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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos v1.2 Patch

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This v1.2 patch for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos includes new features and six new maps, as well as balance tweaks and gameplay improvements.

Patch details:

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos by Black Hole Entertainment - US retail v1.2 patch

Patch Notes

New Features
- Added some cool readouts for the Logitech G15 keyboard.
- Added a Flee button for the Command Panel to force flee your units any time.
This involves the removal of the Attack button.
- Added item trade feature to the Tactical Map. Now you can drag and drop items
from one hero to the other at the Alchemist. Usage: Drop the selected item to
the hero's portrait.
- Replaced Disband button with a Sell button in the Barracks. Now you get half
the gold when you sell a unit. Allows players to reconfigure their army easier
and to make more gold early in the game.

New Maps
- Emerge: 2v2 multiplayer reinforcements battle map.
- Hightower: 1v1 multiplayer siege battle map.
- Stielstand: 1v1 multiplayer siege battle map.
- Struggle: 1v1 multiplayer reinforcements battle map.
- Two Hills: 1v1 multiplayer reinforcements battle map.
- Watch over Ford: 1v1 multiplayer normal battle map.

- Added blood splash varieties and fixed some related bugs.
- Right-clicking on an offscreen unit banner jumps the camera to the unit.
- Improved many visual effects.
- Improved or fixed animations for the following units: Bloodletters, Daemon
Prince, Dragon, Dwarf Stone Thrower, Giant, Griffon, Orc Boyz, Orc Warboss,
Silver Helms, Troll, Warriors of Chaos Khorne, and Warriors of Chaos
- Smaller UI fixes.
- Updated some sound.
- Updated some text.
- AI updates to units in single player mission.
- General game optimization (fog of war, Sky Globe, texture drawing and mesh)
- General tuning on maps to make them a tad more challenging
- General gold balancing for single player missions

Balance Changes
- Adjusted the price of many items. This was done for a couple reasons, first
was to balance the economy some, and the other is to make overpowered champions
cost prohibitive in the multiplayer sessions.

- Knightly Orders attack speed increased by 10%.
- Greatswords armor increased by 1.
- Greatswords attack speed increased by 10%.
- Pistoliers chance to hit increased.
- Pistoliers attack range increased by 2.
- Elector on Griffon now has mounted hero armor (vulnerable to ranged
- Elector on Griffon gold cost increased to 4000.

- Wyrdspawn attack speed increased.
- Wyrdspawn attack range increased.
- Spawn of Chaos attack speed increased.
- Knights of Chaos gold cost increased to 200.
- Marauder Chieftain gold cost reduced to 60.
- Warriors of Chaos gold cost increased to 65.

- Rat Ogre health points decreased by 2.
- Ringing the Bell: Discordant Tolling siege damage decreased to 33%, and
cooldown reduced to 30 seconds.
- Gutter Runners morale decreased to 100.
- Rat Ogre morale reduced to 120.

High Elves
- Ellyrian Reavers gold cost decreased to 130.
- High Elf Archers fire arrow skill do less morale damage.
- Prince on Dragon now has mounted hero armor (vulnerable to ranged attacks).

- Troll healt points decreased by 2.
- Goblins gold cost increased to 15.
- Night Goblins morale increased to 88.
- Night Goblin Spearthrowers morale increased to 88.
- All goblin units weapon and armour upgrade cost increased.

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