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Massive Assault Network 2 v2.0.215 Beta Patch

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This beta patch for Massive Assault Network 2 makes changes in My Profile and Chat functions and fixes an issue with Ati graphics cards.

Patch details:

This patch adds several valuable enhancements aimed to make internet play
experience even more comfortable:
"My Profile" section has been completely changed and become more informative
displaying all the essential stats for player's career. Moreover, it's the
first place where you get after connecting to Game Server;
Now you can choose your gender from "My Profile" section and view your
victories/defeats/draws stats as tooltip over your Score;
In Chat section placing mouse over online player Alias brings up tooltip
showing player's rank, country and score;
Inlay blinking has been affixed to Games and Challenges section to inform
players about new games and challenges since last connection to Game Server;
More details in Games, Challenges and Personal Challenge sections have been
added to make each battle more informative;
For ATI Radeon video cards "blue shadows" bug has been fixed (you can see how
it was before here:

Note: Please make sure to write down your password before installing new patch
as you will need to restore your profile after installation. After your restore
the profile, you need to get the players' list from Personal Challenge section
to retrieve your position and score.

Note on Victory Bonus: the displayed number is not absolutely correct at the
moment and shows the score you're supposed to get for the victory. We keep
working on better scoring system and are planning to get it more accurate with
the future patch.

Every day our developers work hard on the game to hasten the coming of release
version and make your M.A.N. 2 gaming experience even better!

Lisätty 7.9.2006
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