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War World: Tactical Combat v1.06 Patch

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A patch upgrading War World: Tactical Combat to v1.06 fixes a number of bugs and adds a new hosting options and Team Deathmatch mode.

Patch details:

War World demo/trial & patch v1.06
War World 1.06 is a major update adding TDM (Team Death Match), customizable
mechs, additional host options, dramatically improved single player AI's, the
ability to enter the shop without leaving the game, major CPU speed
improvements, better support for lower spec graphics cards and a long list of
other improvements/fixes.

Here is the list of new features, fixes and improvements in 1.06:

Team Death Match: You can now select between 2 multiplayer (MP) games: Death
Match and Team Death Match. We are going to continue adding new multiplayer
games to War World and TDM is the foundation for a lot of community requested

Custom mech colors: You can now select your own personal mech color. With
133432831 different combinations there are a few to choose from.

Additional host options: You can now select the maps used in a game and the
mechs and weapons allowed. The options make it possible for you to create a
"Heavy Mech's and No Mortars" game for example.

AI improvements: The single player (SP) AI's have been dramatically improved.
They now move a lot more fluently and less "frantic". They also now aim more
accurately when close. This is to avoid having AI's standing right in front of
you and still not hitting. AI's are also now using the new color customization
system. The AI health has been reduced slightly for the "Normal" skill level to
balance the other AI improvements.

Entering shop without leaving game: You can now enter the shop without having
to leave and re-enter a MP game. The default key is '7'. You still loose your
frags though so think carefully before using it (this is to avoid players
popping in and out of the shop to avoid getting killed).

Speed improvements: The collision system has been optimized resulting in
dramatic CPU speed improvements for some levels (especially the City Rooftop

Multiplayer Chat: Space for more characters has been added to MP chat lines and
a smaller font is now used to reduce screen space. Chat also now repeats key
presses making it easier to delete characters for example. You can also now
"chat to team only" when playing MP Team games (default button: "C").

MP Join Dialog: The dialog has been redesigned. You now get a lot of additional
information about the game and less "Contacting Host" information.

Health Pickups: The health dropped by mechs is now visible 5 secs longer giving
heavy mechs more time to pick it up. The health also now drops to the ground
instead of being left midair.

Missiles: Fixed bug where missile launcher capacity was incorrect. The missile
code was also optimized to reduce CPU time.

Damage Reaction: The mech damage reaction (rotation) has been reduced for
medium and heavy mechs. They are heavier and therefore should react less to an

Improved support for older graphics cards: All graphics is now flushed between
levels resulting in improved performance for lower spec graphics cards. It
should also reduce the "game runs slower after some time" problem that some
people are experiencing.

Multiplayer Names: If player name is empty or "NONAME" then a random name is
picked (2 letters + 2 numbers). This is to avoid situations where 2 or more
"NONAME" people are playing at the same time.

Time bug: Fixed bug where time didn't blink red if joined game. Before it only
worked correctly for hosts.

Radar: The radar now shows blue dots for friendly mechs and red dots for enemy
mechs. The feature has been added to support TDM and future multiplayer games.
The radar also no longer draws mechs when they explode.

Control settings: The default controls now use mouse 0 for both hand weapons.
This is to help newbie's.

Demo: The demo now gives people access to level 1 to 4 instead of level 6 only.
This is to avoid newbie's getting intimidated by dropping straight into level 6
(yes it happens a lot apparently).

Shop shortcuts: Added key shortcuts for shop (ESC = Cancel, RETURN = Ok).

Bug fix: Fixed major bug where people would sometimes enter the wrong level in
MP games.

Bug fix: Fixed bug where slow PC (delaying entering shop) shows old mech in new
level before having entered shop. This could result in the next game finishing
straight away!

Bug fix: Now host exits shop if time hits 0 (otherwise will delay other players
from exiting shop in new level).

Multiplayer AI's: If you have joined an empty MP game or are hosting a MP game
then it sometimes takes a bit of time before somebody else joins the game. So
we have added a number of different AI "personalities" that will join your game
and give you a good fight until a human player joins.

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