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Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg v1.04 Patch

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This v1.04 patch for Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg fixes number of bugs and improves the game editor.

Patch details:

You are about to install the Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg v1.04 patch. This
patch is all inclusive and can be applied to any previous game version, v1.0,
v1.01, v1.02 or v1.03. Please see below for important save game compatablity
info before patching.


The v1.04 patch is NOT compatible with save games from v1.0, v1.01 or v1.02. It
is compatible with v1.03 games. If you have current v1.0, v1.01 or v1.02 game in
progress, please finish them before patching.


Prior to installing this patch over your current files, use the Export Data
feature to save all of your existing data for a custom campaign(s). We suggest
you also zip up all of your custom files just in case so you can go back to
them if necessary and rename your custom campaign as campaign_old. You should
also rename your templates directory to templates_old so you can check for

Once you've followed the steps above apply the patch and then do the

1) Open a new campaign using File->New

2) Set the new campaign map size to match the map size of your previous pre
patch campaign.

3) Select File->Import and select the folder for the campaign in which you
would like to import data files from. If you do not have the correct map size
the Editor will inform you and you can then repeat step 2)

4) At this point, select Save and select the name of the older campaign you
wish to update. This assumes you still have the original 'Campaigns' folder
intact with the pre patch campaigns and subfolders. For example, let's say you
had a file called '1939 Fall Weiss Custom'. Simply select this file when you
are going to save.

WARNING: It will ask you if you would like to overwrite the scripts. Make sure
you click "NO".

NOTE: If you click "YES" it will overwrite the existing scripts with the
Template scripts. If you click "NO" it will use the existing scripts which is
what you want here.


- Fixed a game freeze "Thinking..." error (BDW)
- Fixed an HQ purchase and renaming bug (Terif)
- Fixed a bug where transports did not automatically unload when starting in
port and without a plan (Edwin P.)
- decreased the size of multiplayer save files, this should increase the
transfer speed for E-mail and Network games (33-50% faster)
- network games now allow the non-active player to scroll around the map,
previously this was not possible
- Fixed a bug with how the FREE UNIT script was handled, now units can only
become Free if the alignment value of #TRANSFER_ID matches their current
alignment. For example if Belgian units are
set to become Free under the UK this will only happen if Belgium is Allied when
it surrenders and not if they were Axis (Honch)

- Fixed a PARTISAN script error that listed Irish partisans incorrectly for
Norway (Winti)
- Fixed a convoy path error from Iraq to the UK
- Fixed a PLAN Garrison event error for the UK when attempting to Garrison
Trondheim after an opportunity invasion
- sped up script error processing when using the 'Update' button in the AI and
Event script viewer dialogs
- made some initial OOB adjustments to the 1944 campaign

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