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Birth of America v1.10 Patch

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This v1.10 patch for Birth of America features a free scenario, rewritten '75 Campaign, a few bug fixes, and a number of gameplay tweaks.

Patch details:

Birth of America Update 1.10 Readme
Friday, November 10, 2006

This update tweaks many elements, provides a free scenario (from the War of
1812), and a rewritten 75’ Campaign.

You are also welcome to check our forums,
to discuss about our upcoming new game on the American Civil War.

Some fonts have been replaced, it is advised that you reboot your computer
before applying the update, as Windows sometime locks fonts files.

Bugs Fixes
The bug fixes listed here have been done in BOA sub-versions 1.09b to 1.09g
also. Version 1.10 has no bug fixes per se but only compiles all the previous

- An Army requested to disembark could (rarely) causes a crash if the fleet was
bombarding at the same time.
- Fixed artillery batteries (Coastal Art.) are now eligible for fort building.
- Passive Indians no longer pillage.
- The Wind Gauge Indicator appeared on frozen river battles.
- Fixed 2 bugs in the fleet bombardment routine.

User Interface
- Army names on the small army tabs are now displayed in 2 lines to allow
longer names)
- If an army has at least one fixed unit, a small pulsating lock will be shown
on the envelope icon (the icon showing if the army commander is activated of
- Reminder: the cauldron and pile of cannon balls icons have detailed tool tips
on your supply consumption and current stock for each army.
- Turns which have an order file attached now show a bright red attachment icon
in the turn list. If you play PBEM, you should check that you have this icon in
front of both turn files (in the file list) before processing the new turn...
In any case, a dialog box will warn you if the opponent's file is missing (thus
reverting to AI handling its turn).
- A new icon discriminates between harbors under blockade and harbors with all
exit points frozen.
- Leaders in a stack are now all sorted by descending seniority except in cases
of mixed leader, i.e. a leader integrated directly in a company
- The Army panel now shows you the total power of your units. Reminder: this
combat value is just an estimate of the overall strength of the units and is
not used in combat.
- The number of naval units needed to blockade a region is now indicated in a
- Some fonts have been changed.

AGE Settings
- AGE Settings, the utility provided in the main Birth of America folder now
shows you your current serial key. You don't have to retype it if you only want
to change your videos settings.
- Better support for Display Frequency tweak.

Game Play, Rules Additions and Changes
- Militia levies are now at the end of turn processing and not at start.
- Fleets transporting too many troops can still move but very slowly.

Loyalty Rule Overhauled:

- If a region is loyal to you, and has no enemy troops, the opponent will loose
from 1 to 6 percents of Military Control each turn.
- If a region has a very high insurgent percentage, and has an enemy held city,
there is a small chance that Rebel Minutemen may appear. In this case the city
reverts to the American control.
- During each turn, each Rebel Minutemen unit is checked and can spontaneously
disappear. If it does, there is 50% chance that one militia replacement is
added to the American Pool.

- When a leader is wounded, the code will now check the nearest town first
before checking more distant towns.

- By request from some players, the entire Supply code has been rechecked.
Everything works as designed. People finding that there is too much supply
around can tweak easily the amount generated by structures.

- Leaders which are bound to a district (Northerner, etc.) can now leave it,
but will be far less able in their ratings. This will help the AI make a better
usage of these units too.

Data Changes
- Reading and Lancaster regions have their terrain changed from Clear to
- Supply wagons can now only transport 15 supplies each and not 20 (except for
the British wagons, they transports 16). American wagons are now slightly
faster compared to British ones on the other hand.

Scenarios Additions and Changes
- Glover’s seniority has been reduced.
- The British side received a duplicate leader in 1778
- The siege abilities now apply at the army level not at the commander level.
This means that the ability will be used even if the leader having it is not
the stack commander.
- Some script problems with American privateers have been fixed.
- The script bug preventing Indians to use correctly Indians replacements has
been fixed.
- Supply units tweaked (see above)
- New scenario: Great Lakes 1812, with all new graphics (units and leaders!)
- Rewritten 75' Campaign, with tweaks to the initial setup of forces, flavor
names for most British Foots Rgts (thanks to Le Ricain for the data), and
modifications to the reinforcements (less supply wagons). The Campaign is named
(Alt) for Alternate as the Standard Campaign is still there.
- 76' Campaign re-exported to make use of the British flavor names.

- Improved how the AI responds if a small force, in a contested region with 2
big armies facing each other, can switch to offensive posture or not.
- Aggressiveness tweaking in several instances.

Birth of America update 1.09 readme
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This update is mostly aimed at further improving the AI (nicknamed Athena).
Enjoy what she has learned!

Bugs fixes
This update has no bug fixes.

User interface
- Intermediate movement messages have been filtered out from the message panel
unless you are in Error Logging mode.
- AGESettings (the utility in the main game folder) proposes 4 different
windows modes: Fullscreen, maximized mode (this is the standard and optimized
one), windowed mode with border (resolution of your choice), windowed
borderless mode (resolution of your choice). Users with dual screens can try
the last mode. These new modes are experimental.

Gameplay, rules additions and changes
- A lone leader never suffers from harsh winter casualties.
- The naval blockade rule has been revised. You need 2 SOL (Ship Of the Line)
squadrons to blockade any given sea. In order to determine which seas need to
be blockaded to shut down a harbor, just pass the mouse over the harbor icon.
If an enemy fort with artillery is adjacent to the sea, the required number is
4 SOL squadrons. If one of the attacker's (manned) forts is adjacent to the
enemy harbor, only one squadron is required. If you both have a fort, you still
need 2 squadrons. Reminder: blockading a harbor will prevent the besieged units
from resuppling by sea.
- Retreats from a thawing river will be made toward the region with the highest
military control.
- Fleets which are blocked in a frozen river can't bombard.
- Irregulars can now recapture cities if the region's loyalty is 51% or more
- Artillery bonus for siege roll is revised: every 30 combat points gives +1
(or -1 if you are defending), with fractions used for a random roll. If you
suffer from a command penalty, then the adjusted combat points are used.

- Sped up AI thinking by roughly 30-40%.
- Improved the long range mission behavior.
- Improved the unit gathering behavior ("garbage collector" for units).
- Light units can now be sent to recon if needed (new).
- Light units are now called by big stacks to maximize the detection rating of
said stacks (new).
- irregulars (rangers, indians, partisans) can now be sent on raids with
appropriate leaders and stealthy mode (new).
- Depot will now be built if a need for one persists in a given area (new).
- Resupplying of units has been improved.
- Sieging forces will be more aggressive if they can afford the assault.
- Besieged forces will be more aggressive if they can afford the sortie.
- Units bound to an area will be better used.
- Major update on the naval AI algorithms.
- Naval AI will be better at blockading enemy harbors.
- Various adjustements of parameters for a better decision process.

Birth of America update 1.08b readme
Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bugs fixes
9 bugs (ranging from minor to medium severity) corrected.

Scenarios & data
Scenario Fixes

A - 1755 Scenario
- added new French leaders Plantavit, Testard, Léry, Lignery
- fixed Lord Loudon disappearance: he is now in Williamsburg in 1755 and will
stay there till removed from command (he was mostly staff than action)
- changed G.Washington to start with Braddock army, which has also been
strengthened a bit with artillery and militias.
- changed J.Amherst enter game in June 58 with the Louisbourg expedition army
arriving with J. Wolfe at Halifax.
- fixed 22nd Foot showing up twice
- changed the fixation level and duration of some French units in 1755 in order
to avoid a "Total War" that is unhistorical and unbalanced.

B - 1775-1776 Scenarios
- added new American leader Paterson in Boston 1775 (both historical and
solving command problems)
- added new British leaders: William Caldwell in the West in 1775, Alexander
Stewart arriving with Lord Rawdon,
- replaced Skinner by Lord Dunmore in Norfolk, Skinner now shows up when the
Brits take New York
- changed the fixation level (2 months) of T.Gage army in Boston to reflect his
"expectative" attitude till Bunker Hill (June 75)
- added the 1st Rhode Island Black regiment for the USA in 1778
- added a replacement script for Partisans in the South when the original units
get killed (for 3 years 1778-1780)
- added a script for the US to get artillery replacement when they send, once
per year, their blockade runner or privateers to Eastern Caribbean
- added US artillery and supply showing up in French West Indies upon French
entry in the war: the US player can try to go there and pick them up...
- added a script for the US to get artillery replacement when new French Fleet
show up in American waters.

Units Fixes

- improved the stealthiness of merchants, blockade runners and privateers to
avoid having them caught systemaically
- new abilities; seaman increases admiral speeds by 25%, Pontoneer increasing
river crossing speed by 25%
- increased the hit points of British and French regulars from 8 to 10.
- added seaman mover and skirmisher to John Paul Jones to help him avoid
desperate battles with the RN.
- changed British leader Hamilton first name to Henry (the historical one,
James was an American officer)
- added new 1776 American leader Paterson
- added new 1755 French leaders Plantavit, Testard, Léry, Lignery
- added new 1776 British leaders William Caldwell,Alexander Stewart,Lord

User interface
- 'Save under' process inverted. If you Ctrl-click on the 'Save' button, you
will make a copy (under the new name given) of your current game. You will
continue playing with the current name of your game.
- 'Restore Backup' option added on the load game screen. Pass the mouse over
the game to restore to get instructions. This will load the previous turn from
the auto-backup folder.
- Improved handling on how to show the details about companies and elements of
units: the small NATO symbol on the unit (regiment) panel is now clickable and
will bring the detail window about each company of your regiment. Right-click
will close the window.

- Improved the 'Winter Quarter' algorithm.
- Accelerated the pathfinding algorithm (~ 15%)

Gameplay, rules additions and changes
- Added the pontoneer ability to marines units (which were used to cross rivers
at this time). The whole army will cross rivers 50% faster.
- Forts and to a lesser extent cities have been strenghtened significatively
against assaults.
- Training has been nerfed.
- Damage dones in the fire phase and in the assault phase are now 2 variables
for each element (before the same damage was used).

*** Birth of America update 1.07 readme ***
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

*** Bugs fixes ***
1- Orders files with appended carriage return (added by overzealous mailing
programs) should not crash the game anymore.
2- An army entirely killed while force marching would cause a crash.
3- Upgrading units should now work. This is done automatically if your leader
is a Training Officer or Master Driller (Washington, von Steuben, ...).

*** Scenarios & data ***
1- Some erroneous links corrected in the map (Isle au Noix for example)
2- Scenarios reworked again, notably the French-Indians war scenarios. Also if
Louisbourg fall, the french will loose 100 VP. If not taken, starting in 1758
some added reinforcements will arrive, notably the "Grand Renfort d'Amérique"
with 5 lines regiments and assorted assets.
In the AWI, added the 1st RI regiment, an american regiment with black troops
(august 78).

*** Gameplay additions & changes ***
1- Ships can now bombards. In order to do so your fleet must have:
a) big guns (range 5 or better)
b) be in offensive posture and at sea
c) must not have bombarded this turn
d) have the order "bombard" activated.
e) Have enough ammos.

A valid target are units in structures (coastal province with harbor) if you
have an army in the region, or are landing in the same turn.

Beware, the enemy can strike back...

2- Units recombinations
You can recombine weakened units (who have lost elements) into a single one.
Common usage will be to regroup your weakened artilleries, supplies and
militias into stronger units. To do so, multi-select the units which should
merge, then hit CTRL-C. Provided the merging is legal (right elements, no more
than 4), then the operation will be done instantly (no need to be processed by
the hosting phase).

3- Indians units will now cost 2 CP (command points) if commanded by a leader
unable to command indians units. Reminder: these units have a 0 CP cost
normally, if left alone or with the right commander. Ambush percentage chance
has been increased for all units what's more.

4- Levies are now raised in february and june, starting with february 76 in the
5- If you fight in a region where you have a structure, you will now retreat
inside. Also if you sortie from a structure, the hosting module will force you
to switch to an offensive posture if not done. This is to prevent a possible
exploit, where players would sortie and go away from a structure besieged by a
force in defensive (to get the benefit of entranchement eg).

6- Yet another test has been made to get a right flavor message when you are
victorious or defeated in a battle. Pyrrhic victories are still difficult to
get right...

7- A passive posture now enable you to get out of a ZOC. Reminder: a ZOC is a
zone of control, = a region where the enemy has a fort or many troops. (see the
previous readme for all the rule)

8- the protection rating of troops is now used differently. Before each point
in protection substracted 4% to hit chance. Now the To Hit chance is time 0.96.
This should be more realistic in some extreme cases (low or high To Hit
chances). eg: 5 protections give (0.96)^5 = 0.80

*** Graphics ***
1- The cityscapes sprites have been remade to look "crispier".
2- If you use the pause after battle option, the battle balance is now
3- Explosions have been replaced by the region of the battle pulsating in red.
4- The English flag has been fixed.

*** User interface additions ***
1- Scrolling will now disable correctly the tooltip, if you choose to have a
delay on tooltip appearance.
2- Added shortkeys
For postures: Use A, O, D, P for Agressive, Offensive, Defensive, Passive

Sentry: S
This will skip the army/fleet when you browse thru your list of assets with the
browse keys.
Reminder: E: previous land group R: next land group T: previous fleet Y: next
*** The armies/fleets are skipped if on move, UNLESS you press also CTRL. ***

For special orders & missions: Use SHIFT +
T: Move inside Town upon arriving into the destination region.
E: Entranch
F: Build Fort
D: Build Depot
S: Sortie from structure
M: Forced March
A: Ambush
R: Raze Fort
B: Burn other structure
B: Bombard

Ctrl-C: combine units

3- Some regions colors are now customizable. Open Boa\Settings\General.opt, add
these keys:
colFoW = 175|175|175|255
colEventBlock = 145|145|145|255
colPermaBlock = 125|125|125|255

the 4 numbers for each color are: red value, green value, blue value, opacity
(leave 255, as for these 3 the opacity is hard coded).
colFow is for fog of war. colEventBlock is for regions that are blocked
(unplayable) but can be unblocked by an event. colPermaBlock are for region
blocked during the entire scenario (outside the playing area).

4- Optimal mouse cursor "giggling a bit" should not reset the tooltip delay

*** Birth of America update 1.06 readme ***
Friday, April 14, 2006

***Bugs fixes***

1- Bug fix on fleet & armies handling.

*** Gameplay additions & changes ***
1- Refining and rationalization of the fort effect. They now generate a 'Zone
of Control' in their own region. To move out of it, you must move to a region
in which you have a military control at least equal to the enemy military
control where the fort is (so you can't bypass easily a fort and have to
neutralize it / cover it before). You can always move out of a fort/army ZOC in
passive posture.
2- Auto-entranch for still armies (to be refined) and ambush order staying from
turn to turn.
3- Harbors now have exit points, not all regions are allowed now.
4- Changes and updates on the scenarios and events scripts, corrections to some

*** User interface additions ***

1- New option to reduce overheat on some CPU. Add this line in the Birth of
America\BoA\Settings\General.opt file: CPUThrottling = 1
This will reduce progressively the frame rate of the game when the mouse is
still. To check if the option is correctly activated, goes to the options
window, system tab and check FullDebug. With the mouse still, you should see
the FPS count decrease progressively to 10. The problem only occurs on some PC
with high-end video cards that overheat in some cases.

2- Tooltip delay. The option is directly integrated into the game, goes to the
Option window.
3- Improvement in the handling of fleet & armies (loading/unloading)
4- 3 new icons on the units panel: Detection value, hide value, and being in a
ZOC (this one only appears if applicable)

*** AI ***
1- Major work on the AI, who thinks rather differently now, compared to 1.05.
Expect more opposition! (changes too numerous to list all, but it involved the
whole AI library).

*** Birth of America patch 1.05 readme ***
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

WARNING : This patch won't allow saves of previous versions to be continued
(changes in the data format).

***Bugs fixes***
1- Renaming a saved game prevented new events to appears.
2- 'Save as' function not working properly (performed a simple save)
3- Loyalty messages were sometime inverted.
4- The tooltip dealing with armies postures in the battle report was
5- Indians should not burn any more their villages when they switch
6- The winner in combat is now determined in a more logical way.
7- "Saving as" twice in the same turn could cause a crash, because the files
are still locked by the system. Now you will get a message to retry some
seconds later (can be 1 mn on some rare systems).
8- Droping a unit onto an army tab would cause a crash if the tab was not
graphically displayed over a region. (this is possible in the British West
Indies off-map box)
9- The battle report will show a more accurate count of units engaged in the
fight, both initially and during the battle. Before units which were commited
at round 2+ would not be displayed (so were displayed some strange results
where you would have suffred losses without having any units displayed

*** Gameplay additions & changes ***
1- New game concept, roads & tracks. Each region has now a network level
(separate from its civilization level): none, tracks, roads.
Roads are on the map, tracks are in every region with a city and generally in
non-wild areas (you don't get a visual clue though). A road will allow your
units to move with the terrain cost of a clear terrain, whatever the real
terrain. A track will have your units spend at most 150% of the clear cost, if
the cost would have been higher (so you benefit from a track in moutain or
forest, but it has no real importance in clear terrain).
2- The maximum damages done by besieging units has been refined. Irregulars can
no longer inflict such damages (they can starve you to death or assault the
structure though).
3- Most Irregulars can now capture some structures (depot, villages, harbor),
will burn some others (level 1 fort) and won't be able to capture/destroy
cities or fortresses. For gameplay reasons they can still assault, but the
owner will not change even if they kill everybody. British Light Infantries are
irregulars but don't have this behavior.
4- An army intercepting another friendly army will target the region the second
army is moving in, not the initial region.

*** User interface additions ***
1- A message will tell you more precisely why you can't move into a given
region (Carleton leader trying to move outside of Canada eg).

*** AI ***
1 - The AI can now receive a detection bonus, helping us making the right moves
against a human opponent.

*** Scenarios changes ***
1- All scenarios reexported to accomodate with the new gameplay rule on roads &
2- The initial English units in the British West Indies in 1775-1776 are now
fixed for a few months (they would jump early on Charleston otherwise)
3- Some Indians villages belonging to the French were mistakenly given to the
English faction.

*** Birth of America patch 1.04 readme ***
Sunday, March 19, 2006

***Bugs fixes***
1 - Fixed the error triggered by clicking on some icons of the battle report.
2 - Fixed the drag&drop in the British West Indies (prevented loading regiments
on the initial ship in the AWI campaign).
3 - Blank battle report poping-up erroneously in hosting should not reappears
(if it does, please report).
4 - You can no longer unfix a unit with another unit of the same strength (you
need a stronger unit).
5 - Disabled the ambush order in fort. (!)
6 - Moving into a structure will remove the entranchment status.
7 - You will not automatically switch to Offensive, if you are in a structure
and have less than 5% of control in the region.
8 - If you have the special order "enter into the destination structure as soon
as possible", it will only triggers if there is no enemy besieging the

***Interface changes***

AGEsettings, the utility in the same directory as the main BOA executable has
now 2 new options:
a) using a resolution different from your desktop resolution. Please note that
BoA can't dynamically reset your resolution to your desktop one if you just
minimize / alt-tab the game. A lower resolution allow you to run the game
b) hardware mouse cursor option enabled, will speed up mouse response for whose
who have a low FPS.

Region pre-caching will only precache regions when loading a scenario (its now
advised to always check this option).
You can now "Save as" a game, by using CTRL & click when you save a game with
the "Save" button on the top right panel.

4 new parameters are recognized in the BoA\Settings\General.opt file:
ScrollAmount = 100
ScrollDelay = 100
ScrollIncrease = 2
(the 3 above are the current values)

ScrollAmount is the amount of pixel scrolled for each scroll impulse.
ScrollDelay is the amount, in ms, before triggering the scrolling.
ScrollIncrease is the speed increase of the scrolling, from 0 to ScrollAmount.
To restore the 1.02 scrolling behavior, use:
ScrollAmount = 50
ScrollDelay = 400
ScrollIncrease = 50
(eg 'big chunk, delayed' scrolling)

This parameter command the delay between battle rounds:
BRSmallStep = 10

***Graphics & art***
Towns (level 1 structure) now have a new image on the map. Reminder: level 1
town do not allow a unit to get a RPL.
Bridges and fords have been added to the map (download the separate mapupdate
New arts for Galvez (Spanish leaver), Washington (young, in the FIW
scenariors), Dunmore Ethiopian unit.

1 - Most indians and Irregulars units can no longer captures enemy structures.
Instead they will burn it.
2 - Indians & Irregulars can get replacements in any regions, provided they are
in supply (this include partisans). Be sure to have an army with only leaders
and irregulars to trigger this effect. (you must have RPL in your pool
3 - The replacements priority is now an absolute one: armies in passive will
always receive RPL before Defensives armies, and Defensives will always have a
priority over Offensives armies.
4 - Two new crossing cost have been added, in places with fords or bridges.
This reduce the crossing cost of rivers, but don't change the combat matrix (on
5 - Leaders cannot get more than +1 extra level for each of their
Offensive/Defensive leader rating from experience.

1 - Indians tribes can now be activated "as a block" if you atttack on of them.
The scripts discriminate southern & northern indians.
2 - Minor additions and modifications in all the FWI scenarios, and the 75/76
campaigns (some additional garrisons, etc.).

*** Birth of America quick-patch 1.03b readme ***
sunday, March 12, 2006

Bugs fixes
Fixed an issue when clicking on some buttons during hosting time.
Disabled the possibility of renaming/deleting the savegames root directory.
Renaming the game under way caused a crash during hosting.

1.02 games should be played without the new option of showing the battle
report, after each battle, during hosting.

If you PBEM, its better to ZIP your files before sending them to your opponent,
this will allow to check for file integrity.

*** Birth of America patch 1.03 readme ***
friday, March 10, 2006

Bugs fixes
- In some cases, indians units would be unable to set an ambush.
- In some cases, an army having crossed a river would keeps the penalty for
more than one turn.
- bug in the script engine, leading to Fort Henry (FIW scenarios) unable to be
- Lakes and rivers under snow weather wont show anymore has being frozen (on
the map).

Interface additions
- Its now possible to rename or delete a saved game. Move the mouse over the
savegame line to have the keys used for these operations.
- Scrolling redone: smooth scrolling at start, double speed, reduction in
texture usage during scrolling (should lead to a decrease of a Blue Screen
error for the user suffering from a random bsod).
- You can have the battle report shows after each battle, during turn
processing. To activate this pausing, check the corresponding checkbox in the
Options window.
- Bullets representing the companies of a regiment are now shown, for each
regiment (regiment panel, center botton of the screen).
- Supplies units now have a supply bar shown (regiment panel).

- Refined how the AI moves supply and artilleries, these units should now be
protected better in hostile territories.
- Reworked how AI considers local opportunities, the AI will now considers
these opportunities better, without taking more risks.

Database and scenarios changes
- erroneous link fixed between Kawanake and Richelieu (ghost river!)
- minors modifications on various scenarios scripts.

(more AI improvements to come in the next patch, stay tuned!)

*** Birth of America patch 1.02 readme ***
friday, March 03, 2006

Bugs fixes

- Ships in a harbor without a town in same region were not seen.
- Leader force marching alone disabled.
- Merging into fixed units will unlock them properly.
- Depot can now be built in a city region of level 2 or above.
- units recover hits faster.
- corrected 3 rare crash bugs in savegames.

Database and scenarios changes

- Modified James Munro to George Munro (English Colonel - French & Indian
- Removed Sir Georges Clinton from Revolutionary War scenarios (he was the
father of Sir Henry Clinton, and not in office or command at that time).
- Added an ID # to all supply units to help their identification.
- In all scenarios, changed name designation of regular infantry regiments to
"Foot" for England and "Continentals" for US, except for some specific units.
- Changed region names on map in the lower Hudson to fit with accurate county
names, as follows: Valley Forge to Pluckamin, Kinderhook to Kingston, Catskill
to Ulster, Slide Mt to Neversink, Passaic to Orange, Ridgefield to Westchester,
Long Island to Brooklyn, East Hampton to Long Island.
- Added check conditions for the building of Fort Edwards, William Henry and
Carillon (55 & 56 scenarios): they no longer appear if the region is enemy
occupied, the player is informed about it by a message.
- Added more units to the AI side at high difficulty levels (to represent more
commitment of the Home nation) in the revolutionary and 55 campaigns.
- Few cosmetic and play balance corrections in most scenarios (units names,
- Fixed disappearing Loyalists in 1778 Tory & Indian scenario.

Interface additions
-F9 key generate the new turn
-E,R keys for prev/next army. T,Y keys for prev/next fleet. Use CTRL key at the
same time to browse only the non-moving armies/fleets. Locked units are always
- Merging 2 armies together now maintain the selection on the resulting army.

- New icons (sieges, etc.)
- Spanish uniforms.

Gameplay addition
- Forts will now block the movement (moving-out), unless the next region is
friendly to you. Irregulars and cavalries dont suffers from this rule.
- Setting a successful ambush in defensive will switch the army in offensive
automatically (and failing will let her stay in the previous stance...).

- AI now consider winter for its operations.
- AI artilleries and supplies slightly less prone to move in threathened
- AI a bit more reactive on minor&local opportunities (to be refined...).

*** Birth of America quick-patch 1.01 readme ***

This patch is aimed at fixing an issue with NVidia video cards serie 6. Users
with this card suffers from a random crashing bug.


Putative fix for the NVidia serie 6 issue. Please report in the forum.
Tutorial bug fixed (clicking on an grayed out message button)

Scenarios fixes
Lake flotilla stopping its movement in the Champlain lake (Saratoga scenario)
Cornwallis being duplicated in some instances, in the Cornwallis scenario

The screen saver is deactivated when BoA is running.
A small delay has been added between each round of battle. A longer delay has
been added when the battle finish.
In the end game screen, the VP score is shown for both side.
3 stars leaders cant die from 'stray bullet' test, in battle (they can be
killed in other circumstances).

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