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Secret Files: Tunguska v1.02 International Patch

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This v1.02 patch for Secret Files: Tunguska features new alternate ending, new cutscenes and compatibility fixes.

Patch details:

Secret Files: Tunguska international retail patch v1.02
Welcome to Update 1.02 of Secret Files: Tunguska!

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the
unbelievable amount of feedback that we have received through the Forum or via
e-mail since the release. With such tremendous support, it makes it easy to
work at full speed on the successor to Secret Files: Tunguska. We are taking
all of the players' suggestions to heart - and not just for Secret Files 2.

As a small gesture of our thanks, we are therefore sending you the frequently
requested, reworked ending to Secret Files: Tunguska with this update. You do
not necessarily have to start playing at the beginning to watch the new ending.
It is enough to just load an appropriate savegame.

Also, a completely new feature, which we are also planning in a more refined
form for the next release, will be activated as soon as the new final credits
scroll across the screen: cut scene cinema. You can access it using the new
entry in the main menu. You will then see small thumbnail images of all the
intermediate sequences in chronological order, which you can play as often as
you like by clicking on the image with the mouse. We hope you enjoy it.

And we have some more good news:

For most older systems (for example, laptops with onboard graphic chips) there
is no more need for graphics driver updates. Some of these older drivers were
defective and caused certain objects, which were integrated into the game as
videos (such as rat traps, door in the courtyard of the clinic in Cuba, etc.),
to not run when you clicked on them. This problem has been solved with a small
but powerful new program. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Martin.

Systems with Dual Core processors sometimes had timing issues (with Nina
dashing through the scenes in double time). We have also been able to solve
this problem with a workaround – you no longer have to manually deactivate one
of the processors.

In closing, here are a few tips from our technical support:

- If you see the error message "Unable to load file" and the game crashes, the
installation is usually defective. This could be due to defective RAM or
defective hardware.

- Defective RAM is also most likely the source of reported, unreproducible
crashes. There are various tools available to check the RAM, such as
Microsoft's "Windows Memory Diagnostic."

- The ATI Tray Tools utility, which is not an ATI product, could cause the game
to crash when it starts. Please close the ATI Tray Tools before opening Secret
Files: Tunguska.

- If you are having problems with the sound, please check to see if the sound
card's hardware acceleration is set too high or too low (by trying different
settings). You should also check to see if the "Windows PCM Converter" audio
codec has been deactivated (Settings->Control Panel->Sounds and Audio
Devices–>Hardware–>Audio Codecs->Properties->Properties–>Microsoft PCM

- If you see the message "GetDeviceCaps failed." when the game is loading, you
do not have a graphics driver with hardware acceleration installed on your
computer (such as Microsoft's default VGA driver, for example). In this case,
please install a suitable driver (you should be able to find one on the driver
CD that came with your hardware).

We hope you continue to enjoy Secret Files: Tunguska and look forward to
continuing to receive all kinds of feedback. For the latest information about
the game and its successor, please visit!

Lisätty 22.11.2006
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