
  • solved a rare BSOD issue in aswSP.sys
  • IS only:
  • dial-up network should now work as expected (and be firewalled)
  • fixed a few bugs (crashes and issues) in the Virtualization component
  • fixed a crash issue in the Outlook antispam plugin

Muutokset v4.8.1367 - v4.8.1368

  • now compatible with Windows 95/98 again

Muutokset v4.8.1356 - v4.8.1367

  • improvements in the malware URL blockers
  • solved a vulnerability in aswRdr.sys (CVE-2009-4049) (special thanks to Giuseppe Bonfa)

Muutokset v4.8.1351 - v4.8.1356

  • solved a memory leak in the GZIP unpacker
  • solved vulnerabilities in AavmKer4.sys, aswMon2.sys and ashWsFtr.dll (special thanks to Giuseppe Bonfa, Alex and Maxim A. Kulakov)

Muutokset v4.8.1335.90415 - v4.8.1351

  • improvements in some unpackers (WinExec, Installers, Droppers)
  • various fixes and improvements in the scanning engine
  • Standard Shield: stability improvements in the kernel-mode drivers
  • preparations for smoother migration to v5 (when it's released)

Muutokset v4.8.1296 - v4.8.1335

  • improvements in some unpackers (WinExec, Installer, ZIP)
  • improved memory scan, especially under 64-bit operating systems
  • fixed a possible deadlock condition when copying system files from some removable media
  • fixed a possible problem with access rights when deleting infected files on reboot
  • Web Shield: minor stability fixes
  • Internet Mail: and now ignored on port 25 (as these are SSL only)
  • improved healing of some infected files
  • various fixes and improvements in the scanning engine
  • Web Shield now scans pages compressed with the "deflate" algorithm
  • performance optimization of Standard Shield under Windows Vista
  • improvements in the automatic sample submission system
  • improvements in the URL blocker

Muutokset v4.8.1290 - v4.8.1296

  • minor improvements in some unpackers
  • improvements in the false positive submission system
  • speed optimization in kernel-mode components
  • XML scan reports now generated in UTF-8 format (allow for non-Latin characters)

Muutokset v4.8.1282 - v4.8.1290

  • improvements in the malware submission system
  • minor improvements in some unpackers
  • improvements in the rootkit scanner
  • Network Shield: solved a problem occurring on systems with missing TCP stack

Muutokset v4.8.1229 - v4.8.1282

  • improvements in some unpackers (Zip, 7-Zip, WinExec, Installer)
  • fixed incompatibility with ext2fsd driver
  • fixed a problem in The Bat! plugin (causing orphaned thebat.exe processes after the program was closed)
  • added new unpacker "droppers" (by default turned on in all tasks including the real time scanner)
  • fixed a problem with actions on infected files with special names
  • Network Shield: added a component for blocking of malware URLs
  • added the possibility of sending of statistical information about detected viruses
  • added a new option of reporting of false positives
  • improved the submission from the Virus Chest (now based on HTTP protocol)
  • added a component for gathering of new samples from exploited pages
  • implemented a limit of the maximum size of the selfdef.log file
  • speed optimizations in the updater
  • speed optimizations in the scanning engine
  • solved a minor conflict with McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • added support for the Windows Security Center in Vista SP1 (new API)
  • minor fixes in the Web Shield
  • removed support for ICQ a MSN Messenger alerts

Muutokset v4.8.1201 - v4.8.1229

  • Web Shield: solved compatibility problems with Opera browser
  • Web Shield: solved problems with some D-Link router devices

Muutokset v4.8.1195 - v4.8.1201

  • Solved incompatibility with System Safety Monitor
  • Improved compatibility of the self defense module with XP SP3 (and its installation)
  • Minor enhancements in the Web Shield (detection of streaming content)
  • Minor fixes in the updater

Muutokset v4.7.986 - v4.7.1001

  • Professional Edition: fixed installation of the ScriptBlocker module which could have previously caused various problems (e.g. in Internet Explorer)
  • program installation now completes successfully even if Spyware Doctor is installed (the "OnGuard" module of Spyware Doctor contains a bug that was previously preventing the avast installation from working correctly)
  • program installation now better handles the situation when repairing previous (corrupted) installs
  • mail scanner: fix for marking of new emails as "read" (the problem was taking place in Thunderbird 2.0 in conjunction with some IMAP servers)
  • fix for scanning of areas with East Asian names (Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista)
  • added Armadillo unpacker

Muutokset v4.7.892 - v4.7.981

  • Fixed extra-long duration of the boot-time scan under Windows Vista
  • WebShield: improved compatibility with Windows Vista
  • WebShield: better support for HTTP method CONNECT in upstream proxy scenarios
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in aswrdr.sys
  • Auto-updates now use much less CPU resources (should not interfere with other CPU-intensive programs running on the computer, e.g. games)
  • Added a new unpacker: "installers"; useful especially for detection of malware droppers
  • Outlook/Exchange provider: improved compatibility with Outlook 2007
  • Boot-time scanner: fix for the case when there's the /NOGUIBOOT option in boot.ini (or BCD on Windows Vista)
  • Fixed a problem in Standard Shield under Windows Vista related to saving of Word 2007 documents on FAT partitions
  • Email alerts now use correct formatting even for non-Latin characters
  • Fixed a rare problem in Standard Shield related to handling of disk volumes mounted to NTFS directories
  • Further enhancements in executable unpackers
  • Fixed a bug in ZOO unpacker (special thanks to Jean-Sébastien Guay-Leroux)
  • Task scheduler: it's now possible to specify which days of week the task should run
  • Command-line scanner (ashCmd.exe) now supports a couple of more command-line options, mostly related to handling of infected files
  • Mail scanner: improved deleting of entire emails (virus embedded in email body)
  • Fixed opening of the sounds settings dialog under certain operating systems
  • Avast! screensaver now available even under Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Better detection of corrupted/modified VPS file
  • WebShield: other minor fixes
  • Added Macedonian, Croatian and Portuguese (not Brazilian) language packs

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