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For Liberty! v1.60 Patch

Pisteet: 2.00
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This v1.60 For Liberty! patch includes a completely revised influence system, plenty of other major changes and lots of minor enhancements as well as a number of bug fixes.

Patch details:

Patch v1.60 Information

PBEM Upgrade Instructions:
If you have a running PBEM game, do the following to upgrade. In the last turn
with the old version declare a cease-fire and issue NO ORDERS in the turn (do
not even recruit or use influence events!). Pass the turn to your opponent who
can now safely upgrade the game, then replay the turn (in which there is no
action at all). After this, it is safe to continue and issue orders. Upgrading
and replaying a turn from a previous version where there was any player action
could result in a freeze or crash!

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a bug that caused some engagement / skirmish size battles to be
registered as a battle when one side had a lot of units
* Fixed a bug that caused a crash in PBEM when upgrading a unit
* Fixed a bug that caused a crash when the attacking army was totally
* Fixed 2 bugs that could cause a computer controlled army to get stuck
* Corrected a bug that could cause a crash at the start of a tactical battle
* St Augustine garrison could be transported by the player causing a crash and
a corrupted savefile
* Fixed a rare PBEM bug, that could cause a freeze at the end of a tactical
* The reason why you cannot recruit was often displayed incorrectly
* Corrected a bug which decreased the number of horses in the pool when filling
up infantry units (infantry does not require any horses when filling up)
* Corrected a bug which caused overstrength (over 6 cannons) batteries when
capturing forts
* It was impossible to transport troops to Halifax in Canada as the Brits.
* Losses for sea bombardment were not added to losses. Fixed.
* Tax was not working properly. Fixed.
* Corrected a bug that could cause 2 units to stay on top of each other when
charging artillery
* Leaders did not retreat when charged due to a bug. Fixed.

Major Changes

* Base movement points for Indians reduced to 50 (just like militia or
* Completely revised influence system. Now it costs 1 influence point to move
units between armies except for militia, insurgent and low XP (below 40) units.
All influence costs and incomes were raised to compensate. Cost to replace
leaders was increased more than other actions. The cost of replacing a leader
now depends on rank.
* Grenadier, cavalry officer and strong hand morale bonuses reduced to +5 (was
* Unit participation in battles was changed, the attacker is now less likely to
arrive piecemeal
* A.I. was not reacting to very low own zeal or very high enemy zeal with
influence events
* Rally chance was based only on a general's morale, now it is based on the
general's morale, the general's attack or defense rating, the unit's morale and
the special abilities of the general. Chance is reduced by 33% if the unit's
morale is below 50. Rally chance for units under 25 morale is reduced to 0.

Minor Changes/Enhancements

* A.I. will better place his artillery and commanders at the start of a
tactical battle
* A.I. will not start to advance immediately if he has an advantage in cannons,
instead he will bombard for a few turns
* A.I. will better prioritize targets in tactical battles (he will charge
cannons if he can and cannons will better prioritize infantry)
* A.I. should no longer be suicidal with separated units
* A.I. will better judge when to fill up or dissolve units
* Computer controlled cannons now have the ability to reposition 1 hex if they
cannot fire from their current hex
* Reworked readiness loss by movement in tactical battles: under 10 mp no
readiness loss, under 15 mp -1 readiness, under 20 mp -2 readiness, and above
that -3 readiness
* Changing facing in battles now costs more if there are neighboring enemy
units. With 0 enemy units the cost is unchanged, with 1 enemy unit, the cost is
doubled, with 2 the cost is trippled, etc. This is applied to about-face as
well. Units can still turn and fire with no costs, this will be changed in a
future patch.
* Changed the special ability of hussars, they will now cause 2 casualties when
charging cannons (was 30% bonus firepower against cannons)
* Increased the range a bit to which artillery will close to, batteries will
now stay at longer distances
* Improved the movement of AI generals, they spread out better to cover a
larger area
* CTRL-right click can be now used on any hex on the strategy map for changing
facing (previously you could only turn towards a neighboring hex)
* Artillery units will better judge when to flee
* A.I. is less likely to close the range to one hex when he still has plenty of
* Units suffering high casualties are now subject to a morale check 2 times
* A.I. is now more intelligent in setting the pay level for armies
* Units are now payed weekly to prevent an exploit of adjusting pay levels mid
month, raise morale and then set it back to normal at the end of the month
* Sea bombardment tweaked down a bit. In a later patch we will make this a bit
more realistic by only allowing bombardment of the enemy when you have an army
next to it.
* Tax raise negative zeal effect reduced to -3.
* A.I. will now consider unit readiness in calculating wehen to abandon an
attack in a tactical battle
* A.I. will now consider weather when attacking, he is less likely to attack in
bad weather

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