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War World: Tactical Combat v1.04 to v1.05 Patch

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A patch upgrading War World: Tactical Combat from v1.04 to v1.05 fixes a number of problems and bugs as well as adds a PS 1.1 support.

Patch details:

Here is the list of fixes/improvements in 1.05:

1. Fixed problem where stealth doesn't always reset when mech explodes. This
gives 1.05 players a slight advantage because they can use stealth straightaway
after respawning.

2. Mech now makes "hitting ground sound" when jumping.

3. Fixed bug where joining a MP game resulted in too many internet packages
send. War World 1.05 is basically a better internet citizen than 1.04.

4. Game now supports PS 1.1. Thanks again Bstrr Smile. PS 1.1 is now part of
the War World release so no need to patch anymore.

5. Fixed bug where players would quit/join/quit/join rapidly. This was a time
out bug and sometimes quite annoying when playing MP.

6. Improved animation speed resulting in an overall speedup for more modest
PC's. This should result in better framerates on some PC's but it depends on
specifics. We will continue to look for ways to optimize War World so that
people with not-so-speedy PC's can get an even better gameplay experience.

7. Fixed host option "Auto Jump to Next Map" so that it now works correctly. If
you select "No" in 1.04 then it still jumps to the next map.

8. Improved handling of "swap mouse buttons" windows mouse setup. If you swap
the mouse buttons in Windows then War World now supports it better.

9. Fixed bug where if you press talk in final status you can start walking
again. This is a funny "feature" in 1.04 and now fixed.

Lisätty 29.3.2006
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