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Stronghold Legends v1.11 Patch

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This v1.11 patch for Stronghold Legends includes a number of multiplayer game fixes and improvements.

If you have the Digital Download version of the game, download this patch instead.

Patch details:

Stronghold Legend by Firefly Studios - retail v1.11 patch

Upgrade Stronghold Legends to v1.11 with this patch. This update offers a
variety of fixes for the game.

Fixes in v1.11:

- Improved multiplayer game connectivity.
- Improved map transfer system.
- Added ability to set the maximum number of players in a multiplayer game.
- Added LAN game filter in multiplayer game selection lobby.
- Removed ability for players joining multiplayer games to change their own
- Added network troubleshooting output file system.

Fixes in v1.1a:

- Capture the Flag and Economic War icons removed from Custom Skirmish.
- Options tabs appear to be selectable even though they are unusable.
- At some resolutions the player looses the ability to see and select some user
created maps.
- The player is unable to order the dragon to attack structures.
- Units on top of gatehouses do not take damage when the gatehouse is
- The title for user maps is always "Enter the Dragon"
- Previously selected troops will remain selected after clicking on a
- The single building sleep button does not stop the building working.
- In some formations troops will move twice as fast when the user double clicks
the right mouse button.
- In resolutions other than 1024x768 users are unable to see all save games in
the load window.
- In resolutions other than 1024x768 not all maps are shown in custom skirmish
and multiplayer lobbies.
- Mission Tutorial information can sometimes scroll slowly.
- In high resolutions on widescreen mouse selection cursor becomes inaccurate.
- Map transfer system implemented.
- Wood symbol appears when the carter horse is attacked and killed whist
carrying weapons.
- The stone from the lookout tower smashes and then floats downwards slowly.
- Units can climb terrain that they should not be able to climb.
- In the map editor the user can place water under units.
- Mouse control is lost when user goes into QuickLook, then alt-tabs out to the
main menu, then re-enters the game.
- Troops walk over armoury when embedded in wall.
- User is able to adjust the difficulty level mid-game when difficulty is
- When clicking on a peasant that says "Do you ever get that feeling of de ja
vu?" there is no audio

Lisätty 9.11.2006
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