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ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro can switch DNS servers, including Anonymous DNS, Family Safe DNS, Secure DNS and more with just a click.

DNS (Domain Name System) makes it possible for you to use domain names that humans can understand in web browsers and other software (e.g. by essentially directing traffic to an IP address that software and hardware can understand.

Typically your DNS settings are retrieved from your ISP automatically, but there could be reasons you want to change. For example, Google has its own public DNS service that, if used, might actually show some visible performance improvements in your Internet service. ISPs can also use DNS to block access to certain websites by intentionally redirecting you to the wrong server. Such methods have been used to block websites accused of hosting copyright infringing content, for example.

In ChrisPC DNS Switch, you can set your network adapter (if you have only one it will be selected automatically) and you can choose from a pre-set list of alternative DNS providers, like OpenDNS or Google. They are even categorized to help you find what you need.

Secure DNS options will provide DNS servers that you can use which can stop you from connecting to known malicious websites that protect your security, your privacy and maybe even your identity. You can select the Family Safe DNS options which filter out a lot of adult websites, as well as others that have content deemed unsuitable or even dangerous (drug related, violence, etc.). There is also a set of Anonymous DNS options which are for those who don't want their DNS traffic traceable back to them.

Of course, you can choose Custom DNS and manually input a Preferred and Alternative DNS server.

ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro is not freeware but this download will let you install it and try it for several weeks (with some possible limitations). The Pro version does not display ads of any type. It allows you to import DNS servers from text file, edit DNS presets in the apps and it also has a fast DNS Change Menu from the system tray in Windows. You can of course use it for commercial use once registered, and ChrisPC provides technical support for it.

If you want a free version (though supported by displaying ads) that doesn't include the perks of this Pro version and can't be used for commercial purposes, you can get the free ChrisPC DNS Switch right here too.
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