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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Freemake Video Converter

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Muutokset v4.1.9.33 - v4.1.10

Muutokset v4.1.7 - v4.1.9

Muutokset v4.1.6 - v4.1.7

Muutokset v4.1.4.14 - v4.1.5

  • Improved the software stability
  • Several minor bug fixes

Muutokset v4.1.0.1 - v4.1.1.0

Muutokset v4.0.4.5 - v4.1.0

Muutokset v3.2.1.9 - v4.0.0.0

  • Added the new DVD menus
  • Added the auto-crop option
  • Added the auto-backup option
  • Added the possibility to set a custom DVD background
  • Fixed the problem with temporary DVD folders
  • Improved the software stability
  • Minor interface changes

Muutokset v3.2.0 - v3.2.1.0

  • Fixed the problem with YouTube videos download

Muutokset v3.1.1 - v3.1.2

  • Added the new preset for iPhone 5
  • Fixed the issue with certain videos download from YouTube

Muutokset v3.0.2.8 - v3.1.1

  • Minor bug fixes

Muutokset v3.0.1.21 - v3.0.2

  • Added the possibility to download iFrame embedded YouTube videos
  • Added the support for TED.com
  • Fixed the issue with downloading from Vimeo, TubePlus and other sites

Muutokset v2.4.0 - v3.0.0

  • Added the option to create HTML5 video (Ogg Theora, WebM, H.264) with the example of web page integration
  • Added the conversion to Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry mobiles
  • Added the option to save format buttons to Favorites
  • Added 1280x800 and 640x480 presets for Android
  • Added MP2 audio codec to DVD parameters
  • Added the ability to save 5.1 channels for DVD
  • Improved the output quality of lengthy DVD videos
  • Increased subtitles size
  • Fixed the issue with 5.1 channels

Muutokset v2.3.4.2 - v2.4.0

  • Added the localization to Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • Fixed the problem with Blu-ray video burning

Muutokset v2.3.3.0 - v2.3.4.0

  • Added the language change module into the program
  • Added the localization to Italian, Dutch, Danish
  • Fixed the quality recognition issue for YouTube videos

Muutokset v2.3.2.1 - v2.3.3.0

  • Fixed the problem with YouTube videos download

Muutokset v2.3.1 - v2.3.2.1

  • Several major bug fixes related to internal software services

Muutokset v2.2.0 - v2.3.0

  • Improved the accuracy of DXVA/CUDA auto-algorithm
  • Increased the speed of DXVA/CUDA auto-algorithm
  • Improved the software stability
  • Several important bug fixes

Muutokset v2.1.4 - v2.1.5

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