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Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm v1.13 Patch

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This v1.13 patch for Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm features game enhancements and improvements, bug fixes and a new tutorial scenario.

Patch details:

Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm by Koios Works - retail v1.13 patch

Changes in v1.13:

The new v1.13 update contains a number of exciting new features based on player
requests as well as several fixes. The addition of unit icons that show
nationality and unit type will make units much easier to find, even in wooded
terrain. Placement rules have also been made more flexible and an after-battle
map review has been added to the end of each scenario. In addition, a new
tutorial scenario and a 22 page tutorial guide have been added to help new
players get used to the game. Some performance improvements and eight fixes
round out the update.

Changes in v1.12:

This first update adds major new gameplay features and also resolves several
minor issues.

New features include more detailed infantry casualty and suppression modeling
as well as new icons to indicate these changes. Commanders now also have a
Defend -> Hold Fire sub order with three options allowing the commander to
choose when his units engage targets. A handy LOS tool has also been added to
the order menu showing why your LOS is blocked when its rubberband turns

In addition, new Scenario Editing Tools created by John Sestan have been
included to make modifying or creating your own scenario easier than ever. The
v1.12 update also includes two new bonus scenarios, "Welcome to Kotelnikovo"
and "Hell's Gate".

Changes include improvements to Area HE fire and HE fire against infantry in
buildings, as well as a number of minor fixes and data corrections. All told
the change list includes 19 bug fixes and 11 new features. We recommend that
all owners of Panzer Command update to v1.12 for the best possible game

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