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Stacked with Daniel Negreanu v1.2 Patch

Pisteet: 3.00
Tiedostotyyppi: Päivitykset

This v1.2 patch for Stacked with Daniel Negreanu features both offline and online fixes, including Hall of Fame, Online Stats, Daniel Negreanu Tips, Online Bankroll fixes.

Patch details:

Changes v1.2:

Update v1.2 will include all prior updates from patch v1.1, along with the
following online and offline issues:

* Ask Daniel Tips: A new tip will be added for players to better recognize
certain situations where a bluff may be recommended.

* Online Bankroll: Under certain circumstances, bankrolls may be reset or not
update correctly. The patch is designed to ensure proper saving and updating of
your online bankroll.

* Hall of Fame: The game does not currently import the Hall of Fame Statistics
correctly. The patch is designed to ensure that Hall of Fame statistics are
properly reported in the game.

* Online Stats: Online stats may not be properly recorded or updated so your
player history can become incorrect, and the patch is designed to ensure proper
saving and updating of your player statistics.

* Online Connectivity: The patch is designed to enhance the online game
experience by improving connectivity and reducing the possibility of failing to
connect to an MTT or of losing your connection while playing in an MTT. (Note:
STACKED is designed to be played via a broadband connection).

* Joining Cash Games with More than Buy-in Limit: The patch will not allow you
to join a Cash game with more than the set buy-in amount and will also not
allow other players who have not installed the patch to join your table with
more than the table's buy-in amount.

* Saving Progress in Career Mode: The "Loss of Progress" message has been
removed to avoid confusion when trying to save progress during a career MTT.
You have always been able to stop playing in mid-tournament during a Career
Mode MTT, but the message box incorrectly indicated that progress would be
lost. The patch corrects this.

Lisätty 3.8.2006
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